Marissa Hall

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Things that Men Think Are Chivalrous
9 days ago
I do not mind the idea of chivalry. However, I do think society has put such an emphasis on men being chivalrous that it has lost its value and can be annoying. Most of the time men do not realize the...
Float Therapy
11 days ago
I heard a testimonial from a college student who had been on 13 different medications for anxiety, depression, and pain. She dropped out of college because she felt the pressure to thrive and become s...
Addressing Mental Health
11 days ago
There have been too many mass shooting in the year of 2019. That's not even counting the ones that were on the news for weeks: Sandy Hook, Columbine, etc. So where does society go from here? The mass ...
Narcan Saves Lives
23 days ago
There a lot of issues that are stigmatized in society, whether it be mental illness, drugs, or other various health issues. That is just to name a few and I am sure there are tons more. So, why did so...
Youth Sports
a month ago
I was naturally an athletic kid and I wanted to try many different sports. When I was younger I played softball, soccer, gymnastics, horse back riding, and eventually I settled on volleyball. Many peo...
Friday Night Lights
a month ago
Please note this article contains some "sensitive" information. This is just my opinion. All I did this weekend was binge watch TV shows and clean my apartment. I did not leave the comfort of my apart...