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Top Five Star Trek Movie Denouements
8 days ago
One of the enduring components of Star Trek are denouements that either bring the science fiction back down to earth or make you feel that much closer to the stars. They can even rescue a bad episode ...
Israeli Survivor of Munich Olympics Shares Story
9 days ago
Recently at Chabad of Bedford Hills, Dan Alon recounted his ordeal as an Israeli athlete at the 1972 Olympic Games, and the pain he kept silent for the next 35 years. But the tragedy that took the liv...
Five Movie Deaths that Made Me Shudder
11 days ago
Shudder — tremble convulsively, typically as a result of fear or revulsion. Movie deaths such as Leonardo Dicaprio’s sudden death in The Departed certainly take you aback. Nonetheless, the turn of eve...
Long Time Music Promotor Takes on Childhood Cancer as His Cause
a month ago
As much as we acknowledge the tragedy of childhood cancer, daily life and dissonance almost forces us to dismiss the instances. Long time music promotor Quay Carter resigned himself to a similar senti...
Ray Milland Dials M for Murder Without Messing His Suit or Moving a Hair out of Place
a month ago
There was a time when murder and infidelity was civilized and didn’t require a lot of blood splatter to get the point across. Alfred Hitchcock can definitely remind if you choose in Dial M for Murder....
Ed Harris Discusses His Career at the Jacob Burns Film Center
a month ago
The Jacob Burns Film Center recently held its eighth annual Silver Screen Fundraiser and treated attendees to a 90 minute Q&A with actor Ed Harris. Presenting clips from a career that begin in 1978, N...