Rob Gordon

Spends most of his time working on his car and fixing things up around the house.

Best Car Seat Covers You Can Buy Right Now
a day ago
Whether you have kids or pets, you're probably familiar with extravagant messes. Whenever I go for a long road trip with my family, my kids will often leave behind cookie crumbs, half-eaten crackers, ...
Best Tactical Belts That Keep You from Losing Your Stuff
7 days ago
Belts are important for most situations. I need a belt just to keep my pants from falling down, let alone for when I'm on a rescue mission or in the field. Belts are important for most service members...
Best Soccer Goalkeeping Gear in 2018
9 days ago
In order to be a successful goalkeeper, one has to be quick, reflexive, and methodical. They also have to be protected and comfortable. Everything from choosing the right gloves to various pants and p...
Best Wireless Chargers for iPhones and Androids
10 days ago
Despite the luxuries of having a smartphone, one downfall we all face is the duration of the battery. Wired phone chargers can be expensive and easy to lose. Now with wireless chargers, charging your ...
Best Tactical Headlamps to Try
13 days ago
Tactical headlamps are a necessity for any service member so you can shine a light hands free, since you never know when you could be in a life-threatening situation. Fit with various LED lights, tact...
The Sideclick Remote Attachment Will Change the Way You Stream TV
15 days ago
How many times have you lost your tiny remote for your Apple TV, Roku, or Amazon Fire TV? In addition to your streaming device, there's also your remote for the sound bar and the television itself. I ...