Paul Levinson

Paul Levinson's novels include The Silk Code (winner Locus Award, Best 1st Science Fiction Novel of 1999) & The Plot To Save Socrates. His nonfiction including Fake News in Real Context has been translated into 15 languages. 

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Review of 'Project Blue Book' 1.2
15 hours ago
Having just watched the second episode of Project Blue Book, 1.2, I've come to realize what at least a part of this series really is: A version of Roy Thinnes' The Invaders (1967 to 1968)—still, for m...
Review of 'Counterpart' 2.5
18 hours ago
An excellent Counterpart 2.5 on many fronts, but the one that most caught my attention and got me to sit straight up was Yanek's revelation to Howard Alpha that Yanek was the one who made our single w...
Review of 'Counterpart' 2.4
2 days ago
The best part of the excellent Counterpart 2.4, I thought, were the two Emilys. Actually, three Emilys, which is what made this hour different and so revealing. The third Emily is Emily as a little a ...
Review of 'Counterpart' 2.3
2 days ago
Another sharp episode of Counterpart, 2.3—actually, they've all been sharp this season, more clear and precise than last season, which works for me. Among the most instructive developments: Our Howard...
Review of 'Counterpart' 2.2
3 days ago
Counterpart 2.2 was a relative rarity: tight as a drum. It took place on the other side, and focused on their Emily aka Emily Prime. Her interactions with our Howard, held prisoner there, started off ...
Review of 'Project Blue Book' 1.1
4 days ago
Project Blue Book, the docudrama on the History Channel about Dr. Allen Hynek and his research into UFOs, couldn't have come at a better time. I mean, a better time for me. I read and reviewed Alec Ne...