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Best Restaurants/Bars in London!

Here are some of my favourite restaurants/bars for a great time in London!

By Ruby DhalPublished about a year ago 5 min read
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Best Restaurants/Bars in London!
Photo by Nick Karvounis on Unsplash

Something important to know about me is that I love food. I love cooking it. I love eating it. I love planning my dates around what restaurants I’m going to go to. I love trying out new food and places and I just generally love living for food. And that’s why this week I decided to share some of my most favourite food places in London.

Let’s clarify that this post will be about tasty food in particular. I’m not focusing too much on ambience and whether it’s a lavish place. I’m going to talk more about how tasty the food is instead.

So, let’s get into it!


By Jakub Kapusnak on Unsplash

For my fellow Italian food lovers — this one is a gem! I absolutely love Vapiano. I usually go to the one that’s just off Oxford Street, so once you’re done with your shopping for the day, you just take a brisk 3-minute walk and voila; there you are!

The amazing thing about Vapiano is that your food is made in front of you. So, once you get there you get given a card which you can then use at each counter that you attend. There’s a separate section for Pizza, and one for Pasta and you get in line to put your order through and watch the experienced chefs cook your delicious a-la-carte pasta for you.

The amazing thing about this is that the food is not only fresh and piping hot but you can decide how much salt, pepper, chillies, garlic etc you want in your dish. There are a variety of pastas and sauces to choose from and the final product is amazing!

I will always go back to Vapiano because, frankly, it’s one of those restaurants that I just can’t get enough of.

Dim T

By Fernando Santos on Unsplash

For all my Asian Food lovers — this one is a treat!

If there’s anything I love apart from Italian, is some good Asian food. This is anything from Dim Sums, Dumplings and Noodles to fried rice and soup. You just can’t go wrong with the incredible flavours in Asian food. This love for noodles and dumplings may also stem from the fact that I, myself, come from a culture where dumplings are our signature dish. But, whatever the reason — Dim T in Victoria is one of my favourite Asian restaurants in London.

The noodles are amazing and their rice is warm, fluffy and super tasty. I’m not the kind of person who enjoys sweet curries (I’m more of a spicy, mouth-watering sauce girl), but their sweet and sour curry is scrumptious.

For anyone who wants a good view, along with some delicious food — this is the place for you!


By Dan Gold on Unsplash

I absolutely love this one!! Okay, I know that I said I’m not going to talk much about ambience and stick to the food, but this restaurant here excels in both the food and the ambience. Located in one of the hottest spots by Tower Bridge, this restaurant and bar overlooks a sun-dipped river thames, bustling with people, music and firepits and the tasted chicken strips and noodles I’ve had!

I stumbled upon this one accidentally as I was searching for a nice place to take my friend for his birthday, and when thank god that I did because the evening we spent here was beautiful. The food. The music. The outdoor seating area. Everything contributed to turning the night into an absolute success.

For me, I like to read the menu of a restaurant before I make the booking. As, although it may look beautiful and be situated in a great area — often the food sucks. And when I read the menu before-hand of Vicinity, I knew that this was the perfect place to spend an evening.

We had everything from the chicken tenders, mezze platter and chicken and pesto stone-baked pizza to the stir-fry noodles and crispy fries. And everything was delicious!

Buddha Bar

By Jakub Kapusnak on Unsplash

Okay, I went here for my birthday and I’ve heard a lot about this restaurant/bar so I was super excited — and it did not let me down!

Buddha Bar’s food is incredible. Everything is so scrumptious and delicious, full of flavour and genuinely makes you feel good about having spent an evening there. It may be a little pricey so I would reserve it for special occasions only i.e. a birthday, anniversary celebration etc. But the food is so good that you will not be disappointed at all!

Just like Vicinity, Buddha Bar is also one of those places where the ambience is as great as the food. And for me — both of those things are a must (but most of the time the food takes priority), and I can guarantee that Buddha Bar satisfies both of those criteria.

Of course, there are so many other restaurants/bars to choose from which I’d love to share with you all. But I would like to know what kind of restaurants you want to hear more about — for date nights, cost-efficient, girls-night-out, for occasions etc. Let me know in the comments!

I’d also love to know what you favourite restaurant/bar in London is. Maybe one that I haven’t gone to before?


Ruby x


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  • Shutty Gelinoabout a year ago

    So much good food

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