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You've Met Your "Matcha"!

by Ashley Terrell about a year ago in healthy

Say Hello To The New Green Tea ...

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I can honestly admit I haven't tried matcha tea yet. I became familiar with matcha tea when I worked in the hotel industry. Each day, I observed many rushed executives check-in needing a quick pick me up - they always asked if the hotel bistro offered matcha tea.

As soon as I begin understanding the differences between lattes, cappuccinos, frappucinos and drip coffees, here came a new trend!

To their disbelief, the hotel didn't offer matcha tea. Had I known what I know now when the rushy and highly irritated asked, I would've offer them green tea, as an alternative.

Especially considering matcha tea is part of the green tea family.

Matcha tea comes from the Camelia sinensis plant. In Japan, matcha tea meaning "powdered tea", was used for spiritual practices.

Let's take a look closer to discover the blessing of matcha tea!

Matcha tea is packed with antioxidants.

Whether you're in a rush or want to treat yourself after a long day, matcha tea is packed with antioxidants and EGCg that can rejuvenate you from a long day.

Our immune system is very precious to us during the COVID-19 pandemic, so taking a moment to enjoy a cup of matcha tea can protect your immunity against cell damage against excess sunlight, harmful chemicals and radiation.

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Matcha tea can help you burn calories!

Yes, you read that fact! As a green tea drinker, I can vouch for the properties green tea has to help burn calories and body fat!

The stone-ground tea leaves contain amino acids, like L-Theanine, which can burn body fat four times more than regular tea.

The trendy green tea contains five times more L-theanine than most black and green teas.

A study via American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found drinking matcha tea can increase burning calories by almost 40%.

According to Healthline, a review of 11 studies showed matcha tea can increase body fat by 11%.

Matcha tea can help with focus.

As a busy YouTuber, business owner and "pawrent", my schedule is pretty packed. Some office days are longer than others, while other business days I feel like I'm only concentrated on trying to finishing the day.

With matcha tea being considered a high quality tea. I researched can help improve focus and concentration. As regular green tea can help with focus and lack of concentration, adding matcha tea to your diet lifestyle can increase improvement.

A 2017 study in Food Research International showed participants who drank matcha tea noticed an increase in focus.

Another study showed consuming the stone ground tea can improve focus and other recognition elements.

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Matcha tea can prevent cardiovascular problems.

As stated previously, matcha tea contains more L-theanine than regular black and green teas. Discovering matcha tea can be impactful on your heart health is everything!

Polyphenols, antioxidants found in matcha tea, can help protect against heart disease and cancer.

Incorporating matcha tea to your smoothies or morning yogurt can help lower "LDL" bad cholesterol and blood pressure regulation.

A test tube study showed the EGCg in matcha tea can terminate prostate cancer cells.

Another test tube study showed EGCg prevents skin. lung and liver cancer.

Add matcha tea to your diet lifestyle!

Rather you add a few sprinkles of powdered tea in your sugar cookie recipe or add a few tablespoons to your smoothie (I like using kiwis, green apples, banana and Greek yogurt), there's many ways to add the super-food to boost your health.

Here's my tasty recommendation to get started!

Add it where it fits in your busy schedule and great on the go for work! Simply add water!

How do you add matcha tea to your diet lifestyle? What improvements have you seen?

Comment below!

Ashley Terrell
Ashley Terrell
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