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The Phone Stopped Ringing

By Jay KantorPublished 2 months ago Updated 2 months ago 4 min read
Top Story - August 2023
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-They Just Didn't Know-

Out of respect for families that are "Victims Too"

So many families have lifetime memories of not being able to say our GoodByes. This bond between survivors that such tragedies build - I'm so sorry for your loss - Please reach out and show them that you care. Oftentimes the lack of human empathy is the cruelest behavior, and it never goes unnoticed. The focus of this 'Tell-Tale' is how one may be treated by family and friends after a horror that only compounds the tragedy for all the subsequent years.

This was written with assistance and blessings from fellow Author Professor Doc Sherwood and following a discussion with our Vocal Pastor Randy. So many have asked over the years, I would like to tell it now, please delete if you may find this to be offensive.

SHE ~ was supposed to meet me at the wedding of a client since she was the Supervising RN at the Dialysis Unit and needed to complete her shift. I kept calling home and the phone was constantly busy. Out of frustration a friend came with and we left the huge wedding venue and sped home.

I hopped-up our 27 Zig-Zag Brick Steps to see what was happening and why she wasn't at the wedding venue. As I ran into the door I heard barking-whimpering from Lola & Libby, our two Corgis, coming from the closed guest bathroom door just off of the entry; I opened it and they came running into me. I called out for Rita Louise with no answer, then went into the bedroom and she was lying there, supine-naked and white-cold like a china doll - couldn't believe my eyes - even the dogs stood back frightened of my screams.

My friend was following me in - I then instinctively covered Rita Louise up with the Pink Bathrobe lying next to her that I gave her for x-mas; a reaction to protect her modesty? The Police had a field-day as to WHY I did this. It even came out heavily in Keith Green's trial, the co-worker charged with her murder. Everyone knew he was constantly bugging her, including her patients. She always told me, "I'm a big-girl and I can handle him myself." It took the Detectives years to DNA test him, simply saying, Quote: "We really did drop the ball on this one." Especially after the attention of viewing an America Most Wanted reenactment T.V. episode of this dwindled down.

My friend dialed 911 Immediately. I was in so much shock he literally carried me out of there. Detectives took me 'Handcuffed' in their squad car to headquarters. After stripping me of my Groomsmen's Tuxedo and putting me into an orange paper jumpsuit they began relentless interrogations. My Attorney kept saying "JB, the Cops are not your friend, they are trying to trip-you-up, it's always the boyfriend or husband being the person of interest." After Failing (inconclusive) two Polygraphs and enduring days of grueling questioning, along with carrying out bags of 'evidence' from our home they said, "one more 'Fail' and I'm going to Jail."

Adding to this overwhelming frustration. As a 'person of interest' nothing was ever disclosed to me about the investigation – nothing – The Therapist said that I was a "Victim Too" and I vehemently denied it at the time.

After (2) trials (2) years of 'No-Bond' lockup and DNA match with claims of consensual sex Green pled and got a lighter sentence of 17 Years. After his sentence our Nephew went to the 'Impact Statement' podium and mocked how 'Consensual Sex' could be 'pled-to' after 41 stab wounds.

So unimaginable his family was tossing footballs in the corridor and giggling in the courthouse; amused by all of it? The Judge asked them to leave if they couldn't control themselves. But, knowing Rita Louise, she would have just punched them in the nose for such blatant disrespect! You can't imagine how I'd go to sleep every night wanting to blow his face off; still do!

After this was all publicized many relatives-friends said to me, verbatim, statements that I will never forget. Quote: "JB, I'm so glad to hear that you're not a murderer." Surely, they thought this to be a 'compliment' never knowing what to say. But it will never stop resonating with me - it Killed my Spirit.

Dear Virtual Family: Of course we all have been accused of something in which you may have not done in our lives from the smallest of issues - it can be devastating.

