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Spy tip #14

Always pick a good spy name

By Heather HublerPublished 2 years ago 25 min read


I'm on the midnight train goin' nowhere...hmm, hmm, hmmm–

My head lolled from side to side like a limp babydoll as I continued to sing and hum, my toes bopping to the beat. Really it just sounded like deranged muttering and gibberish, but hey I was pretty sure I'd been drugged.

Midnight train...nowhere...hmm, hmmm–

The words of the song slowly died on my lips as I struggled to sit up and take in my surroundings. Was that a windo–?


Everything became a blur as the weight of my fuzzy head pulled me over. I landed in an ugly heap, panting and nauseated. On the bright side, the cool patterned floor looked so pretty up close.

Unfortunately I couldn't just keep admiring the flooring, I needed to get myself together. This is what I'd been training for all these years. Time to put on my big britches. Or was it big boy pants? Granny panties? Geez, what had they put in that cocktail?

Focus Mari!

Ok, ok, time to assess. Closing my eyes in concentration like a badass but secretly to stem the waves of nausea still rocking my gut, I worked to center myself. Deep breaths. In. Out. In. Out.

My heart rate finally began to slow, and the fist clenching my stomach started to ease. I was still sweating through my shirt, but I couldn't remember how to combat that. My training class was hardcore, but it wasn't perfect. And by training class, I meant practicing everything at home that I managed to soak up while I cleaned the Elite Training Hall.

No one took notice to me there. I was invisible. I was forty-six percent sure they were just testing me, but a good spy never let on. So I never asked, and they never offered.

Practicing one of my ninja moves, I pushed off the ground, jumping to my feet, and silently yelling, I'm gonna rock this!

Instead I threw up in my mouth from the lurching motion and stumbled into the wall, face first.


Rubbing my sore nose and clutching at the wall, I couldn't help but wonder why I was still so unsteady? The drugs were definitely leaving my system...something wasn't quite right about this. Well a lot of things weren't right, but Spy Mari's strength was not multi-tasking. I needed to figure out how to stay standing before I could move onto the next phase.

No sooner had I managed to stand and successfully balance than my surroundings gave a sudden jerk and tossed me right back into the wall.

What in the ever-loving–oh wait! I recognized what was going on. I was in some kind of moving transportation.

Oh my gosh, I was made for this spy shit. I was figuring things out all on my own. The Elite leaders were going to be so impressed, assuming this wasn't all in my head.

Please let it be real. Because I was ready to prove myself once and for all.

So far, I knew I was drugged and being transported somewhere but I needed more intel. Bracing myself for sudden movements, I carefully made my way over to the window I'd caught a glance of earlier.

Peering out from the side so as not to attract any attention (Spy tip #1 - stay out of sight), I watched the bland landscape whoosh past. Woah! We were going so fast I could barely make out any details.

I could sort of see a large curve coming up and what appeared to be the front of a train. I must be on that train but closer to the back. Huh. My song from earlier was making so much sense now. Even my sub-conscious was top-notch, spy quality.

Dropping into a small wingback chair I found sitting just below the window, I tried to relax for a moment and gather my thoughts. Feeling a bit more stable, I swung my gaze left to right, methodically cataloguing the space (Spy tip #2 - be thorough).

The decor looked like what would be found in a luxury cabin on a train. The beautiful paneled walls, parquet carpeted floor, and sharp crisp linens were top of the line.

I'd ridden in one once when I was young. My mother and I had gone to visit my aunt, and I vividly remember looking at pictures of the luxury suites on advertisements while waiting on the platform. The whole ride, I'd imagined I was on a wild adventure traveling about the continent, but momma hadn't wanted to hear about it.

Okay, that wasn't entirely the truth. In reality, we were snuck onboard by one of the crew members that was sweet on my mom, and then she dumped me off at my aunt's and never returned.

I didn't felt bad for myself though, because living with my aunt launched the beginning of my elite spy training, and I'd be forever grateful for that. But no more reminiscing, I had a mission to complete.

After going over the room with a fine-toothed comb and finding nothing, I knew I needed to move on. Time was wasting.

Gathering my wits about me, I stealthily made my way over to the door and opened it as quietly as I could. With my heart in my throat, I pushed my head out and swung it side to side before quickly pulling back. All clear. Whew! So far, so good. (Spy tip #3 - assess for threats quickly)

With no one visible in the outer hallway, I made my move.


