Martina R. Gallegos

Ms. Gallegos came from Mexico as a teen; she went to university, and got her teaching credential.She graduated with her M.A. June 2015 after a severe stroke. Works have appeared in Silver Birch Press, Lummox,

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I’m in No Mood to Hunt
5 months ago
#My Worst Date Ever: I’d never been on a serious date before; I’d been asked on dates by "little boys," but I never had decent clothes or shoes to wear, and even though I was embarrassed to explain wh...
Some Secrets Revealed
5 months ago
I can’t claim to know what life after a stroke or brain injury is like because I do know it is different for everyone. What I do know for sure is that it changes the person you once were; some things ...
To Protect and to Serve
7 months ago
Proof Number One: My brother is driving home from work, and he stops at a red light and waits for the green arrow before he turns left; when the light turns green he proceeds to make his turn. He sudd...
The Nobody Who Became a Writer
7 months ago
My school experience as a child was the pits and not from peaches. My ‘wealthy’ cousins began the tumultuous experience, and the drunk, insensitive, and completely obscene ‘teacher’ perpetuated it, an...
8 months ago
Nobody chooses to be sad or suffer from depression; many times it is situational depression caused by current, traumatic events or family dysfunction. Chronic depression comes and goes but can be just...
Dreams In a Restroom
8 months ago
There are youth who are naturally timid and introverted, and there are youth who are outgoing and extroverted, but either type can be destroyed by blatant bullying. Now, if the blatant and vicious bul...