George Herman

Call me a nerd, that’s what I am: Star Wars fanatic, Grand Theft Auto champion, comic book connoisseur, and a long-time lyricist. So, call me a nerd, but that’s not all I am!

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Most Affordable but Quality 4K TVs You Can Buy
4 days ago
Why would you want to spend $1000 or more on a 4K TV when you simply don't have to? There's a myriad of quality TVs out there just waiting to be scooped up; the only issue is if it's the right one for...
Science Fiction Novels That Have Predicted the Future
4 days ago
Albert Einstein stated that time travel could never be possible for humans, but these following authors looked past this very notion and went beyond their times to a place more realistic than that of ...
Best Subwoofer Amplifiers for Your Car in 2018
6 days ago
The following subwoofer amplifiers for your car ensure the difference can be heard from all angles and in all ways imaginable. You might be asking yourself, do I need an amplifier for my car? Of cours...
Greatest Video Game Consoles of All Time
11 days ago
In the past thirty years, many immersive, entertaining console platforms have been released, showcasing a remarkable period in technology and gaming. Especially after exploring the many years of desig...
Best Military Tactical Vests in 2018 & Their Many Uses
16 days ago
If you're serious about the military, or just love the practicality of heavy duty tactical vests, you'll be wanting the best. While there may not be one singular item that checks all the boxes, there'...
Best PlayStation 4 Shooter Games to Play
a month ago
Blasting their way to the top wasn't an easy task, but these gaming titles make it look easy, and almost enjoyable. Sporting all-new amazing weaponry, and often allowing for some of the craziest in-ga...