An hour later, I'd been to the other passenger suites, the dining car, and a lounge-type car and had seen absolutely no one. I hadn't even heard a peep other than the clickety-clack of the train. Where was everyone? Why hadn't I run into my mission contact yet?

My confidence was starting to slip with each passing moment, and I'd begun to doubt myself and this mission. What if I was wrong?

"Ah, shite," a deep voice huffed behind me.

A strangled yelp escaped me at the sudden intrusion, and my ninja instincts kicked in. I dropped low while spinning and punched the unknown right in the crotch. (Spy tip #4 - never let your guard down, but if you do, don't hold back)

A distinct male moan let me know I hit my target.

"Me nuts!" he continued to groan, "What in hell did ya do that fer?"

"Well, you shouldn't sneak up on someone like that," I said without sympathy, "What did you think was going to happen?"

He continued to roll back and forth on the floor, cursing me with every breath. While he was still compromised, I took the opportunity to look him over.

The man was dressed like a crew member, but the uniform was ill-fitting as though it wasn't his own. He looked to be tall and broad. His form took up so much space even balled up by my feet. Tousled blonde hair and ink that peeped out from the top of his collar were all I could see of the rest of him. His eyes remained shut.

Just as that thought came to mind, his eyes flashed open and a vivid blue stared back at me. Wow, he was a looker. I sure hoped this was my contact.

Now that he'd finally stopped rocking and swearing, I offered my hand to help pull him up. He grabbed it with crushing strength and hauled himself to his feet.

"So..." I began. This was kinda awkward.

"So, I came fer yer ticket, but ya weren't in yer cabin," he said, the lilt of his Irish accent tickling my ears. "It's lucky I found ya."

When he didn't elaborate, my spy training kicked in, and I began to subtly coax the information out of him. (Spy tip #5 - be subtle)

"Let's back up first. How do you know who I am? What if you don't even have the right person?"

He cleared his throat, his eyes quickly darting over my shoulder and then back, his wariness putting me on alert. Were we being watched or something? Duh, of course we were.

"Yer definitely the right person. Yer the only passenger on this train," he said, stressing the word only.


"I see," I said, my voice calm and even, professional. But I didn't quite 'see' yet. Shit, maybe I was in over my head.



Staring down at this tiny wisp of a girl with so much determination in her eyes, I was having a hard time sticking to my part in this fucked up plan. The Elite leaders were so wrong to do this, but I was backed into a corner. At least, I could try to help Mari and keep her from getting hurt.

They were watching everything on this godforsaken train though. It would be almost impossible to truly help her without them knowing. But I couldn't worry about the end game now, I needed to stay in character and get her to keep playing along. I'd figure it out later.

I realized she was still staring at me waiting for the next move, so I choked back my disgust at this scheme and spoke calmly, "Come on lass, let's go back to yer cabin. I think ya should look around again fer that ticket."

Ugh, good lord I was awful at an Irish accent. Why the leaders had decided on that one was beyond me, but it looked like Mari was eating it up. I didn't even think she recognized me as one of the Elites. A spy she was definitely not.

The trip back to her cabin only took minutes, but my mind was racing the entire time. What if this didn't work? I didn't want the Elites to have any reason to end her life, and that was the only conclusion there could be for her if she decided not to bite.

They were ruthless bastards, and I was tired of taking orders from them without question. All the morally gray shit I had done over the years was now firmly in the 'I'm going straight to hell' category. I could at least keep from adding Mari's demise to that list.

I watched her duck windows and try to slink along undetected through each car as we went. It was impossible not to be amused by her antics, but I kept a stoic face in place not wanting to tip her off. She was clearly expecting to encounter opposition, but the train was completely empty except for the two of us.

The Elite leaders had cleared the train with the ruse that it was being taken in for repairs. There would be no stops between here and our destination. And Mari would not be making the return trip. She needed to take the bait, and it was my job to ensure that she did.

Time was running out though. She'd woken up much sooner than anticipated, and I hadn't been able to track her down fast enough. She was a scrappy thing, I'd give her that.

"I'll go in first," Mari whispered, and then she disappeared into her room.

I followed quickly after and stopped short almost slamming into her small frame. She was frozen in the entryway staring a few feet ahead. My gaze snapped to where she was focused, seeing a briefcase sitting on top of the small writing desk.

The briefcase that I hid in the bathroom earlier today before bringing Mari's drugged-up body aboard.

What the hell?

It was supposed to contain some bogus deep-fake assignment with a new identity and enough money to get her by for a long while. The Elite leaders were beholden to her aunt for reasons unknown, and that was pretty much the only reason for this elaborate scheme instead of just killing her.

