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Armageddon: The Best Worst Movie Ever Made
9 days ago
“Miss Stamper? Colonel Willie Sharp, United States Air Force, ma’am. Requesting permission to shake the hand of the daughter...of the bravest man l've ever met,” William Fichtner delivers the gasp wor...
The Transporter: Refueled Is More Noxious than Energized
10 days ago
If you’re looking to make hay with the latest version of The Transporter, then letting loose over an extra-large popcorn provides all the refueling needed to pay up for a summer time reboot. But Holly...
Part II: Star Trek Endings Make All the Difference
13 days ago
Here’s part two of Star Trek endings. The signature endings of TOS will help make this cultural phenomena endure to the 23rd century and beyond.
Mahopac Author and Conservationist Gives Voice to the World’s Big Cats
15 days ago
As a child, animals put Alan Rabinowitz at ease. His misfiring neurons would follow suit and put his stuttering problem at bay. This opened an avenue for just about the only conversations had until he...
Part II : Best Second Tier Episodes of Star Trek
24 days ago
After "Tribbles," "Khan," and "Mirror, Mirror," here's Part 2 of the second tier episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series.
Donald Trump's Reaction to Charlottesville Is No Surprise
a month ago
Charlottesville and Trump — it’s my turn to finally weigh in. Of course, no Charlottesville was necessary to figure out where the President resides on issues of race, equality, and decency. The Presid...