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Need To Lose Weight Fast For A Special Occasion?

by Be Inspired - Be Motivated 2 months ago in vegan / recipe / how to / healthy / cuisine
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Can the cabbage soup diet lose weight? Hear what the experts have to say

Can the cabbage soup diet lose weight? Hear what the experts have to say

The cabbage soup diet refers to a short-term weight loss method that consists of eating only cabbage soup and 1 to 2 other foods for 3 to 7 days and drinking only water, tea or coffee. The American fashion magazine "COSMOPOLITAN" pointed out that this diet can indeed help to lose weight quickly, but it is only short-term and has many disadvantages. Let's make a decision after understanding it together.

If you have just a little weight to lose, and want to take it off fast (say, so you can fit into those great pants for your cousin’s wedding), there are a number of diets that you can use. Most of these wouldn’t be recommended for long-term weight loss, as they substantially restrict your intake of some essential nutrients, so using them habitually may not be healthy. But if you’re normal diet is healthy, and you just want a quick boost to drop 8-10 pounds quickly, or to kick off a new diet with a bang, the Cabbage Soup Diet actually works.

Cabbage is a very common vegetable. Its approach is also strange! But, can you really make cabbage? For example, a bowl of cabbage soup that looks very simple, but it is very difficult to make delicious! Today, I will teach you how to make a delicious and simple cabbage soup. It can warm your stomach and eat, and it is very convenient and fast! Learn it!

For example, a fairly well-known soup or Bonn diet. The soup for weight loss is heavily embossed in the process and the main course is prepared from cabbage.

One of the great things about the soup diet is the main dish, and then there is a cabbage soup diet that you can eat in unlimited quantities. Even on the contrary, it believes that eating more, being more nervous, will reset the weight in the process. Therefore, this special diet is recommended for those who have a hard time resisting hunger.

Creamy Cabbage Soup

main ingredient

400 grams of Chinese cabbage


75 grams of milk

10g peanut oil

2 grams of salt

MSG 2 grams

5 grams green onions

Ginger 3 grams

Creamy Cabbage Soup

1. Tear the cabbage leaves by hand and wash them; wash the onion and ginger separately and cut them into pieces.

2. Put the wok on the fire, pour in the peanut oil and heat it up, add the minced green onion and ginger and saute until fragrant, add 300 ml of vegetarian soup, refined salt, monosodium glutamate and cabbage leaves, wait for the pot to boil, add milk, wait for the soup to boil, pour into the soup bowl Serve inside.

Calories in Cream of Cabbage Soup and Weight Loss

Calories: 17 kcal (100 g)

How to make cabbage soup delicious

Seemingly a simple home-cooked dish, if you want to make it simple and make full use of the materials in the kitchen, you can!

1. Cabbage Soup

The raw materials are: half a cabbage, salt (personal taste) monosodium glutamate to enhance the umami! A little horse oil

First, put oil in the pot, add cabbage and stir-fry when the oil is hot, add water and salt, simmer for about five minutes, add MSG to taste, pour sesame oil and sprinkle some green onions, and it's done.

Do you like to eat tomatoes? Tomatoes are said to have whitening effects. Babies who want to turn white, come here! I have prepared them for you

2. Tomato and Cabbage Soup

We need 2 tomatoes, 10 pieces of cabbage, and accessories: 2 shallots, some oil and salt, some water, 2 tsp tomato sauce, and a little sugar

First, wash the tomatoes and cut them into pieces, wash the cabbage and cut them into small pieces, and cut the shallots into sections for use; heat the oil in the wok, pour the tomatoes and stir-fry until they are rotten and juicy; pour the cabbage and stir-fry together until the water becomes soft; fall off Add onion, tomato sauce, pour in a little hot water and stir fry together; pour in hot water, cook together for half an hour, add salt and sugar to taste and serve.


This is a sweet and sour appetizer soup, which is very suitable for people with poor appetite.

3. Fan Cabbage Soup

We need 500g of cabbage, 100g of vermicelli, and 1500ml of pork bone soup. The necessary accessories are: the right amount of olive oil, the right amount of salt, and the right amount of chicken powder

How to make cabbage soup

We soaked the vermicelli, soaked the Chinese cabbage for 20 minutes, washed it, and shredded it. Then add the shredded cabbage to the pre-cooked pork bone broth. Cover the pot and cook on high heat for three minutes, then remove the cover, put in the vermicelli, pour in an appropriate amount of olive oil, add an appropriate amount of salt, add an appropriate amount of chicken powder, bring to a boil, and turn off the heat.


After the vermicelli is well soaked, you can add an appropriate amount of fish sauce to marinate it, so that it is not easy to break when cooking.

4. Stewed tofu with cabbage

We need to prepare materials: 400 grams of Chinese cabbage, 500 grams of tofu, 30 grams of onion and ginger, 50 grams of vegetable oil, 3 grams of salt, 5 grams of monosodium glutamate, 5 grams of green onions, 5 grams of ginger, and 2 grams of chicken essence (hint, if the number of food grams is Not sure, you can come according to your feeling, or buy a food scale, the baby who loses weight should know!)

First, we cut the cabbage and tofu into pieces, mince the ginger, and shred the green onions. Cut the tofu into small pieces and cook in a pot of boiling water. After that, wash the Chinese cabbage, cut it into sections, put it into the tofu block and cook it in the pot and pour it out; heat the pot, put an appropriate amount of oil, add the onion and ginger to fry until fragrant, add the cabbage and stir-fry for a while; put the pot on the high heat , add vegetable oil to heat, fry minced green onion and ginger until fragrant, add broth (400 grams), salt, tofu cubes and cabbage; stew until cabbage and tofu cubes are integrated, sprinkle with MSG and chicken essence.


1. Because the cabbage will emit water when it is cooked, do not put too much water;

2. If there is "chicken essence clear soup", it can be used instead of salt and chicken powder, and the taste is better.

How to make cabbage soup

How to make cabbage soup delicious? According to the above introduction, you can fully grasp it! Isn't it surprising how a simple vegetable can make so much deliciousness! As long as you follow the above aspects, you can also make a delicious and time-saving cabbage soup! Life is like cabbage, as long as you work hard, you will live a colorful life!

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