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Best Football Training Equipment

Football training gear has developed over time helping athletes raise their game on the field. Here is some of the best football training equipment on the market in 2018.

By George HermanPublished 6 years ago 6 min read
Photo by John Sullivan from Pexels

No matter your position on the football field, finding the best football training equipment is essential to any athlete's success come game day. From speed training to agility drills, the selection of training gear is vital to getting all parts of your body ready. The training gear and training aids all athletes need to prepare their bodies for live action varies and all serve different purposes.

Knowing what gear to use and what to train with is not as simple as one may think. Even the greatest football coaches need to do research and are constantly on the lookout for the newest training equipment on the market. Choosing the right football training equipment takes some knowledge and research to determine what each equipment set, training gear, and training aids all provide.

The Speedsac by SKLZ is designed to help athletes build up strength and speed by helping to develop explosive power off the line. Rated as one of the best training aids, the Speedsac helps to improve 40 yard dash times, overall speed and add lower body muscle strength. When considering speed agility, the Speedsac helps with leg drive and has multi-use applications from sprints, back-pedaling, and shuffling. With use on grass, turf, and even wood surfaces the durable design stay intact while players push their agility drills and speed training to the max. This training aide by SKLZ is a sure fire way to add to any player's "skills."

The Pro Disc Cones set by Profect Sports are a must have in your selection of football training equipment. In fact, these cones can work as soccer training equipment, or for just about any sport that requires agility. The set of cones is a top seller for training gear, containing over 50 cone discs, a mesh carrying bag, cone holder, and speed agility cone drills eBook. These cones are durable and built to withstand being kicked, stepped on, run over, or any other abuse on the practice field. These training cones are designed to be used in creating perimeters, boundary lines, drill courses, and beyond. Practice speed agility by running through a series of cones, unleash speed training exercises with a 40 yard dash marked off by these cones, or use to identify other training aid needs.

The QuickPlay PRO adjustable all in one hurdle set offers a variety of speed training, agility drill training, and speed agility exercises for any football player. These hurdles allow the most intense training session by providing an adjustable height of hurdles without having to carry or worry about more equipment. These hurdles come with an innovative QUICKPLAY 'Quick-Click' mechanism, allowing players to adjust height by a simple rotation. A top choice when considering training aides, the hurdles are strong, flexible, and designed to break-away in the face of accidental contact. The ultra thin design makes it a must have for training gear and a must add to any football training equipment selection. Designed by athletes for athletes is the hurdle's biggest selling point for football training gear.

Do you want explosive speed? Of course you do. Well look no further for the one piece of equipment that was designed to help with speed training and speed agility. The SKLZ Speed Chute was made to increase strength and speed on the field. Increase leg drive and stride frequency with the Chute built to maximize player acceleration through resistance. Improve stamina, accelerate faster, and increase muscle endurance with this training aide. Designed with an adjustable 2-inch heavy-duty nylon belt, the 360 degree rotation and free motion ring give an athlete any directional shift and full range motion. With a 54" diameter chute and a 15-30 lbs. resistance, any player level can use this speed chute to raise their agility level rapidly.

It is pretty simple—a kicking tee is a much needed part of any football team's training equipment supply. No, it won't improve your speed training or agility. It will, however, help launch a football clear across the field to the opposing team to start the next drive. The universal kicking tee is perfect for any level of play. The tee is adjustable and offers multiple height options. This adjustment feature helps players gradually transition towards kicking fully off the ground. When choosing the training gear your team needs, do not forget about the kicking tee in your selection of football training equipment.

Grip strength is key and that is why the SKLZ Stronghold Football Resistance trainer makes the list of must haves in your selection of football training equipment. This resistance trainer builds up strength and grip to increase ball security and reduce fumbling. This essential training aid mimics the feel of a defender trying to strip the ball away and is one of the top training gear supplies for quarterbacks, running backs, and other ball handling positions. If you want to become one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, grip strength is key. With a unique design, players are able to practice in full motion while feeling resistance at multiple angle points. This resistance ball was inspired by weightlifting straps and comes with a safe handle for athletes and trainers. This makes for a great tool in football training aids.

The Medicine Ball by Sports Research is one of the best (and top rated) medicine balls on the market—but how is this used for speed training, agility drills, speed agility, and other training aids for football players? Simple: The medicine ball can be used for both upper and lower body exercises and helps develop core strength, balance, and coordination. With sturdy rubber construction, the medicine ball can withstand bounces off hard surfaces while providing a superior grip over other medicine balls on the market.

Accuracy is key for the QB. Helping improve accuracy is what the SKLZ Quickster QB Football Trainer Net w/Target is designed to do. This net helps improve accuracy for quarterbacks with its easy 90 second setup. The net spans a full 7'x 7' and has 3 built in passing targets for the QB. Perfect accuracy with this training gear selection and see that translate to real time results. Built with a strong 3-ply polyester netting and strong corners, the tension frame is made to uphold whatever is thrown at it. For the beginner QB or seasoned vet, this net is a must have selection of football training equipment for your team.

Talk about a game changer in training gear. The Fisher pursue and tackle wheel's innovative design makes training a proper tackling pursuit a breeze. The wheel helps athletes pursue better, wrap up stronger, and limits open field mis-tackles. The wheel creates opportunity to run open field tackling drills without other bodies on the field helping to focus on individual agility drills, and tackling speed agility. Made with 9 lb. durable foam coated in heavy duty vinyl, the wheel can withstand the hardest of hits. This makes the wheel a must have in the "wheel" of training gear.

If you need to focus on speed training, agility drills, and speed agility, the Fisher Half Round Football Dummy is a must do for training gear and training aids. The dummy is no dummy in helping increase player agility and foot speed so athletes can work through holes, hop over potential tacklers, and craft their footwork. The curved surface reduces ankle injury and has a multi-use design. The dummy can be used to jump over, block, tackle, and avoid when running routes. The dummy is a wise choice when looking for football equipment to add to the rotation.

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