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John Jay Starts Season off with Two Victories

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By Rich MonettiPublished 30 days ago Updated 25 days ago 3 min read

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After opening the 2024 season with a 10-2 victory over Pelham, John Jay came home on Thursday March 28 and faced the Briarcliff Mighty Bears between the raindrops. But the intermittent nastiness of the precipitation was nothing compared to the biting sting of the John Jay offensive attack.

Luca Duva assisted first to help get the Wolves on the board and added five goals in a resounding 15-3 victory.

The game did begin with Chris Flores making a pretty impressive save on John Jay's Jonathan Altneu. But Blake O’Callaghan matched the Briarcliff goalie on the other end, and then Duva got things started for the home team.

Hanging back at the 30 yard line, the senior spotted Justin Shapiro hovering around the John Jay crease and made his b-line. Shapiro received the laser, and Flores didn’t have a chance.

In at 8 and a half minutes, Flores did add great saves on Andrew Kiefer and Duva. Both big shots on the bounce, the Mighty Bear had the scoop times two.

The determined goalie was fighting a losing battle, though, and Luke Bueti fired the significant next salvo. In the distance, Bueti wound up from the 25 yard line and found the waiting net at 5:41.

Up two, Bueti was on the other end for goal number three. On hold from the 25 yard line, Bueti danced until Brendan Corelli made his move from behind, and on target, the John Jay basketball point guard made it a 3-0 game.

Flores kept things contained with another great save at 1:11, but the goalie didn’t do himself any favors in trying to move the ball upfield by his own locomotion. He lobbed a pass to the sideline, and Kiefer made the pick off. An empty net by a mile, Kiefer fired and the long range heave made it a 4-0 game.

The subsequent draw going to Dom Savastano, the middle of the field was not a 50-50 proposition all night long. A completely one sided affair for Savastano, his team still waited until period two to get on the scoreboard again.

Altneu to Duva at the 25 yard line, the middie got in the swing of things, and made Briarcliff pay for their lack of an attention span. They gave him space, and swinging away at a 45 degree angle, a 5-0 lead resulted at 10:47 of the second period.

Even so, Briarcliff could not keep up when the Wolves brought out their baseball hats. Working the ball around the horn for almost a full minute, George Ferrarone touched the ball last and Flores was put out again to make it a dominating 6-0 score.

Duva would make it 9-0 before Briarcliff got on the board with John Solari’s goal with 1:50 left in the first half. But Ferrarone and Duva quickly added two more goals, and there was definitely no coming back for the outmatched Bears. The same goes for the rain.

John Jay travled to Yorktown on Thursday April 4. They were hoping to avenge last seasons overtime loss at home. But once again, the Wolves skipped a beat. They went into overtime and the Huskers did it again. A 9-8 loss, John Jay can only wait for the sectionals for a rematch.

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