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Observations On An Ancient Childhood

A Few Thoughts Of Life Changes And Developments

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished about a month ago 3 min read
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I do find it amusing and odd when certain things inspire me to write but I suppose that is just the way my mind works. This morning I went out to pick up my weekly deliverance of two pints of milk from McQueen's Dairies and that started me off for this story.

A while ago one of their representatives knockedon my door and asked if I was interested in milk deliveries in glass bottles. I said I would take a pint a week and it resulted in this story:

I remember as a kid, the milk tops being pecked open by birds to get the cream (at the time I think all milk was full fat), but in three years that has never happened here. I get one pint semi-skimmed and one pint full fat, but, as yet there have been no visits from birds, or cats, trying to get the cream.

The music I have shared is "Living In The Past" by Jethro Tull.

Other Observations From The Past

When I look back I sometimes think "How did we live like that?". I sometimes hear older people say "We had it hard, and it did us no harm, so it's ok for young people to go through the same hardships" a sentiment I totally disagree with. So much has been learned and improved and new generations should be able to benefit from that.

My uncle, auntie and cousin, and mum in front of our house

I was lucky in my childhood to have a loving mum and dad and sister, my brother (disowned) was something else, but we lived in a house that went back to Oliver Cromell and was originally a couple of derelict cottages and a shippon.

I was lucky enough to eventually have my own bedroom, but remember we had single glazing and there was ice on the windows in winter. I don't have that now, and feel for anyone who has to put up with that.

We lived the a fire when an oil-burning heater went up and burned out the whole of the upstairs. We stayed in the mansion across the road (once owned by George Formby) while our house was sorted out. No one was hurt.

We also had a few floods, due to the council blocking drainage and you can see what happened below. We got through that and I would not wish that on anyone. Floods and fires are something I hope no one has to go through.

My Dad In The House During A Flood

We had no central heating, but a few gas-fired heaters and electric storage heaters and fires. There were no dials to heat up the house.

My Dad with Kirsty and Juliet around 1985
Simba at the Front Door
Simba and Jasper in the Back Garden

My primary school was about three miles away, and I always went by bus until I learned to ride a bike and then I biked to school. I can probably count on one hand the number of times my parents took me to school.

The media implies that times are more dangerous for young people today, I don't think they are, but I believe that they have always been dangerous, it's just thanks to media coverage and the like we are more aware of it today.


This kicked off with a remembrance of birds pecking milk bottle tops to get at the cream, but looking back I hope that people have an easier time than I did, no ice on the windows in winter.

I never felt life was difficult as a child and for that I have my parents to thank, as well as the freedom to go out with friends and do a lot of things that I wanted.

I don't think that young people should have the difficulties that I might have had, and that is one of the ways we can make society better for all.

Thank you for reading and I hope I have stimulated your imagination and thoughts with this.

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarranabout a month ago

    That fire and flood are so scaryyyy. Simba and Jasper are so adorableeeee!

  • Shirley Belkabout a month ago

    I love the family photos!

  • Cathy holmesabout a month ago

    I remember when my Nan used to get milk delivered, and heat came from the old coal stove in the basement.

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