Realization dawned on me and a sinking feeling pulled at my gut. We weren't alone on this train. This was bad. I needed to get us both out of here.

* * *


Even though we encountered no one coming back to the cabin, I still had this feeling of someone lurking nearby. Seeing the briefcase just sitting there in the room I'd already searched was startling and a little embarrassing. I'd been so thorough. But maybe the mystery someone had put it there.

I wasn't sure what was going on with this mission just yet, but I needed to figure it out quickly. The Elite leaders were depending on me. (Spy tip #6 - be confident, even if you're not)

I snatched the ticket collector's hand–I needed to find out his name–and pulled him into the room with me, flipping the lock on the door. A quick sweep of the tiny bathroom revealed it was empty. For the moment, we seemed to be alone in here–small mercies.

"What's your name? Are you my contact? Where is this train headed?" My rapid-fire questions seemed to snap the Irish fellow out of his shocked state, and he turned to look down at me with wide eyes.

He'd been so stoic and broody as we'd made our way back to the cabin that the expression on his face now seemed comical, and I had to smother the laugh that wanted to escape.

"Mari," he began, ignoring my questions and pulling his mouth right up to my ear, "We need to get out of here. Now." His voice held a frantic edge to it that sent chills up my spine and had the smile dying on my lips.

I could tell by his tone that something had changed. (Spy tip #7 - trust your instincts) It was in the air like that smell before a storm, before lightening struck. And it had everything to do with that briefcase.

As I moved out of his grasp to grab it, the train let out a bellowing blast, and everything plunged into darkness. No sooner had my eyesight begun to adjust than a second blast screamed out, and the train ticked up to a reckless speed.

The cabin car lurched and screeched along the tracks throwing us both off balance. I put my hands out to brace myself, but it was too late. I fell and hit my head on the floor hard. Lights out.

The rattling of the train car finally roused me. It felt like my head was swimming and my vision was blurred. Ugh. (Spy tip #8 - know when you need to ask for help)

"Irish ticket guy..." I rasped out. What was his freaking name?

No response.

I rolled onto my side, my body protesting the movement, my head thumping. The lights had come back on, but their glare only served to intensify my pain. Taking a deep breath, I cracked my eyes open to slits.

I spied him not far from me. His form was still and an alarming amount of blood was dripping down his face.

Pushing past my disorientation, I drug myself over to his side and began to catalog his injuries. It seemed he'd clipped the edge of the side table with his forehead. (Spy tip #9 - head wounds always bled a lot)

Fumbling around above me, my hand grasped the bed cover, and I yanked hard dragging it down. The soft material landed on Irish ticket guy's face, and I felt a bit bad about ruining such fine linens.

Apparently the smothering sensation of the cover abruptly woke him as he sat up thrashing and cursing trying to disentangle himself.

"Will you knock it off for five seconds? I'm trying to help you!" I yelled as a covered fist flew past my face.

His body stilled instantly. I took that as a sign of agreement and worked to push the brain fog off as I pulled the thick material over his head. I may have yanked his hair a few times, on accident of course.

By the time his head emerged, his hair was standing on end and blood was smeared over every inch of his face. He looked like a man possessed.

We stared at each other in silence while he pressed the cover to his cut until the blast of the train's whistle screeched again.

The lights flickered and the cabin tilted on its side as we took a curve at break-neck speed. The briefcase slid off the table and flew at my face too fast for me to stop, but just before impact, a bloody hand reached out and knocked it away. Irish ticket guy for the save! (Spy tip #10 - embrace your victories, no matter how small)

The train car slammed back down and rocked precariously to and fro as it settled itself back on the track, jarring every bone in my body and rattling my teeth. Not gonna lie, this spy stuff was starting to suck.

"Mari, we need to move. Grab the briefcase. I promise I'll tell you as much as I can, but we need to stop this train."

I stared at him in disbelief. Where was his Irish accent? Who was this man?

He pushed himself up off the floor and stood with his legs in a wide stance, looking around the room. The train car was still trembling hard from traveling at such a dangerous speed making it difficult to move about.

"I'm going to clean up my face in the wash room," he murmured, stumbling a little as he went. "Get up, grab the briefcase and be ready to go when I come back out."

I watched as his back disappeared and the door closed.

What was so important about this briefcase? I needed to find out before he returned. I felt like I was blind in this whole scenario.

Scrambling to pull the brown case over to me, I drug it onto my lap and popped the clasps. The top sprung open, and I froze. There was a gun inside.

