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Video Games That Mock You for Cheating

In the attempt to destroy that one damn near invincible boss or level, you may want to rethink using any glitches or codes when playing one of these video games that mock you for cheating.

By George HermanPublished 6 years ago 8 min read

Unbeknownst to us lowly gamers, the developers of many of the most celebrated classics have stashed abundant, yet still rarely seen "easter eggs" into their virtual worlds. Easter eggs are simply wise cracks layered into the software of the video game. They can be represented in various forms, like pop culture references. There's high chance that if you've run across one, you may not have even noticed. Some of the overall most memorable easter eggs come from respected franchises, like Call of Duty,BioShock, Grand Theft Auto, The Legend of Zelda, Hitman, Fallout, and more.

But what about specifically when cheating? That's not so much of a tough question as you might think, with at least some of those previously mentioned franchises present, in addition to nostalgic hits from before the online multiplayer game came around. These following titles are especially of note if not for their hilarity and ingenuity, but also for the sheer fact that the game developers not only took the time in coding the cheats, but also the consequences of using them as well. "Mock" doesn't even begin to describe the sheer agony players must endure when playing these few video games that mock you for cheating.

The Legend of Zelda is one of the biggest video game franchises of all time, and its most recent entry, Breath of the Wild, was one of the best Nintendo Switch games of 2017. The story of Link and his many varied quests have stolen hearts and opened minds for many, except cheaters. These games are known for their difficulty and often steer players into making touch decisions, like dropping 1,000 rupees on either a sweet new bow or armor.

If you remember Link's Awakening, a Game Boy classic released in 1993, you'll also remember it as one of the video games that mock you for cheating. One shopkeeper in the game could be tricked into looking the other way, but if you ever return, you'll be zapped into oblivion. Plus, you'll often hear others calling you thief throughout your travels, so it's better just to pony up for those new weapons.

Like Zelda, Grand Theft Auto has also been a well-known franchise for crafting video games that mock you for cheating, especially GTA V. While this doesn't necessarily involve cheat codes, like prior iterations, it deals more with the online multiplayer game under the title, called Grand Theft Auto Online.

Similar to single player mode, practically any reckless abandonment imaginable can be caused throughout the city of Los Santos, except abandoning the rules of the system. If you're caught hacking the game, or utilizing any number of unfair advantages scattered throughout the immersive setting, you can expect to be tossed immediately into a lobby of similarly situated scoundrels. There are many reasons why it's one of the best PlayStation 4 shooter games to play, and this is only one of them.

There's a few instances in The Witcher 3 that make it a well-known addition among video games that mock you for cheating. One case involves the two sorceresses, Triss and Yennefer, who are the only two characters the player can have a long lasting relationship with. Try to woo both of them at the same time and you end up tied to a bed by the both of them without any sexual fun whatsoever.

The second instance that makes The Witcher 3 a cheater's nightmare is cow killing. Some players thought it would be cool to kill a few cows in the stables, then meditate to bring them back, only a 1.05 update to the game added the "Bovine Defense Force Initiative," in which a massive monster named Chort will appear to annihilate new players attempting to cheat the system. We don't think there will ever be another game like The Witcher 3.

This Nintendo 64 classic is probably among the earliest renditions of video games that mock you for cheating—and boy, did this game certainly prove that cheating is simply of no help to the player. At an early point in the game, players are welcome to a sandcastle that requires you to drain all of the water before entering. Once inside Treasure Trove Cove, you meet Cheato and Bottles, who have "illegal" codes.

While the first few times you may only get a warning, using these cheat codes to surpass and unlock certain levels far too often will result in a penalty. This penalty comes in the form of Grunty's Code Vengeance, which erases your game pack. The effect doesn't kick in until you either save, die, or turn off the console, but starting from the very beginning is no player's wish—even for the cheaters.

