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Most Affordable but Quality 4K TVs You Can Buy

At unbelievable prices and manufactured standard with all your most prized streaming features, these affordable but quality 4K TVs will leave you awed by both their displays and their price tags.

By George HermanPublished 6 years ago 6 min read

Why would you want to spend $1000 or more on a 4K TV when you simply don't have to? There's a myriad of quality TVs out there just waiting to be scooped up; the only issue is if it's the right one for you. Every 4K TV has a load of options to choose from. Depending on size, smart TV components, screen display options, varied internal features, and much more, your ideal TV can differ dramatically from the next.

What's great about these following affordable but quality 4K TVs is that you're getting a picture quality that's even more beautiful and crystal clear than HD for half the normal price. These are some of the most state of the art TVs, most of which come standard with HDR compatibility, online connectivity, and all your favorite streaming services. It's not always about the best picture quality or size of the TV screen—it often comes down to price range and available components.

Not many LGs run cheap anymore, at least not as low as $400. It may be a 2017 model, but that doesn't mean this gorgeous machine is outdated. In fact, coming in at whopping 49-inches, this bad boy has smart functionality, 4K ultra HD picture, and direct-lit LED specifications.

You might think the only way you're getting a good 4k TV is if you shell out thousands, but it all comes down to what you want in a TV. You simply won't miss a thing when watching on LG's 4K product, and you don't have to break the bank for this example among affordable but quality 4K TVs.

Designed with Roku connectivity, giving you access to all of your favorite streaming services, this TCL 4K ultra HD TV is an absolute bargain, to say the least. For as low as $350, you get the best picture clarity on the market, 3 HDMI inputs, LED and High Dynamic Range (HDR) screen, plus a 120Hz refresh rate.

It's another 2017 model, which is what you might expect from most affordable but quality 4K TVs. TCL's product also comes in various other sizes that are in the same price range. If 49-inches isn't enough, the 55-inch is only $50 more and is still one of the best 4k TVs under $1000 you can buy.

Not many "full-array" TVs exist or are even made anymore, that's why VIZIO's 4K UHD is a steal at $280. This 50-inch TV also comes with Chromecast built-in, plus an awesome feature available only on select TVs is the ability to turn any phone or tablet into your remote.

Affordable but quality 4K TVs don't tend to come with an abundance of neat features like VIZIO's. It comes Bluetooth enabled and has WiFi, and that full array LED screen with a backlight to boost contrast ratio is a superb addition that will make you see the difference.

They may not be a well-known or popular brand in TV manufacturing, but that doesn't make them any less of a qualifier among affordable but quality 4K TVs. In fact, Hisense has some truly remarkable television sets at inexpensive prices, like this 43-inch smart LED TV.

It may be a refurbished product, but $211 for a 4K ultra HD television? Now that's something else. For a TV that's not only 4K, but also has smart tech functionality, that's an absolute bargain you don't wan't to ignore.

You won't find any other among affordable but quality 4K TVs that's as vibrant a color or as realistic a sound as Samsung's 40-incher. It comes loaded with smart technology, 120 motion rate for smooth action shots, and OneRemote remote controller connectivity.

What's even more interesting and unique about the Samsung 4K TV is that it's got UHD dimming technology, making deep blacks pop on 4K resolution. The TV also comes with mega dynamic contrast, giving you the sharpest image for an unbeatable price.

I know it's another 2016 model, but the LGs are the best affordable but quality 4K TVs, especially when it's only under $500 and has all the main necessities.

You want the most state of the art smart TV with a refresh rate at 120Hz? This one even has a full-array spectrum, giving your TV screen a wider, more elegant spacing. With LG, you know you're getting the best features with the most sophisticated tech, and this home theater stands out among the rest.

I know Insignia may not be everyone's first choice in 4K HD TVs, but I have to say for only $600, this 55-inch might be the largest of options to choose from. You also get the same smart compatibility features, with Roku included, so you can watch some of the streaming shows that have redefined mainstream entertainment.

It's also one of the coolest additions of affordable but quality 4K TVs, because you're also able to control the TV with either your phone or your voice. The TV also has an incredible motion display, capturing fast moving moments on-screen with realistic qualities.

Backed by Amazon and one of the most up to date among affordable but quality 4K TVs is TLC's 55-inch Roku, which has contrast control, high dynamic range features, and smart functionality. It's 4K resolution at the tune of a little over $600. While you may not need them, there are also loads of inputs for all your gadgetry.

TLC is one of the leading new providers in inexpensive televisions that have an extraordinary value. You wan't the best bang for your buck, with quality picture and the simplest controls, this is the perfect 4K TV for you.

This may be one of the more expensive additions on this list, though this smart 4K TV is a bit more upgraded than the rest. VIZIO's 50-inch M50-E1 has a whole bunch of added features atop crystal clear composition and superb motion dynamics, such as XLED and XHDR.

I recommend this among affordable but quality 4K TVs simply because it's designed with the most sophisticated components, like Dolby surround sound, Xtreme black engine specs, and an ultra color spectrum of over 1 billion different tones. This is a jaw dropping picture quality that priced at a reasonable $540; what's not to see?

This isn't just your standard LED smart TV with some cool 4K screen—Sony's 48-inch smart TV is full of surprises. The TV also comes with a min-plug adapted for video, and four inputs for both HDMI and USB. The full HD specs also have a direct-lit LED backlighting feature, plus motionflow XR capabilities.

Sony might be more popular in the gaming industry, yet it's no surprise seeing their products among affordable but quality 4K TVs. With future technology written into their brand, it's actually made pretty clear that they are leaders in the market. Now get to streaming those underrated movies on your TV!

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