Shit. Shit. Shit.

I pushed it aside, a shiver rolling down my body. I hated guns. But underneath it, a gleaming piece of white parchment caught my eye. It had the Elite seal on top.

I quickly scanned the contents trying to keep an eye on the door and the briefcase on my lap as the cabin was rattling so much I thought it would fall apart at any moment.



As you've surely surmised, we've been watching you closely, and it's finally time for you to become an Elite member.

To do that, you must complete your first mission.

Terminate Elite Agent Heath.

A horrified gasp pressed against my lips, and I slammed my hands over my mouth to muffle any sound. Holy crap! Irish ticket guy must be Heath.

My eyes dropped back to the page held in my trembling hands.

Anything less than completing your assignment will result in your termination as the train is scheduled to crash at exactly 6:49pm.

If you complete the task you've been given, a parachute will be waiting for you in the last train car at 6:45pm.

Good luck!


This wasn't happening. Straight up murder? I couldn't be a murderer. Or murderess? Gah!! Why were they having me kill another agent?

Hearing Heath–at least I knew his name now–grab the door handle, I panicked and tossed the letter back into the case, slamming the lid down and pushing the clasps shut just as he came back into the room.

If he noticed my agitated state, he said nothing about it, only looking at me in exasperation. Oh right, I was supposed to be ready to go.

I grabbed onto the bed and pulled myself up. Bracing my legs and dusting myself off once I was on my feet.

Heath huffed at my slow progress and bent to grab the briefcase.

I gave a loud yelp and jumped at him, swinging my arms like a crazy woman.

One arm connected with his throat, and he wheezed a weak "Stop!" The jab taking him by surprise. But I was on a mission. He couldn't have that briefcase.

My hand had just grasped the handle when a warm hand wrapped around mine. Not today, Heath! I tugged hard right as the train gave a death rattle, forcing both of us to let go and grab the nearest piece of furniture, leaving the briefcase to tumble out of reach.

"Listen Heath," I began, looking over at him and trying not to sound like I was contemplating his murder. But the look on his face stopped my response, and I realized my mistake. Not good.

His face transformed from concerned to straight up hostile the moment his name left my lips.

"What's in that briefcase, Mari?"

He knew.

* * *


On some level I was in total shock. The Elite leaders were using Mari against me. Mari, the girl that grew up basically as a slave for the Elites. Mari, the girl that had the subtlety of a sledge hammer. Mari, the girl that did everything she could to get inducted into the Elite but never stood a chance.

She annoyed them. Her enthusiasm grated on their stodgy nerves. She was an endless thorn in their sides, but some deal had been struck with her aunt. One I never understood. The Elite never cowed to anyone.

And now...

Apparently now she was to be my executioner.

I knew what was in that briefcase. I'd been given one just like it on countless missions. Missions that I no longer agreed with whole-heartedly. The Elite were abusing their power. The corruption ran so deep, I knew the only way to root it out was to end the entire institution.

I'd been working towards that end with a handful of other like-minded agents, but it looked like I'd been found out. Or sold out.

I needed to get Mari on my side and quickly before we both did something we'd regret.

* * *


Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh. What do I do?

Think, Mari!

It's no secret that I always dreamed of being an agent for the Elite. I worked my butt off for this chance. But murder? Not what Spy Mari was all about.

I didn't want Heath to get that briefcase and find out what they asked me to do. What if he didn't believe I wasn't going to kill him. What if he tried to kill me?

Heath's deadly voice rolled over me again, "I asked you a question. What's in the case, Mari?"

I hesitated answering, and he honest to goodness growled at me. Holy shit!

"Ok, ok! So don't get mad, but the Elite want me to kill you as my first mission. And if I don't, they'll kill me. Oh wait, the train is also set to crash at 6:49pm, and there's only one parachute waiting in the last car to escape. Also, I don't actually want to kill you, and I hope you don't want to kill me, so what do we do?" I bent over and heaved in air after my long rant.

Heath's menacing gaze had morphed to plain amusement, his eyebrows creeping up his forehead the longer my word vomit drug on. Clearly, life and death situations were amusing to him.

His strong hands grabbed my shoulders and forced me upright until our gazes were locked together.

"I don't want to kill you either. We'll figure it out as we go. But we've got to move now. We're not the only ones on this train."

With that bomb dropped, he ripped open the briefcase then grabbed the gun and shoved it in his waistband. "Let's move."

