Jake Pine

A former Division-1 QB and alt-country enthusiast

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Biggest Upsets in World Cup History
11 days ago
The World Cup has long been known to have twists and turns in every match. With each tournament, it's never easy to figure out what will happen next. Though unpredictability is the name of the game, t...
Best American Porters to Try This Winter
a month ago
Porters are a delicious style of dark beer made from brown malt and, while there is no strict definition, they usually feature chocolate and coffee flavors, dark fruit, and roasted barely. With the ex...
When Should I Introduce My Kids to My New Significant Other?
a month ago
Dating can be hard enough, but adding kids into the mix can make it feel like a minefield. Oftentimes, you might be setting yourself up for a dating disaster. Your kids are the most important thing in...
Best Portable Hi-Fi Music Players
a month ago
If you're a true audiophile who isn't satisfied with whatever is coming out of your new iPhone X, but instead want a richer audio experience, you might be in the market for a portable hi-fi music play...
Greatest Murder Mystery Movies Ever Made
a month ago
Who doesn't like a good whodunit? Somebody has been murdered, the stakes couldn't be any higher, and perhaps that's why murder mystery movies have been fascinating audiences since the inception of fil...
How to Make Moon Rocks
a month ago
If you don't already know, moon rocks are one of the strongest forms of cannabis on planet Earth. Most folks familiar with the world of cannabis culture have probably at some point heard about the inf...