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Missing angle

By Kuldeep RajawatPublished about a year ago 3 min read

Title: The Mystery of the Missing Angles

It was a typical day at St. Mary’s High School, but something strange was happening in the math department. The math teacher, Mr. Andrews, had been noticing that the angles on the protractor he used to teach his class were missing. At first, he thought he was just misplacing them, but it kept happening every day, and he couldn't explain it.

The students in Mr. Andrews' class had also started to notice that something was off. They noticed that the angles on the protractor they were using were inconsistent, and they were struggling to get accurate measurements for their assignments.

One of the students, a curious and mathematically gifted girl named Emily, decided to investigate the matter. She had always been fascinated by geometry, and she knew that something was amiss.

Emily went to Mr. Andrews after class and asked him about the missing angles. Mr. Andrews explained that he had been noticing the same thing, and he had no explanation for it.

Emily was determined to get to the bottom of this mystery. She started to ask around, talking to other math teachers and even the janitorial staff. She even went to the school principal to ask if anyone had reported any strange activity in the school.

Days passed, and Emily was no closer to solving the mystery. That was until she met a new student, a transfer from another school. The new student's name was Alex, and he was known for his love of puzzles and mysteries.

Emily approached Alex and asked if he had any ideas about the missing angles. Alex listened to her carefully and then said, "I think I might have an idea."

Alex explained that he had a theory that someone was stealing the angles. He said that someone was probably taking them to use in some kind of construction project, and that was why they were being taken from the school.

Emily was intrigued by Alex's theory and decided to investigate further. She knew that the school was undergoing some renovations, and there were construction workers on site every day. She thought that maybe they were the ones taking the angles.

Emily and Alex decided to investigate the construction site after school one day. They snuck in and looked around, but they didn't see anything out of the ordinary. However, as they were leaving, they noticed a worker who seemed to be acting suspiciously.

They followed the worker and saw him walking towards a truck. They saw that he had a bag with him, and when he got to the truck, he put the bag in the back.

Emily and Alex decided to take a closer look. They snuck up to the truck and looked inside. They saw that the bag contained a whole collection of protractors and rulers, including the ones with the missing angles.

Emily and Alex were shocked. They had found the thief. They decided to confront the worker, but before they could, they were caught by the foreman.

The foreman was furious that they had snuck onto the construction site, but when they explained what they had found, he listened. He recognized the worker they had seen, and he knew that he had been stealing tools and supplies from the site for weeks.

The foreman called the police, and the thief was arrested. Emily and Alex were praised for their detective work, and Mr. Andrews was grateful that they had solved the mystery of the missing angles.

From that day forward, Emily and Alex were known as the school's resident detectives. They continued to solve mysteries and puzzles around the school, and they were even featured in the local newspaper.

The mystery of the missing angles may have been solved, but Emily and Alex had discovered a new passion. They knew that they were destined to be detectives, and they were excited for all the mysteries that lay ahead.

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