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The Maiden Voyage of the SSBBW

The sexual adventures of a comedian

By Raymond CarterPublished about a year ago • 9 min read

Ok so here it goes. I was out as usual driving around. You texted and said hey what are you doing. I said nothing just working. You were like really where I said down in Glendale. You were like oh really I'm over that way dropping off something you should meet me at the gas station. I was like sure be there in 10 mins. I pull up and you were there in the car just waiting. I got in and you were like hope you weren't too busy. I said well I'm always busy but I figured I could stop for a few. You said could you take a ride with me real quick? Sure why not so we pulled off. You drove for about 10 mins and you said I want you to take a look at something. You pulled up to a house and said I'm thinking about moving here but ion know much about houses can you show me some things if you do know? I said yea I know a Lil bit. We walk inside and you say these pipes make a lot of noise when I run the water. So I turn on the water and didn't hear anything you say you gotta get closer and came up behind me.

Then lean in on me. Tits pressed against my back and I say woman you better stop pressing them big tidays in my back before it becomes a problem. You say oh yea and begin to wrap your arms around me. I am like see you play too much and you said no I play with dick and spent me around, looked me in my eyes, and started undoing my pants. I was like this ain't what you want you better stop ima put it on you. You said oh yea well let's see. Soon as you said that my pants hit the floor and my dick was bulging in my boxers. You grab it and look down and said well I see someone is ready for what's about to happen. Then you start to kiss my neck and said well this shirt gotta come off and you pulled my shirt over my head and continued kissing down my neck to my chest then down to my belly then you said well well well look at all this dick. Is this what ol girl was after? I see why... well ima bout to... then you deep-throated my dick in mid-sentence. My eyes rolled far back in my head as I grabbed yours. Slurp slurp slurp, gag slurp gag slurp. Your mouth kept getting wetter with each downward motion. I was rocking my hips into a forward stroke as I sunk my dick deeper down your throat. I started to shake and you stopped with that suction pop and said no not yet. I want that dick inside me.

I said oh you're about to get the best fuck of your life! You stand up and I began to take off the long dress you had on. I was not surprised to see you didn't have any panties or bra on. I could already see that you were horny when I got in the car and your nipples greeted me first. I say come here girl and start sucking on them big brown nipples mmmm mmmm mmmm your nipples were sweet and slowly getting hard. I switched to the other and flicked the first one. You start to moan. I say put your leg up on this stool. As soon as you do I go right into licking on the pussy. You say damn boy you good at this. I could tell because you got super wet almost dripping. I slide in a finger and you moan. Then a second finger then a third. By then you were loudly moaning saying fuck me fuck me, give me that dick Ray!

I stand up and say turn around. You still shaking turn around and say be gentle I felt how big it was. I say oh it's gonna get bigger don't you worry and you looked back. Just at that moment, I part those cheeks and slide in this dick. You let out a loud moan followed by a loud sigh of disbelief... Shit that dick is big damn ima cum all over this dick! I begin to stroke you slow and deep you say damn come on and fuck this pussy, faster and harder daddy! I slap that ass and start a faster stroke. Oh shit, I say. This pussy getting wetter and tighter. You say it's been waiting for the right dick to show out. I say you gonna squirt for me too. You say maybe. So I began going faster and harder then deeper and harder then faster and deeper you moan and scream I'm cumming!! You start to shake and juice starts to run down your inner thigh.

I say oh we are not done, now you're bout to get this work! You say damn what the hell did you just give me if that wasn't work. I said round one now lay yo ass down on yo back and spread'em. You lay down and I start to suck your nipples as I place myself between your legs. I start playing with your already soaking wet pussy and you grab my head and force me to look at you and you say fuck me as if you hate me! So I slide my dick in and your eyes roll back in your head a Lil. I start to slowly stroke you and pinch your nipples. You said to be gentle but be a Lil rough. So I twist the nipple as I stroke you and you start to moan again. I say yea you about ready for this dick ain't you and your smile and say yes. So I stroke and stroke and stroke and with each stroke, you get wetter to the point it's running down the crack of your ass. I start to bite your nipples and you say choke me, daddy. So I lift and start to slowly choke and stroke you. Each stroke brought a tighter choke until you were gasping for air. I let go and you gasp don't stop. I choke you again and let go you say no don't stop so I choke you for the third time and pound that pussy until you start to shake I let go and you cum so hard it literally squirts out. I flip you on your side and spread your legs apart and start to stroke again deep strokes and you scream omg I'm coming. You were so wet that I slipped out on the backstroke and as I went back in it slid in your ass and you said oh my fucking God that dick went right in my ass. I said let me pull it out and you said no leave it in but be gentle. So we slowly rocked all of my dick in your ass and you began to fuck me back harder and harder.

I'm saying back that ass up you saying fuck that ass harder. I say omg I can't hold this nut any longer you say no not yet pull it out. So I pull it out and you go get a soapy warm towel and a wet one and said I want to swallow that Nutt but first I wanna clean you up and suck it out you. So you began wiping me down with the soapy towel and were doing so in a jacking-off stroke. I said see you acting bad you said not yet. Then you took the other wet towel and cleaned off the soap. You went down and said mmm fresh and started ducking my dick to keep it hard. You looked up at me and said I want you to fuck me again and right before you cum pull out I want to swallow all that Nutt. So I said sure and got behind you in a doggy-style position. I grabbed on your hips and began rocking this dick in a little at a time which wasn't hard to do because you were still wet. I started pumping and pumping. You said don't stop til you get ready to cum. I smack your ass and you say mmmm I like that. Then I grab your hair and pull your head back and say you ready to taste all of this hot cum? you said yes give it to me. So I pump harder and faster, harder and faster, harder and faster! I'm sweating and breathing heavily your moaning and rocking I say oh shit I'm cumming and you say wait I want it in my mouth. I pull out all covered in your wet pussy juice and you hurry to turn around and I say open wide! You open your mouth and I cum on your tongue and you grabbed my hips and forced my dick in your mouth and slowly sucked all the Nutt out then just when I was about to pull out you started going deeper and getting me hard again. I said ok you ready for this dick I see and you said yessss... so I said you know what let's try something else and you said what I said to lay back and I climbed on top of you in a 69 position and started sucking your pussy while you sucked my dick and you started to shake I said again huh and you said I'm cummin and let the juices flow. I was so excited I came into your mouth again. We shake as the nut comes out of both of us and I climb off too of you. I lay next to you and you say well I guess we need to actually get out of here since this ain't my house yet. I looked and said we just fucked like animals in an empty house. We laughed and laughed. As we were leaving you said can we make this a standing dick appointment and I said sure but ion think it's that many houses for sale in this town? You said let me worry about the technicalities, so yes or no? I say yes and you smile and said well. Now let me get you back to your car.


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