My nerves were shot by the time we made it to the last car. Every shadow seemed to jump out at me making me shudder, much to the amusement of Heath. I guess my behavior wasn't very spy-like. (Spy tip #11 - be unexpected)

One glance at the brass clock suspended over the doorway showed it was 6:35. We were early.

Heath began rummaging through the high cabinets as I squatted low. We needed to find that parachute. Although I'd assumed there was only one, maybe there were more as the other person on this train needed to escape as well.

Two minutes of frantic searching and watching the clock resulted in absolutely nothing. The vibrations from the dangerous speed we were traveling at hampered our efforts, making it almost impossible to move about freely without hanging on to something.

"This is bullshit!" Heath yelled, slamming his fist down on the top of a cabinet and glaring up at the rear corner.


"Hey Elite assholes," he spit out, looking a little unhinged while continuing to stare up at what I could only assume was a camera. "Get us the hell off this train, or I'm sending everything I have on you to the networks. It'll only take one text. I've been waiting years to take you down, so all you've done is move up my timeline. What's it gonna be, hmmm?"

I held my breath, the hectic sound of the overworked train the only thing breaking the silence.

Not gonna lie, I thought something was going to happen after his ballsy declaration and my clear failure at killing him.


"Well, it looks like they don't care about your threats, and with no parachutes, we're both gonna die," I said, my shoulders sagging with defeat.


"Like hell we are," Heath replied, grabbing my hand and dragging me to the outside observation deck. The force of the wind buffeted us roughly as we forced our way out. One wrong move, and we'd be swept right off the back. It was a sobering thought. (Spy tip #12 - don't die)

Heath's strong hands grabbed my waist and started shoving me up the ladder to the roof of the car. Words of protest formed on my lips, but then I felt his broad chest at the back of my legs holding me steady. Right, we were in this together.

The winds up top made it almost impossible to have a conversation let alone stay on the freaking train, but somehow Heath managed to keep us both steady. Crouched low, we were finally able to get a look at the view ahead.

Was that a–?

His warm breath tickled my ear as he said the most terrifying word I'd ever heard, "Jump."

The wind whistled past my ears as hand in hand, Heath and I went free-falling into the dark waters below. Right before we hit the surface, I saw a lone parachute drifting over to the shoreline as the front end of the train exploded. Debris raining down.

I barely had time to suck in air before the frigid water swallowed me whole.

This was a good time to point out I couldn't swim.

Drowning was going to suck.

* * *


Mari was dead weight as I worked to keep her head above water while kicking with all my strength to get us to the shoreline. There was a very shallow bank along this side of the river, and we were so close, but the waves from the crashing train were trying to pull us under.

My limbs were sluggish from the bitter cold as I drug her limp form ashore and collapsed. I gave myself to the count of ten before forcing my body to sit up.

I glanced over at Mari. Her breathing was steady despite the fact that her lips were an alarming shade of blue. Satisfied she'd at least survived, my gaze sharpened as I scanned our surroundings.

I'd seen that parachute drop down this side of the river. It was only a matter of time before they found us.

I began vigorously rubbing Mari's arms to get her blood circulating and hopefully rouse her because we needed to move. I'd barely gotten some warmth back into her limbs when her brown eyes flew open, and she punched me in the jaw.

"Oww!" she cried out, cradling her hand. God she was feisty. I couldn't help it when a little laugh slipped out.

* * *


"You think that's funny? Jump, you said? I'll show you funny," and I launched myself at his stupid smiling face but ended up slamming into a solid wall of muscle. Ouch. Again.

Heath's hands wrapped around my biceps like bear paws, holding me in place.

"Mari, we nee–"

His voice dropped off as his whole body stiffened, and then he was spinning me behind him just as the soft click of a gun being cocked echoed out like thunder.

I wriggled against his hold, trying to see around the big brute and managed to squeeze in at his side.

"What the hell, Antoinette?"

It was my aunt, but like the badass version.

She nodded to both of us, "Mari, Heath. I take it this is a bit of a shock."

"Explain," Heath growled. "And lower the damn gun."

"Of course," she said hastily lowering the weapon. "I just needed to be sure you'd both let me explain without trying anything stupid."

"You mean like jumping off a freaking train?" I deadpanned. (Spy tip #13 - use sarcasm to cover fear)

"Sorry about that, it needed to look believable," she began. "I'll report back that you both perished, but now the real work begins."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, I'm the Elite's number one assassin, and now that you two are ghosts, you're going to help me take them down. Their corrupt reign needs to end."

"I'm in," Heath said with zero hesitation.

They both turned to look at me, waiting.