Sometimes it defies explanation and every effort to explain yourself only makes things worse. These life's episodes are best just left behind, since they may never be accepted for whatever reasons, this might be why so many tragic stories are left untold. Admittedly the intensely varied reactions that I've received from people knowing this has silenced me for years. This is so personal yet so universal among 'victims-too' all over the world. There are so many versions of their personal tragedies - I stand up for them as well -

— I Stand with Respect —

Jay Kantor, Chatsworth, California

'Senior' Vocal Author - Vocal Author Community -


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Jay Kantor

Retired: Write for "The Kids Someday"

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  • Paul Levinson6 days ago

    A sobering, powerful story. You should expand this into a book!

  • Hannah Moore2 months ago

    This must be just awful. Hopefully aspects of it less so over the years.

  • Congratulations on a Deserved Top Story💯💖🎉✨👍✨👌📝❤️😉Thanks for sharing🥹

  • I never knew.... and I apologize .... truly .... the life experiences and trauma you have endured and openly, bravely share with your virtual readers/friends/audience ... humbles me ... thank you ... I have always believed there are stories behind stories and though sometimes similar, even if only in small details, which is where we find our commonalities, all are unique to individual person and circumstance ... your story has given me an enlightened perspective of tragedy and those left in its' wake ...

  • Shanon Norman2 months ago

    I did read this story Jay. I hearted it. I didn't leave a comment because it hit too close to home for me. I did time for a crime that I did not feel in my heart of hearts was a crime. I did 8 months in jail for that and it ruined my life and my career. I lost everything, my home, my things, and yes like you say, my spirit. You are right with the moral of your story; However, it is very hard for those of us (victims too) to talk about it once we've survived it and we are trying to move on.

  • Nitu Gupta2 months ago

    Congratulation on top story 👏 Please share and support my story 🙏

  • Cathy holmes2 months ago

    Omg. I'm speechless. I am so sorry for all you've been through and have the upmost respect for you for sharing this incredible story. 🙏

  • Posted from my bff in San Francisco: "JB, As a lifelong friend, it was both difficult and painful to read about the events surrounding Rita Louise’s murder. Perhaps even more painful for me is the fact that you needed to keep this bottled up inside all these years. Clearly, you are a "Victim, Too.” Upon reflection, I’m also amazingly proud of you… and the fact that you mustered the courage to share with me (and others) the immeasurable pain and personal wounds you've carried all these years. Your story is amazing, and I truly believe an important and absolutely necessary phase of “healing” for many as it has finally begun for you…!!! Guy"

  • Kristen Balyeat2 months ago

    Jay- I am so sorry for your tragic loss, and for all you have endured. A nightmare I cannot even fathom. Thank you for your bravery in sharing your story with us! My heart aches for you, a tragedy so deeply ingrained in your mind, emotions, heart, soul. Sending a deep well of love and support your way! 💫💞

  • Lana V Lynx2 months ago

    This definitely deserved a Top Story, and I'm glad it made it.

  • Nina Yates2 months ago

    Your narrative doesn't offend me at all. Thank goodness Keith was eventually found. I cannot imagine going thru what you did. Intimate Partner Homicide ruins lives of the 3:5 who are innocent... It also shocks and confuses friends & family in outer orbits.

  • Margaret Brennan2 months ago

    I think for the first time in my life, I'm speechless. This was truly an amazing piece of writing. I am so looking forward to reading more of your work. You are, no doubt, an amazing writer.

  • Lamar Wiggins2 months ago

    Wow! JBud, I'm speechless. I'm so amazed at the outpouring of support from the community. Thank you for the bravery you've displayed here.Truly, Thank you...LBud

  • There are not enough sorries in the world for not only losing Rita but also for everything that followed. You are incredibly brave to relate this to us. I saw in a comment that doing so made you mad. That's fine. No one can judge you for your feelings because they didn't go through it, you did. I became incredibly upset for you when you spoke about the so-called compliment of "glad to find out you're not a murderer." And then the disrespect of Green's family, disgusting. They should have been thrown out of the courthouse. I am happy that you did have true friends and Richard on your side.

