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I’m in No Mood to Hunt

The machete didn’t impress me either.

By Martina R. GallegosPublished 6 years ago 3 min read
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#My Worst Date Ever: I’d never been on a serious date before; I’d been asked on dates by "little boys," but I never had decent clothes or shoes to wear, and even though I was embarrassed to explain why, I’d always find an excuse not to accept the date.

One day, some female friends invited me to a dance at a nearby town, and I felt comfortable with them and accepted; these friends went dancing every weekend and had a few other friends they usually hung around and danced with.

When we got to the dance place, their male friends were already waiting for us, and I was introduced to two brothers. One of them, the older one, immediately asked me to dance with him, but I was hoping to dance with his younger brother; however, one of my friends was already dancing with him, so I accepted the invitation from his brother.

After a few weekend dances, "Carlos" and I became friends, and he wanted to visit me at home, but I still wasn’t sure I could trust him.

I talked it over with my friends, and we decided to have a party at one of my friends’ house since she was the one who’d known all the guys for a long time, and one of them was her boyfriend, but I didn’t like the way he treated her, and he also drank too much and drove.

I made it clear to my female friends that I neither drank nor smoked and didn’t like people asking or offering me to do either; they told me it wouldn’t be a problem, so I accepted to attend the party.

One of my friends picked me up from home before the guys had arrived at the party, so I had a chance to relax before seeing Carlos in my town. The girls had prepared some Mexican food, appetizers, fruit salad, cake, agua fresca, or homemade drinks, and cake. When the guys arrived, they brought chips, meat for barbecue, and different kinds of beer, and that made me very nervous.

I was stressing out unnecessarily because the guys first mingled with each other before getting the grill and music going. Once food and music were ready, we all sat around together, and I enjoyed my jamaica (hibiscus tea) and horchata (rice, milk, and sugar drink) while everyone else enjoyed their beer. The guys chose to work the grill, and the girls enjoyed time socializing in peace for a while. Some of us danced a bit as the BBQ cooked, and then we ate, talked, danced, and planned our next gathering, but Carlos wanted to visit me at home, so we agreed he’d give me a ride at the end of our party.

The ride home was uneventful and quiet, but he asked to come in to say hello to my siblings, and I think that was the best idea he’d had; my brothers joked with him for a while, then we agreed to go on a date over the weekend, and he left.

Since he showed up a bit early to our date, we went to the backyard to look at the rabbits, chickens, and turkey; he was immediately impressed with the animals, but then he took something out of his pocket, and it was a gun; I think I freaked out and told him to get rid of it. I can’t recall what he did with it, but I then noticed his neck was very dirty; he obviously drove to my place straight from work, but I felt disgusted. I asked him to leave because he’d scared the heck out of me. He assured me the gun was not loaded, but I wasn’t going to check.

Our last date was the date from hell; he showed up nice and clean and invited me to go for a walk around the neighborhood, and that was just fine with me because I enjoyed going for walks.

Before I knew it, he’d taken a machete out of his backpack, and I started walking back home, very fast. He caught up to me and apologized and told me he just wanted to cut some white flowers from the trees along the sidewalk, but I wasn’t buying into it; he then explained the flowers were edible and very popular in his country, and he wanted a handful for dinner; I told him if he cut one flower or didn’t put the machete away, I’d go home and call the police. He immediately put the machete away, we walked home, said goodbye, and never saw him again.


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Martina R. Gallegos

Ms. Gallegos came from Mexico as a teen; she went to university, and got her teaching credential.She graduated with her M.A. June 2015 after a severe stroke. Works have appeared in Silver Birch Press, Lummox,

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    Martina R. GallegosWritten by Martina R. Gallegos

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