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The founder movie review

Ray crock did not officially found McDonald’s.

By Rikki la rougePublished 5 months ago 3 min read

the founder movie was released in 2016. It started Michael Keaton as Ray Krock the founder of McDonald’s. However, Ray Krock didn’t really find anything he just found the McDonald’s thing. Meaning the restaurant ran by the McDonald brothers. The McDonald brothers gotten to show business before they got into the business of making food and finding the McDonald’s brand so initially, and truthfully, one can say that the McDonald’s brothers actually founded McDonald’s, only Ray Kroc is the one that took it to the international and national level of spotlight.

I love the founder movie, I have eaten McDonald’s all my life if I had to choose what I would eat be at Burger King or McDonald’s. I would go to McDonald’s every time. However, Burger King is cool, but I happen to like McDonald’s just a little bit more. It’s obvious it’s one of my favorite movies I mean I’ve seen it so many times it’s right up there with other movies I love that I’ve seen a lot of times example Selena and Goodfellas. You see McDonald’s makes comfort food and just like the food it makes and we buy the founder movie is comfort food as much as the movie can be.

Ray Kroc was nothing more than eight a milkshake machine salesman. He came across McDonald’s restaurant one day. Well he was hungry on the road. As he was passing the roadside stand, he couldn’t help but be intrigued by what he saw the way the roadside stand, the McDonald’s roadside stand was being ran, and the convenience of it all. As like it would have it, Ray Krock actually had a business appointment with the McDonald’s brothers, because they wanted a couple of shake machines, and what not for their new and innovated way of cooking food and producing the whole thing.

Of course Ray crock and the McDonald’s brothers went and became partners that’s a given. Now when Ray crock of initially ordered something to eat from the roadside stand, he couldn’t believe that a minute after ordering it it was already in his hands. That seen the follow there was awkwardness between the person serving him, explaining the way the their operation works, and what you do afterward. Ray Krock in that regard was like you know seem like you know he couldn’t quite understand what the person at the window was telling him. Actually, the person at the window thought I think thought it was kind of stupid having to explain the concept to him.

Ray Kroc and the McDonald’s brothers were partners for a little bit as I said but as time went on and success went to his head Ray crock wound up stealing McDonald’s from the McDonald’s brothers. A little bit of backstory on the McDonald’s brothers as I said they were brothers who start off in show business working for Paramount as truck drivers and what not whatever the studio needed they would be the runners for them. I saw a rest stop during my travels one time where they actually had a plaque dedicated to Ray crock which is fine however, now that I know what I know, there should also be a plaque dedicated to the McDonald’s brothers as well because it was initially their idea and conceptof the whole thing that would become a legendary fast food restaurant. I love the movie I love how long it is because it leaves no stone unturned and everything it is explained in great detail and if you want to pretty cool life story movie this is it the founder or at least a story of how a restaurant like McDonald’s went from humble beginnings to a massive fast food chain that has conquered the world over the end.

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