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Holiday Jamboree!

A Microfiction Challenge 🎁

By Real PoeticPublished 22 days ago Updated 18 days ago 2 min read
Top Story - November 2023
Holiday Jamboree!
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

“Greetings Gretchen,

You’re invited to Austin & Ashley’s Holiday Social at 888 Fernly Drive, Suite 200 on November 18, 2023. There will be two snowflakes hanging outside of the door. See you soon. The party starts at noon!”

I look down the hallway and see the snowflakes swaying back and forth subtly, as if someone had just arrived a few moments earlier than me.

I’m a little nervous, because I don’t really know what to expect; I have not met my sister’s new boyfriend yet, and my parents haven’t either. Ashley is usually super private about her relationships, so maybe she has finally found the one.

I walk up to the door and knock. No one answers, so I try the doorknob. It’s unlocked, so I open the door and step right on in. A draft is coming from the kitchen window.

There are party favors scattered around like an angry toddler decorated their flat. An emptiness permeates the entire place. I’m sure no one is home.

My phone is already in my palm, so I dial my sister’s number. The laundry basket starts ringing over in the corner. I calmly lower my phone from my ear. I feel an uneasy presence creeping up from behind, and I turn around slowly.

“Surprise! Happy belated birthday Gretchen! You hate birthday parties, and I knew you wouldn’t come unless you thought it was a holiday party. Oh, I’m single by the way!” Ashley screams as she dances by with her friends from college.

One of them has a speaker bigger than me. The music plays, and Ashley’s roommate pours me a drink. This is definitely the most fun I’ve had in a while, but it would’ve been nice to get a dose of holiday cheer…

***Author’s note: I know it’s been a while, but I’m back! It’s time for another challenge. I really miss reading entries. You all have always made selecting a winner so difficult.

The amount of talent I have come across on this platform by hosting these challenges is truly inspiring. Join me in my microfiction holiday fun!

Here’s the prompt: Write a microfiction story about a holiday party that went either terribly wrong or surprisingly well.

Your story cannot exceed 300 words, and it must be submitted to the fiction community to be considered.

🥇 1st place: $10.00

🥈 2nd place: $5.00

🥉 3rd place: $2.00

All winners will receive their awards as a tip on Vocal.

Submit your stories in the comment section down below by 12/06/2023.

Winners will be announced on 12/07/2023 in a separate post, so make sure you have subscribed to receive the notification.


-R.P. ❤️


About the Creator

Real Poetic

I’m Christina. Also known as RP!

Welcome to my imagination. ✨

I write poetry & short stories.

Thanks for stopping by! 🩵

[email protected]

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Comments (39)

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  • Karissa E.L. Cuff5 days ago

    great idea for a challenge!

  • Sorry this took a while! Its a bit silly! 🤍

  • When I began writing it began rhyming so I went with it. Here is my microfiction entry:

  • Leslie Writes15 days ago

    Love a good surprise party! Great micro. Here's mine for the challenge.

  • J. S. Wade15 days ago

    I kept expecting something horrible then you twisted a sweet ending. Great story! Here is my humble attempt.

  • Novel Allen15 days ago

    I though for sure the laundry basket contained death. But good steer into light instead of dark. We are all so used to horror stories. Sigh. Congrats. Diving in now.

  • What a captivating tale. Perhaps I have been reading too many horror stories of late, because I feared something awful had occurred. Wonderful writing, RP!

  • I love that you offer your own challenge here on Vocal. That is so kind and supportive.

  • Mackenzie Davis16 days ago

    Ooh, interesting! I just read Matthew's and I'm feeling insufficient for this one, ngl. We'll see if I get an idea, but I'll be looking forward to all the entries! Also, your story is fantastic! Love the melancholic ending; I would have felt the same way!

  • Rana Shafiq16 days ago

    Althought I'm reading this after Thanksgiving, I want to thank you for the very important reminder. I hope you hade a wonderful holiday with your loved ones.

  • Healty Life17 days ago

    i love the way you write, literally you inspire me, can you please read my story and tell me on how i can improve, thanks inadvance

  • ROCK 17 days ago

    You briefly had me wondering if someone had been kidnapped or worse; your microficción was cleverly detailed with a pleasant surprise ending.

  • Cathy holmes18 days ago

    Tap, tap, tapping my fingers on the table while waiting for Vocal to publish the entry I submitted lunchtime yesterday. 🙄

  • Tiffany Gordon 18 days ago

    Nice work! I loved the surprise ending!!!

  • Grz Colm18 days ago

    Great idea! 😁

  • Matthew Fromm19 days ago

    my entry below! thank you for the inspiration, this was an interesting little entry.

  • Margaret Brennan19 days ago

    GREAT story but I'll have to pass on the challenge. Family gathering for the holiday and time won't be on my side.

  • Sorry I missed this, been busy with nano so seem to have missed a lot of notifications -I am so sorry. Congratulations on Top Story. Really lovely read! I'll defiitely have a think about your challenge and see if I can come up with something 🤍

  • Donna Renee19 days ago

    Hahah such a fun challenge!! This was a great story too 😁

  • D. A. Ratliff19 days ago

    Such a fun challenge! My entry is attached. Thanks!

  • Daphsam19 days ago

    Great job!

  • Naveed19 days ago

    Bravo! Your hard work is paying off—keep it up, congratulations!

  • JBaz20 days ago

    Sounds delightful A start to the holiday Congratulations

  • Donna Fox (HKB)20 days ago

    Ooooooo! I've been jonesing for a new prompt or something to give me a break from what I'm currently working on!! This just might do the trick!! Love the idea RP!!

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