Samantha Bentley

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Born and Bred Londoner, Mother to baby Roman and my two pooches, Plant Eater, Yoga and Aerial Teacher + Learner, Music Maker... was once in Game Of Thrones, was once a Penthouse Pet, used to win awards for getting naked.

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10 Signs Your Relationship Is Doomed
8 months ago
You know that feeling, something isn’t quite right. You try, but you just don’t feel the same as you did before… Is it the honeymoon phase ending? Or is your relationship doomed? Try not to be too sad...
Pregnancy Sex: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
8 months ago
One of my main concerns about being pregnant was that I wouldn’t want to have sex, that my partner wouldn’t find me attractive anymore, and that I wouldn’t feel attractive in myself. I was worried tha...
How to Use Yoga to Heal Injuries
8 months ago
Yoga is a huge part of my life and has been for going on eight years now, before I did my teacher training I would take every kind of yoga imaginable. It is a common misconception that yoga is only fo...
My Vegan Pregnancy
8 months ago
One of the first things every expectant mother encounters upon announcing she is pregnant is not the symptoms, the sickness, the tiredness, the emotional highs and lows, the overwhelming feeling of ch...
Signs of a Mentally Abusive Relationship
9 months ago
Mental abuse is often hard to spot, unlike the glaringly obvious marks and scars left by physical abuse. The mental trauma hides deep below the surface, often unseen—sometimes even by the person in th...
Misha Cross - Getting Dirty, Directing, and Deportation
9 months ago
I first met Misha Cross in April 2014. I had recently returned from states and was shooting in Prague, and there she was: Chipped blue nail varnish, messy hair and a Marilyn Manson shirt. This girl wa...