Skye Bothma

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Skye is an author and artist living the country dream in rural New Zealand. She's terminally single, and lives with her pet rabbit, Trixie. Follow her at: or visit her website:

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All Hail 'Lucifer' – The Best TV Show of Our Time
3 months ago
These days, with multiple networks overflowing with content, TV shows are a dime a dozen. Most are meh, some pretty good, but it’s rare to find one that is simply outstanding; Lucifer is one. On the s...
It Really Was You
4 months ago
It was easy to fall for you, and I was one of many swept away by your charm, your good looks, the high-powered-business-exec-with-expensive-sports-car lifestyle. But, for me it was so much more. It wa...
7 months ago
Strange things, buses... Boxes on wheels with people randomly entering and exiting. I can be in a crowd and be totally alone. I sit at my window seat staring out onto the city passing by. Moving, yet ...
At Least It's Not Cancer
7 months ago
“At least it’s not cancer,” they say, as if that’s meant to make me feel better. As if cancer is the worst thing that could happen to you, as if there are no other conditions as bad as cancer. From my...
On Becoming a Writer
7 months ago
Why do I want to write? To be honest, at this point in my life I don’t actually want to write. It’s too much like hard work. In my teens, writing was easy. It was my release, my way of working through...
The Well
a year ago
The day you left me, a giant hole formed in my heart, a bottomless pit of despair. Yet the people around me saw nothing. And how could I tell them? They could not understand. They expected me to be li...