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Husband. Father. Gamer. Cinema Lover. Mix it all together, and there I am. I love all things pop-culture and coffee; but coffee is the best.

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6 MMA Fighters Who Are Just As Nerdy As You
7 months ago
Not often do we hear about a crossover between mixed martial mrts and nerd culture, yet recently it's become more common for people in any of the common fandoms like #popculture, #anime, #gaming or ev...
Ridley Scott Is Preparing for a New Sci-Fi Saga Partnership with Disney
10 months ago
Growing up I often had my nose buried in any number of fantasy novels, from the Lord of the Rings to Percy Jackson, from Harry Potter to Maze Runner. Each story was a new adventure and having the inte...
7 Star Wars Plot Holes Finally Explained
a year ago
Star Wars has become the largest generational film franchise, with sets of films bringing in audiences since the late '70s with the original trilogy starring Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, and Mark Ham...
How the Fox/Disney $50 Billion Merger Will Impact the Entertainment Industry
a year ago
Although it has been rumored for some time, the official announcement came in mid December that Disney would acquire a majority of 21st Century Fox for an astounding $52.4 billion. This anticipated me...
Creator Quick-Fire Challenge: Accepted
a year ago
Considering that there is officially 1 day left in 2015 (at least where I am), the year is basically a wrap, and thanks to my friend Samuel we have a year-end wrap-up for 2015. Here are the quick-fire...
These Digital Paintings of Marvel and DC Characters Are Incredible
a year ago
I've always been a fan of a good graphic artist who can capture the essence of whatever they are recreating or bring to life something fresh and new. I consider myself a newbie when it comes to skill ...