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Never Be Stressed Out Again

You know you can't escape stress stress is everywhere

By amarjeetsingh jandawarPublished about a year ago 5 min read
Never Stressed Out Again

Never Be Stressed Out Again

You know you can't escape stress stress is everywhere right but really it's about the tolerance of stress your reaction to stress today.

I'm going to take you in a completely different direction I normally talk about nutrition I talk about exercise I talk about sleeping but this is a completely different way of handling your stress you probably have heard of the adrenal glands right and cortisol which is a stress hormone and the flight or fight mechanism which is part of the autonomic nervous system as it releases adrenaline and those two hormones adapt the body to stress dates so they're going to increase your pulse rate they're going.

To actually shift your metabolism to more quick energy through sugar burning here you are you know long after the stress and your body is still in this stress State what do you do well there's some completely new information that you probably never heard in fact I just recently learned about this in school I studied about this hormone called oxytocin right and oxytocin has everything to do with pregnancy a mother bonding with the child lactation uterine contraction during pregnancy it's also involved in the sexual act but overall I thought it related only to reproduction.

In fact the Greek word for oxytocin comes from two different words which means Swift childbirth right so if you have enough oxytocin you can have a baby very A to B but I didn't know this and maybe because they haven't really discovered this until fairly recently but oxytocin is involved in some other things that can greatly counter your stress in fact it is the most important hormone in counteracting cortisol and the flight or flight mechanism in other words oxytocin modulates or regulates the HPA axis and I'm talking about where these stress hormones come from the hypothalamus pituitary to the adrenal and so oxytocin is a major hormone involved in regulating your mood specifically anxiety and stress.

You have a lot of problems right and you're worrying a lot it's also involved in Social biology now what is that well social biology has to do with uh social helping others and the welfare of others and they did this experiment on sheep where they had this baby lamb and they somehow removed the oxytocin from another sheep that wasn't the mother okay because the actual Mother wasn't around and there was no maternal bonding or helping from this mother sheep to the lamb until they injected into the cerebral spinal fluid some oxytocin and so this female sheep who's not the mother then started taking care of this lamb so I found that very very interesting now oxytocin also prevents the atrophy of the hippocampus now the hippocampus learned some of my other videos is all about involving the prevention of Alzheimer's and Dementia so it's involved in memory focused cognitive function ability to learn Etc and so we know that stress shrinks and causes the hippocampus to atrophy well oxytocin protects the hippocampus.

Which is why they sometimes use the oxytocin nasal spray in Alzheimer's patients and other patients that have anxiety and things like that which is quite interesting they basically found this relationship to when someone sprays oxytocin up into their sinuses Their Fear goes down and their trust for others goes up now if you think about what fear is it's the opposite of trust right like like you're not trusting anyone right you're backing away it's it's kind of a survival mechanism if you happen to see a snake you're not going to trust that the snake is not going to bite you right you're going through fear and run away from the snake so that will keep you alive so anytime fear goes up you know trust typically goes down and they found an oxytocin was involved in lowering fear and raising trust which is interesting so that's all really cool but now how do we trigger more oxytocin okay so check this out bonding with other people and pets very very therapeutic to spike oxytocin a lot of people will state that when they hang out with their pets or bond with other people their stress goes down considerably another thing they found to trigger oxytocin was volunteering which is interesting and that hormone goes up another thing that will trigger it is donating right donating to something interesting.

Another way to increase oxytocin would be sharing with another another one is storytelling actually increased not only oxytocin but it also decreased cortisol interesting and even hugging someone will increase your oxytocin so when you think about it what if all of these things have in common helping the welfare of another which is very interesting because personally I find that when I help people it's actually a therapy for me in fact your stress goes down you feel good about it um it's really difficult to have stress while you're helping someone and so this goes beyond just the diet and the exercise and all that it's something that you can do to increase oxytocin to help your own stress but go ahead and comment down below if you find that when you help people you feel better and you're less stressed now.

I'm not suggesting that you go up to every single neighbor and start hugging people but I am suggesting that just the awareness of all these other social things that you can do is something that can lower your stress and help another now that being said there are a couple nutritional factors that are also involved too because they found that vitamin C helps increase oxytocin this is why for example your adrenals have a very large supply of vitamin C magnesium is also involved in helping make oxytocin and so you need those two nutrients okay and then also you need to have cholesterol okay.

So cholesterol also is involved so if you are on a low cholesterol diet that could be a problem estrogen also increases the receptor for oxytocin so this could explain when a woman goes through menopause the anxiety goes up because the estrogen does go down and then estrogen is needed for oxytocin to work but anyway I think this is just fascinating information.

I've never known these other functions of oxytocin which relate to just really helping people that gives us another solution to staying stress-free now .

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Amarjeet Jandawar

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