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Soul Quest

by Jameel Patterson about a month ago in racial profiling / mafia / incarceration / guilty / capital punishment
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Path Ways to Heaven Or Hell

He wants to Floss, he wants to come up at any cost,

no matter the luv lost,

paid the cost to be a boss,

but its rougher at the top, you’ll wind up a target of viscious onslaughts,

this is what the hating brought,

the wages of sin is death, the hour glass of promises to a dying mother on her death bed are unkept,

what does it mean for a man to gain the whole world but his soul is left ,

on ya consciousness da devil krept,

feeling at the point of no returning back, once had visions of turning around the community, be became moor of a enemy to fellow blacks,

viscious ambitionz causing drug epidemics, got ya own neighborhood malfunctionin and the murder rate risen, good grief ! the streets make childhood friends beef

And cause the death of your best friend by ya own hands,

murdered ya own manz, cause of street politax, the violence turns yung brothas into Peter Pan

Never growing up and dying em before they become a man,

your soul is in quick sand,

loosing dust in the hour glasses, we aint got too many chances, this is it like Michael Jackson,

got misdirected in my quest to find my steps to heaven, visions of getting rich got me sinning on the Devils mission,

My soul is on fire got me wanting to burn in hell, you could mean well but the streets got mean spells

, and cold tales, devils are just fallen angels,

fallin off the path and gone astray, feel the ghetto rage, I reminisce on brothas who died before they even came of age,

and some grew up and str8 gone crazed,

fall victim to the ghetto fates, taken to never never land far away to forever be a slave,

and never see the streets agayne

consequences gambling in a game of sin,

but in the end the house winz,

redemption of a black man,

from living the life of a Tyrant,

gangstas tales of da elders had us fantasizing about being a gangsta since we was children,

not knowing what the way is, not minding ya parents, becoming criminal minded

will put your freedom in the hands of racist,

wind up incarcerated and soul searchin, still soul surviving from ya momas prayers in the after lifen,

living in darkess too long a make you blind to the lightin, fuck da movies in the streets I seen people transform into real gremlins,

lose ya mind to the madness,

In Street Wars, have you turn to the Darkside like Anikan,

Heroes transformed into villains, at the cost of winnin,

its like my Soul is a twin,

one is righteous,

one is str8 conivin,

like a pisces two fishes goin in different directions,

which one you choosin, succumb to the passion of smokeless fire burning up ya self consciousness,

Oh to young black and 16, up against the world and feeling like fuck eerybody,

feeding off negative energy

mutating into a Savage beast, unleash the devil inside of me

from feeding off vengeful thoughts on people that murdered dead homies,

but that aint the remedy to injury,

cause when ya come down off the high of negativity and ya spirits crumbling,

will you get mercy when its your time to be humbled in, could be a long walk on ya steps to judgment,

but an honest attempt at redemption a grant you Gods blessin,

no matter ya lifes past transgressions, learn from lifes lessons,

goin through the fire can make your Soul moor golden,

find the right direction, make the first stepin, and dont look back or turn into a pillar of Saltin, from listening to demons that saltin

a man must survive the misguidance of his adolescence to reach his true essence,

Legion !!!!! the haters are many, discover Gods deliverance, put down the weapons, use your handz for healin,

and guide the young ghetto children, build the village and dont destroy it,

anybody can be redeemed even Krist was tempted,

the ways of the world can distract us all from salvation,

turn the ghetto into a nation,

rise above D Evils for Elovation,

light as a feather, my soul can float away to heaven,

like bottles carrying a message.

racial profilingmafiaincarcerationguiltycapital punishment

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Jameel Patterson

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