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3 The Hard Way

The sexual adventures of a comedian

By Raymond CarterPublished 12 months ago 12 min read

Well, here it is another Friday night after work, and nothing to do. I am tired of sitting in the house and so is my lady. I mope around on Facebook and eventually check my emails... There are a few unread messages and some spam. I see one email from a female friend that says hey I'm having a pool party and would love for you two to come. There is gonna be food, drinks, and adult fun. So I was like cool that sounds like fun. I looked at the date and it was tonight! like right now! it started literally an hour ago so hell yea we are going! So we get ready and make a quick stop at the store to pick up some drinks and some ice. One thing I learned when going to a party is you never go empty-handed; extras are always welcome. So we pull up to the house and cars are everywhere! You can hear the music playing from the backyard and it looked like more people were pulling up at the same time as us. I got a text that said hey if you not busy I'm at this party and you should come. I look at the address and say hey we're outside right now. The text reply said cool see you in a min. So we walk in and were greeted by the hostess with hugs. As she introduced us around the room as we walked into the kitchen to put the drinks and ice on the table. I get another text that says where are you. I said we just stopped in the kitchen. We headed to the pool I think. So we walk out to the pool and people are dancing around the pool, on the patio, and in the pool. Again the hostess introduces us to the group and everyone says hi. Then I get another text. How you just gonna walk by me and not say anything! As I looked up from the text there she was. I said oh shit how did I miss you?? she said I really don't know maybe you don't remember what I look like. I said no that's not the case. As a matter of fact, this here is my lady, and I have told her all about you. Oh really... and did he tell you I wanted to meet you and see what kind of friendship we can spark my lady said yes I'm looking forward to whatever your sexy spicy Latina ass can through my way. She says I can throw this ass in a way that will blow both of your minds. I say well we should all get a few drinks in us and see what happens from there. So I go in and get us 3 simple mixed drinks and come back out to the table they have for us. We start talking and at first, it was just a general conversation to start and progressed into relationships and what's expected. We're on round three and I say I'm going to get the next round what would you like? and at the same time, they say we coming in and making our own drink cause these last two were weak as fuck! Now in all this time people have gotten out of the pool and are all on the patio dancing, drinking, and talking. We inside and I grab something to snack on real quick as I watched them pour their drink heavy on alcohol with a splash of juice. I say well damn ya alcoholics had I known you wanted to eliminate the option of walking I would've been making drinks as strong as the Rock! They laugh and while we are inside the music gradually went to a medium to slow pace. I hear one splash then two three and four splashes and I say well sounds like the pool portion is back on let's go outside. So we walk outside and as I take a sip I glance into the pool and see naked couples having sex. I stopped and said oh shit that's done... and as I was about to say something else I look towards the patio and see a guy's face buried in a pussy as she sits on the table and beneath him was a female giving him some head. I am stuck and mesmerized trying to comprehend what was happening I hear a splash and I turned around and my lady has already stripped down naked and jumped in the pool. The other standing there ass naked and said are you getting in as she step off the edge into the pool. Again I'm stuck and just looking. At this time the hostess walks up behind me and whispered in my ear this is the adult games portion of the party she squeezed my ass and said get in Big boy. I shake off the sheer astonishment of what's going on and start to get undressed. As I look in the pool I see my lady has got behind her rubbing her titties from the back and she rests her head back on my lady's shoulders getting kisses. My lady stops for a second and says hurry up and get in here and help me. So by now, I'm rushing to get naked and get in. No one mentioned the water's cold before I stepped into the pool. As I regret getting into cold water butt naked I make my way over to them and get right in front of them. We made a sandwich outta her and we all rubbed on each other. She decides she is gonna rub my lady pussy and my dick at the same time while my lady rubs on her, one hand on her titties the other on her pussy and I grab on her ass. She starts to moan and my dick is getting harder. She picks her legs up in the water and slides my dick right in. She let out a moan and lean back to kiss my lady while she starts to rock back and forth on my dick. She says to my lady I want to taste you while I ride his dick. My lady says ok follow me. We go to the stairs in the pool and I say do you want to eat it from the back or the front. She says ima eat it from the front you eat it from the back and fuck me at the same time. My lady was like yea I like the sound of that and by the way love if you wanna try something different while your back there then go ahead. So she sits on the steps and my lady climbs on top of her face and lowers down slowly and she immediately goes to work. Her legs wide open I slide right in and start to eat my lady pussy from the back. I'm stroking but I'm not able to eat the pussy right so I decided it's time to try ass eating! I slide my tongue across the asshole and my lady jumps a little. Now