Martina R. Gallegos

Ms. Gallegos came from Mexico as a teen; she went to university, and got her teaching credential.She graduated with her M.A. June 2015 after a severe stroke. Works have appeared in Silver Birch Press, Lummox,

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The Nobody Who Became a Writer
8 days ago
My school experience as a child was the pits and not from peaches. My ‘wealthy’ cousins began the tumultuous experience, and the drunk, insensitive, and completely obscene ‘teacher’ perpetuated it, an...
17 days ago
Nobody chooses to be sad or suffer from depression; many times it is situational depression caused by current, traumatic events or family dysfunction. Chronic depression comes and goes but can be just...
Dreams In a Restroom
a month ago
There are youth who are naturally timid and introverted, and there are youth who are outgoing and extroverted, but either type can be destroyed by blatant bullying. Now, if the blatant and vicious bul...
The Meaning of Books
a month ago
Teacher: OK, class, today we'll talk about books! There's total silence; nobody even blinks. Still nothing; I expected something like: Books? That's silly? They're just things we read! Teacher: We'll ...
Nature Nurtured
2 months ago
I knew I'd become a mother as soon as I became a mother; it was an instant success! I never thought I'd ever be a mother, and now I was and am and lived to enjoy every bit of it. At least it was completely true from childbirth to pre-teen years. I remember when she first turned over in her crib with a thunderous and frightening thump! I ran to the bedroom expecting the worst, but she was just babbling away. Mom's heart jumped back in its place. Then came time to wean her from breastfeeding, and ...
The Girl and Her Pets
2 months ago
Shortly after we moved into our long awaited new home, my daughter started asking for a pet, so I thought we'd get a parakeet or two; it turns out, she didn't want birds or dogs; she wanted a kitten. ...