Jake Pine

A former Division-1 QB and alt-country enthusiast

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Best Alternate Art of Comic Book Characters
7 days ago
Our favorite comic book characters are originally drawings after all, so it's no wonder they have gone through many different iterations. However, many folks out there don't know this, and they might ...
Interview Questions You Need to Stop Asking Job Candidates
9 days ago
Job interviews can be stressful for all parties, and more often than you might think the interviewer, not the job candidate, derails the interview. This is usually done through poor, unrelated, or imp...
Bloodiest Gore Movies of All Time
10 days ago
The movie going public loves carnage, don't even try to argue it, it's a fact at this point. Buckets of blood and severed limbs are mandatory for certain sects of movie lovers. ABC news studied it, an...
The Greatest Pickup Trucks of All Time
11 days ago
Pickup trucks are as American as eagles, beer, and apple pie. They are featured in plenty of country songs, and are must haves at any NASCAR tailgate party. You can't get any better a vehicle for a co...
The Worst Defeats in US Military History
13 days ago
In America, the military is a major point of pride, and we almost always come away winners in military conflicts. One of our biggest military traditions is victory. But, things happen. Poor decisions ...
How to Become an Army Recruiter
19 days ago
Army recruiters play a vital role in the grand scheme of protecting our country. These highly motivated men and women offer support and guidance to those civilians who are interested in enlisting. The...