  • Whoaaaa, how dare they just arrest you like that? That's so crazy and absurd! I thank God that you were not falsely convicted. Poor Rita! May her soul RIP!

  • Mohammed Darasi2 months ago

    I hope you writing this can help someone out there who might be in a similar situations. It is sad, rediculous, and disheartening that this kind of thing still happens in this day and age. I'm not sure if it happens to the extent you experienced (at least that's my hope), but I'm sure people in similar situations, and their loved ones can benefit from reading what you wrote. Many people find kindred souls through writing and for me personally, it is always comforting whenever I find some piece of writing that reflects my own thoughts or experience. That's all I can say here really, and I do wish you all the best.

  • Dear Vocal Community - I will be brief; sure, if I ever could or can be. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for the sincere empathy. Yes, this was terribly hard to tell from a self described 'Goof-Writer' but with all of the random - senseless violence - of late leaving an aftermath of victims relatives in their wake, I felt a need to tell it for them, the 'Victims Too' in which Doc Sherwood and Mariann Carroll encouraged within their interview. Ms. Naomi said it may be "Cathartic" - Nah - I'm just mad! Many of the Organizations that follow me have emailed asking about "The Friend." My Lifetime-Friend asked to have this posted: *Richard is a Tenured College Professor - He was also the 'Pro Bono' Consultant to the T.V. Episode reenactment of 'America Most Wanted' "J Bro Your gift of writing a script shows itself well and I cried as I read it. I have cried with you all along. I shared that nightmare with you. I remember giving the cops hell over and over in your defense and who they needed to be looking for. I was so angry and just wanted to get my hands on him and made a promise to Rita Louise that night. I also remember, while testifying, trying to eat him alive in court wondering why the lawyers, prosecutor and judge just watched me, let me go at it, and never said anything until I got Green to actually shout out a response to me directly. People often say that everything happens for a reason and I relate that back, to sharing this ride with you then, as well as all this time since. I am so proud of your heart and soul. Because of this nightmare, I was blessed to be connected with you. I was with you then, have been all along and always will be. It’s not something that will ever leave either one of us. If everything does happen for a reason we too must have ours. The most important part of this lies deep within my heart, with your name on it like a tattoo I will never be without. With great understanding and desire for you to be wrapped warm in joy as well as the connection we will always share." R-Bro

  • Dana Crandell2 months ago

    J-Bud: I won't offer any words of consolation; there are none. I am glad you made the unimaginable effort to write this.

  • Naomi Gold2 months ago

    I am so sorry Jay. You’ve been through some things that most couldn’t survive, yet there’s no silver lining, is there? No reason this should’ve happened. I hope writing about it was somewhat cathartic.

  • Misty Rae2 months ago

    Wow, Jay, this is amazing! And so sad. It is true, sadly that people are often way too quick to believe the worst of others. Getting caught up in the drama etc without a thought given to what accusations do to the person. Of course you failed 2 polygraphs, good grief, the pain, shock, horror, grief, and stress of it hall had to have been ..well, I don't even have words to describe that

  • Tina D'Angelo2 months ago

    Jay, please tell your story to everyone. I'm so sorry. Nothing is more frustrating than being accused of something one has not done especially when your mind is in a deep fog of despair.

  • Mariann Carroll2 months ago

    This is very sad. and this kind of thing happen everyday. Some people are just plain evil. I just wish they don’t get away with it and the poor people who are accused of their crime that they committed. This is so disheartening 😞😔😢

  • Doc Sherwood2 months ago

    Really honoured to be mentioned, and it's so good to see this important work here on Vocal where it belongs. I admire you so much for sharing this, Jay.

  • Posted from Artist and lifelong friend - Terrilynn - Thank you for your bravery in the process of reliving this nightmare that will never fully leave you. I can appreciate the lifelong scarring that occurs when such a travesty is forced into one’s life. You’ve no doubt touched the tender threads that connect us all.

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