This title among video games that mock you for cheating isn't necessarily for the players, as it is for the programmers who attempt to copy and modify the game for several purposes. After a pirating attempt, Batman: Arkham Asylum will thereafter be unable to work with gliding disabled.

It appears the developers on Arkham Asylum didn't want their game to be played for free, so this little secret function basically disallows programmers to copy the game. I mean, what would Batman be if not for his gliding, and the game itself has been an accolade hoarder for such awed mechanics, so instead of cheating the system itself, I suggest buying this game if you intend on gliding through the story with ease.

With an extremely eerie and dark story behind the legend of Slenderman, it may come as no surprise that the super scary video game adaption is full of its own many ominous takeaways. For cheaters, though, the fear and intensity is even amped up, as survival gamers know all so well of utilizing out of bounds zones, cheats, or even in-game bugs to survive without following the rules.

In Slender: The Arrival, such types of players are dealt with in extreme ways. A text box appears as the player's character suddenly falls through space, and reads: "Not even a bug will save you from me." After the screen begins flickering, none other than Slenderman himself appears to scare the death out of you in one of the most terrifying video games that mock you for cheating.

With a massive fan base and an incredible game to boot, The Sims has come a long way in its 18 strong years of life. As the title itself may reveal, the game is simply a simulation as it were of life. You play as a "sim" of your own creation, who must do odd job tasks around town, meet new people along the way, and grow in wealth as the days pass on.

The game may be intended as such, but its slow, snail-like pacing can just drag on an on. Fill this void with the more hilarious, if not utterly demented activities of killing off sims in heinous fashion. Whether by drowning, spontaneous combustion, or (an option only available in Sims 2) "Death by Satellite," following the death of the very last Sim available, a short message appears accompanied by Grim, who aimlessly wanders about the house and town without the player's control. You'll have to shut down the game manually if you expect to ever play one of the most hilarious video games that mocks you for cheating.

A majority of you may never have heard of Postal 2, even though it's one of the most violent virtual sandboxes ever designed. Unlike other video games that mock you for cheating, Postal 2 takes it a little too far, as can be expected from such a ruthless game to begin with.

The great thing about Postal 2 is they keep you optimistic the whole time, and even the cheats are laugh riots in themselves. Once typing any number of different cheat codes into the system, not only will the protagonist immediately call you a "sissy," a message from the Postal 2 creators also appears: "Cheats are enabled. Hope you're happy." It only escalates after you've quick saved a number of times, which causes the Postal Dude to burst out, "My grandmother could beat the game if she saved as much as you do!" I mean, at least you're not meddling with the laws of virtual reality by resetting the game...

On par with the likes of Banjo-Kazooie and Legend of Zelda as one of the most memorable video games that mock you for cheating is Animal Crossing. As old as Animal Cross may be, it still holds claim over the most aggravating easter egg mockery that, in all honesty, may have you never use using a cheat code again.

The game was basically a mock up of real life, in which the character preforms often mundane tasks and chores in a town full of animal beings. Like in almost any other game from history, if things didn't turn out the way you wanted them to, hit the old reset button—it's like rewinding time! Except when you're playing Animal Crossing, of course. The arrival of Resetti the mole is no good news, as the little animal goes off on a tangent filled with questions you must be answer correctly, or else he starts his rant from the very beginning. Heed his words with extreme caution:

"There is no reset button on life! Make sure to save before turning off the game!"

While the title may only be somewhat familiar, Guild Wars still stands as among the most influential MMOs of all time. True fans and players of the World of Warcraft look alike may also remember Dhuum, a hulking, yet hideous Grim Reaper look alike. Players who ever got to see him or knew of his existence were totally fine without ever seeing him again.

For the cheating hackers working the system on Guild Wars, Dhuum arrival (as the name suggests) spelled only agony and gutless embarrassment. Slicing the cheater's body in half with a scythe just wasn't enough for these developers; they had to make your official Guild Wars banning a server-wide moment. That's what you get when you mess with the video games that mock you for cheating!


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