George Herman

Call me a nerd, that’s what I am: Star Wars fanatic, Grand Theft Auto champion, comic book connoisseur, and a long-time lyricist. So, call me a nerd, but that’s not all I am!

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Worst Superhero Video Games Ever Made
9 days ago
The all-too familiar genre of movie tie-ins never make it big on the market. Plus, in all likelihood, it's safe to say that the developers behind these god awful superhero video games weren't even try...
Best Gifts for Your Gamer Boyfriend
16 days ago
It's not easy picking out gifts for your gamer boyfriend, even if you're a gamer yourself. They're expensive, tend to last a short while before being ignored, and often just take up space on your ener...
Best Video Game Catchphrases of All Time
19 days ago
Who can forget their most cherished memories from beloved games of old, like the catchphrase-filled Legend of Zelda and Pokémon, or even the likes of say Duke Nukem and Gears of War? Some of the great...
Creative Ways We Are Using Augmented Reality in Marketing and Advertising
a month ago
Virtual reality is a truly revolutionizing concept, but who wants to be cooped up in a bulky and uncomfortable headpiece that tends to boast relatively sub-par graphics? Well, some of us do of course....
Coolest Superhero Gadgets Used in Movies
a month ago
We've seen some truly memorable superheroes over the past few years, what with the Dark Knight series, which started with Batman Begins, the X-Men series, and who could forget the now astoundingly hug...
Popular Video Game Characters with Celebrity Voice Actors
a month ago
Voice acting has long been a gateway for actors and actresses to broaden their talents in many ways than in a live-action setting, or it has been used to test their skills for far better horizons. Cer...