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What Christmas means

By Tara FirmanPublished 4 months ago 4 min read

I am 49 years old, I live alone. My pets keep me company in a house my parents bought for us to live in God Bless them. They bought me this house after I got my divorce. I remember how Christmas was at home and through out the years living there. I had no worries, my parents took care of everything for me and my brother and sister.

I remember going shopping with my mom to pick out Christmas gifts for him and my brother and sister. Then I would go with my dad and do the same. I was always excited wondering if I picked out the right gift for everyone. Mom and I would be in the kitchen making cookies sometimes my brother and sister would help too.

We would get a Christmas tree and decorate it together. Christmas eve we would go to church which was from 11 Pm to 12 Am. We belonged to a Greek Orthodox church and it was really beautiful how it was done. We would sing and listen to the Pastor then we would walk inside and outside of the church holding lit candles.

We were so tired that most of the time me, my brother and sister would fall asleep waiting to get home. Then Christmas morning and we'd be up around 6 Am. Opening up all the Christmas gifts. I can always remember I'd be happy at whatever I got. I would always say, "Just what I always wanted" My dad would tease me because every year I'd say this, and I'd say, "Well it's true, I'm always happy with anything and everything I ever had gotten from you."

I believe in Santa Claus but I never wrote him letters of what I wanted. I figured he just automatically knew what I liked. I never stopped believing in Santa, even now and I'm 49 years old. Like I mentioned I live alone. I have seen those that have passed on. I guess you could say I'm a clairvoyant.

A few years ago I was going to bed and I saw a man that looked like Santa by the way this was close to Christmas. I yelled "Get out of here pervert." After saying this it dawned on me Oh my God it's Santa. It looked just like him. I love snow globes and that year I did get one. I felt so bad, I should have known better, but hey like I said I live alone.

So that song He Sees You when your sleeping well it's sort of true because I was awake. I just thought I'd share this story with all of you. Since I don't live with my parents I make sometimes Christmas cookies all alone.

Since then I buy cookies ALL year round and leave them out for guess who Santa Claus and of course my dad. When he comes over to cut the yard at 81 years of age he still grabs some. Or if he has a lunch break from working at Auto Zone he stops by to grab some.

I feel Christmas shouldn't only be celebrated at Christmas time it should be celebrated everyday. Everyday is a new day, it's a birthday which gives me more reasons to have cake every now and then.

I get to thinking of all the babies being born whether human or animals. Everyday even at Christmas time I think of Jesus Christ too. This is a personal opinion I don't know why we expect presents at Christmas time. It's not my birthday I was born March 18, 1974. It's Jesus's birthday, I recently started making him a birthday cake to celebrate his birthday coming into our world.

He has healed me so many times, and has been handling those that I don't get along with such as ex-husband. So that's what Christmas really means to me is Jesus Christ, family and friends. Even if I can't buy things at least we can spend time with each other.

Also and I felt it's important to put this on here. My mom was diagnosed with brain cancer. She had to have a Gamma Knife procedure two times. Every year she goes to Cleveland Clinic to check to see if the tumor has grown any.

I recently found out on Facebook from a video that they NOW have found a fighting cancer pill it's called AOH1996 Molecule. They say it can cure over 70 types of cancers. You can google it, a little girl named after Anna Olivia Healey (AOH), a young girl born in 1996 who tragically lost her battle with cancer, AOH1996 is a testament to the perseverance of scientists in their quest to find a breakthrough treatment for this relentless disease.

So if you know of anyone who has cancer have them ask their doctors about this new found cure drug.

Love Always,

Sister Tara Firman-Dahmer

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Tara Firman

Hi I love to cook & bake & take care of my pets. I also enjoy making hand made wire jewelry.

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  • Tara Firman (Author)4 months ago

    This is my very first story on here so please let me know what you think thank you for your time in reading what I wrote.

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