she eating my lady pussy I'm fucking her and eating my lady asshole. My lady rocked back and forth and she hear my lady moan. people watching us and a guy walks over and asks if he can get some head from my lady and our mouths are busy so my lady said they can't answer so I will answer and she pulls him close and started sucking his dick slow at first then built up to a ferocious double hand twist super wet tip to shift sucking that she has perfected over the years on me. All we hear is moaning, slurping, splashing, and music. Then we hear a female say girl let me help you with that and she sits down and goes between his legs and starts sucking his balls. You hear him moaning out My God!! that was literally like a queue for all our bodies to synchronize. I began to stroke deeper and lick deeper. Her face is fully engulfed in my lady's pussy and she moans as she licks and I stroke. My lady starts to deep throat and gag then his girl starts to moan. From the angle, I was at I saw another chick between his chick's legs eating her pussy and a guy fucking her doggy style. This has gone from a 3way to a chain of pure fucking and now no one is in the pool. We are all making a chain around the pool starting from inside the pool. The guy getting his balls and dick sucked says oh shit I'm cummin and right as my lady pulls the dick outta her mouth his girl stopped sucking his balls and he blasted them both in the face with cum and his girl continues to sick the rest of the Nutt outta him. His girl was so excited she squirted in the face of the chick eating her pussy which made her cum on the dick she was riding doggy and at that same time I came hard and her muscles clamped down on my dick and she moaned which was the right vibration to make my lady cum all on her face and clamp her butthole on my tongue and I came again from both of them cumming. Now everyone is weak and the music has stopped and the rest who were just watching started clapping in celebration. We all start to break the chain up and go to get into the pool to cool off and regroup. Now both of the ladies are super primed and ready for more. So we make our way out of the pool and inside to get another drink and dry off. She says I will be right back. I turn to my lady and say, good thing I took that gas station pill cause we both know that I would've only lasted long enough for a TikTok video. She comes back and says I found a room let's go finish this. So we follow her into the room which was lit up red and you lay on the bed. My lady goes in and says let me return the favor from outside. Now my lady is eating her pussy twisting her nipples and switching to long licking her pussy. My lady ass is in the air just waving back and forth and I just watch them for a little bit until I get hard again. I get on the bed and get right behind my lady. I start licking her pussy just to make sure it's wet so I can slide in. As I slide in she let's out a soft moan and my lady goes deeper into her. I start the stroke off slow and it's rhythmic as she licks I go in and out of her pussy. I watch her ass as it bounces and waves with each soft hit. I look into her face and see her eyes half open rolling back and also covered in ecstasy. So I start to speed up and her titties and her ass start to shake with each thrust. Clap clap clap clap clap faster and faster. My lady says don't cum either of you! She was moaning so loud my lady knew she was about to come and the same for me cause she knew the stroke she knew it wasn't long for me either. So she said both of you slow down. So I started to slow down my stroke and she saw you were calming down a little. Then my lady said I want to try something I had seen in porn. So my lady went back to eating her pussy and stuck a finger in there just long enough to have her juices on it. Then took her other hand and did the same thing. But my lady left one finger in the pussy while she was licking and sucking it and slipped the other one in her asshole now she is losing her mind and I see it on her face. My lady says to stick your thumb in my ass while you fuck me and I do exactly that. We have a nice rotation going and the bed is telling the tale. Now it's getting to the point where the thrusting is deep and cummin is imminent! I start to go from a moan to vocally say I'm about to cum. Shit, I can't hold it and she says bring that dick to me. So I pull out and hold my dick tight til I get to her face and she opens her mouth and sucks my dick in and I let go... I came hard in her mouth and she kept sucking, didn't miss a beat. I let out a loud moan saying Ooooh Shiiit!! She swallowed all the Nutt and my lady comes up and start kissing her saying I want to taste all of us. She stopped kissing her long enough to put the dick in both of their faces and they both started sucking and licking on it again. I had to pull away because I couldn't take anymore. I collapse on the bed and then I see my lady raise the other one's leg and say one last thing I wanna try. My lady put her wet pussy on hers and start to ride her like a dick was In her. I'm not gonna lie this looked so hot and it got me hard again just watching. Rubbing pussies and you could hear the squish of pussy back and forth. This was new to the both of them cause I heard oh shit I'm cummin, shit me too, and I'm jacking my dick about to shoot dust out that motherfucker from so much use today. Then it happened the squishing got louder and so did the moans and then SHHHHIIIITTT!! squirting was like a wide-open sprinkler!! I got wet up the bed got wet up hell later found out the wall got wet up too. We all passed out In bed and woke up the next morning to the hostess of the party cooking breakfast saying it sounded like you three had an amazing time last night. Good thing I got cameras all over the house so I can watch it later wink.

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