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Mistletoe Magic

Where a Kiss Led to Forever

By Iftikhar AkramPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
Mistletoe Magic
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Part 1: A Blizzard of Missed Connections

Snow whirled like a sugar storm outside Olivia's comfortable book shop, each piece a little star sparkling against the dusk. Inside, the smell of gingerbread and pondered wine blended with the consoling fragrance of old paper, making a shelter against the December chill.

But despite the festive mood, Olivia couldn't get rid of the hopelessness that was troubling her. With all its twinkling lights and festive music, Christmas was a clear sign that she was unmarried.

Outside, a figure walked through the snowstorm, his collar pulled high, contrary to the natural flow. Ethan, a bluntly enchanting woodworker with eyes the shade of dissolved chocolate, reviled the tricky climate and his not-well-coordinated conveyance.

With one last protest, he pushed open the book shop entryway, the impact of warmth washing over him.

Their eyes met across the room: Olivia, roosted on a stepping stool, restocking racks, and Ethan, cleaned with snow and shock. There was a flash—an irrefutable draw—similar to two interconnected pieces seen as their home. In any case, before either could talk, a devilish smile spread across Olivia's collaborator's face.

"All things considered, look who the mistletoe got!" she howled, highlighting a twig hanging unstably above where Ethan stood.

A blush blossomed on Olivia's cheeks, yet Ethan, ever the charmer, just laughed. "It seems as though I owe you a kiss, Miss Book Shop magnificence."

So their lips met in the full focus of pixie lights and dusty books. From the beginning, the touch was hesitant and consisted of a mixture of cinnamon breath and snowflakes. But then everything seemed to fade away, leaving just the faint glow of his fingers on her cheek and the drunken rush of their connection.

The kiss finished all too early, spellbinding them and staggering them. That second, something moved. Olivia's dejection vanished, replaced with a glimmer of hope and the conviction that this might potentially be something other than the start of something incredible.

Their lips separated, abandoning a path of goosebumps and a dazed quiet, interspersed simply by the snapping fire. In that jolting second, the world was limited to only the glow of his palm on her cheek and the inebriated dance of their breaths.

Olivia felt the recognizable load of depression—a stormy shroud she'd worn for a really long time—start to get away. In its place, a delicate expectation blossomed, an inclination so new it felt practically ethereal.

Was this what they called enchantment? This feeling of remaining on the edge of something inconceivably splendid, of venturing into a sunlit clearing after a snowstorm seethed?

Ethan, similarly muddled, gazed at her, the profundities twirling with 1,000 implicit dreams. He saw a flash of dread fighting with a savage assurance, a weakness that attracted him like a moth drawn to a moth.

The mistletoe, presently neglected, had woven a spell they couldn't overlook—a quiet commitment murmured on the breath of winter air. The kiss, a simple brush of lips, had lit a flash. Presently, the two of them stood shuddering on the slope, contemplating whether they had thought for even a moment to allow it to turn into a consuming hellfire.

Olivia's feelings and adds profundity to Ethan's viewpoint, working towards the expectation of what's to come.)

It was an inexplicable, unsure, and obviously warm impulse, like stepping out into a bright clearing before a protracted, boring storm. It was the feeling of staying perched on the edge of something mysterious, something extraordinary, something that said "maybe" and "forever."

This is just the beginning, of course! Where will the mistletoe magic take Olivia and Ethan? Will they embrace their newfound connection, or will doubts and fears get in the way? Stay tuned for Chapter 2, where the sparks fly and the snow keeps falling, creating a Christmas love story for the ages.

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