"I'm in too. But I want a good spy name like Agent Gold."

At their blank expressions, I added, "Agent Mari Gold."

One, two, three...

Aunt Netty and Heath burst out laughing.

They thought I was kidding.

(Spy tip #14 - always pick a good spy name)


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  • Angie the Archivist 📚🪶4 months ago

    What a fun read... I'm keenly hoping for the rest of the saga!

  • Donna Fox (HKB)4 months ago

    This is a mater piece! It's a piece of comedy gold that begs to be taken seriously but can't! LOL I love the shifting narratives and the natural way they interact with one another! Mari’s character gives off that oxymoron type of vibe, like a dimwitted professor sort of feeling! Love that! Heath gives off that savour sort of vibe but also a little bit of that "I have no fucks to give" kind of attitude! I love what a mismatched pair they are, makes for both an engaging and hilarious read! I laughed so hard when he had said how bad his accent was, when only moments earlier she was fawning over how much she liked it. I also laughed hard at her secret agent name!! This was so great Heather, fabulous job!!

  • Davina Z. McKee5 months ago

    “I could sort of see a large curve coming up and what appeared to be the front of a train. I must be on that train but closer to the back. Huh.” LMAO! This entire story was a hoot, but that especially took me out. 🤣 I knew I could trust Brin’s judgement. She’s a great writer and knows what’s she’s talking about. You wrote something unique and memorable. Agent Mari Gold has a nice ring to it. I would love if you wrote more stories in this vein—adventurous, with a feisty protagonist. I think this could’ve won if it had a stronger story arc, but it was more like a single scene character study. It feels more like the chapter to a novel than a short story. The upside of that is you could expand this and have a riveting novel. Because the most important aspect of a novel is having a character with enough complexity to reveal more of with each scene. If that makes any sense.

  • Cathy holmesabout a year ago

    Fantastic story and so well well written. How did I miss this?

  • This comment has been deleted

  • Good story and well written. Interesting plot

  • Dawn Salois2 years ago

    This is a great story! Loved both the characters and the plot.

  • Kat Thorne2 years ago

    Absolutely hilarious! Would happily read an entire book about these two. Spy tip #12 was my favorite.

  • This is great fun, and so well written, I read it ages ago and then Vocal crashed when I tried to comment, so here is my absolute endorsement. Tres Bon

  • Test2 years ago

    This was a much-needed injection of humour into a challenge perhaps a little overfull with thrillers and mysteries (but at the same time, the mystery woven into yours is so well done). Excellent work. Definitely one of my favourite entries.

  • Lena Folkert2 years ago

    This was super entertaining and wonderfully written! Well done!!

  • Violet LeStrange2 years ago

    This was a great first chapter, can't wait to see the next!

  • Jo Mcvay2 years ago

    Fabulous! Loved everything about the story!

  • Sarah G.2 years ago

    Oh, I loved this! Your protagonist was memorable, unique, and compelling. And I think you used the POV-switching narrative style effectively. Such a fun piece.

  • K. Bensley2 years ago

    A great blend of elements, fun read

  • Chloe Gilholy2 years ago

    This was great. Really wanted to see how it went and wanted to know if they would survive.

  • Sindy Leah Fitz2 years ago

    This was quite an adventure! I love how you told the story. Really excellent writing!

  • C. H. Richard2 years ago

    Loved the multi view narrative! My favorite way to tell a story. Great characters and loved the humor. Well done! ❤️

  • Jasmine S.2 years ago

    This was great! The humor, action, suspense, the eye candy, lol. I enjoyed this immensely. I thought Mari would have been annoying but you blended quirky and humorous into a character I could love. Loved it. ❤️

  • Morgana Miller2 years ago

    This was such a pleasure to read! I adore the voice of the narrator, Mari is like if Elle Woods was a spy in training. Love her. <3

  • Call Me Les2 years ago

    The character building here! Wow! So good! I practically had to speed read because I was dying to know where it was going. The structure of the tips is fab too. Great piece of writing!

  • Kate Holderness2 years ago

    Ahhh this was AWESOME! Such great characters and HILARIOUS! Still chuckling at ‘ok so don’t be mad but I have to kill you…’ 🤣 amazing work!

  • I loved the spy tips, added so perfectly.

  • I absolutely loved this story! You made me laugh so much! That's a great talent in writing. Never a dull moment and so compelling. The characters are awesome. Great storytelling!

  • Michele Jones2 years ago

    Enjoyed this. Mari thinking she was a spy was great. And she got her wish.

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