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Somers High School Teacher Answers the Call with New Book
2 days ago
Giving sounds good. We all do it to a degree. But going beyond lip service requires reaching a breaking point that allows one to reap life's true rewards, according Somers High School health teacher, ...
My Italian Immigration Story Hails from a Shithole Too
9 days ago
Over a century ago when my family started to immigrate from Southern Italy, I don’t doubt that established Americans thought the area was a shithole too. I’m sure they extended the sentiment to the pe...
The Wolf Conservation Center Cries out for Understanding and the Wolf's Importance to the Environment
19 days ago
The Grey with Liam Neeson is a very entertaining film in which a group of plane crash survivors find themselves stranded in the territorial hunting grounds of a large, ferocious wolf pack. Ruthlessly ...
Woody Guthrie Didn’t Read the Headlines. He Found the Battle Lines
23 days ago
Last week at the Jacob Burns Film Center, audience members found residence in Peter Frumkin’s Woody Guthrie documentary Ain’t go no Home. Opening the evening, which included a discussion from Frumkin ...
'Starship Troopers': The Book and Movie Complement Each Other Perfectly
24 days ago
Some gage the Paul Verhoeven adaptation of Starship Troopers as a brilliantly couched anti-war, anti-fascist statement, while others see no need to elevate this mindless 1997 B-movie slaughter. I’m wi...
If Only This Was the Last Jedi
a month ago
Hello everyone, I’m back, and it appears I’ll be shoveling over money to see Star Wars until I die. There you go for the definition of insanity. But believe it or not, seeing Star Wars is a crisis of ...