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By Rich MonettiPublished about a month ago Updated about a month ago 4 min read

Somers Boys Lacrosse Ready to Start Anew

Video vs Hen Hud

On Monday March 18, Somers Boys lacrosse was on the main field and getting ready for opening day. A new season, the Tuskers also have a new coach.

“The kids are really into it, and we’re excited to start,” said coach Jordan Hirsch.

He played at Hen Hud and Nazareth College, coached at Hampden-Sydney College and Lynchburg College and said goodbye to the helm at Hen Hud after 13 years. “This was a great opportunity to make a change and start something new,” said the Cortlandt Manor resident.

But he has no problem having a team that isn’t starting from scratch. On offense, “We got Miguel Iglesias, Mac Sullivan, Mason Kelly, Nick Newman, Ryan Brush and Grayden Carr,” Hirsch said. “You go down the list and there’s plenty of them.”

And for now, he’s not going to complicate the mix. “We just want to spread the ball around,” said Hirsch. “Everybody eats, everybody gets something.”

A similar straightforward mindset goes for associate coach Chris Spillane. “We want to make sure we’re not creating offense for opponents. But at the same time, we’re being opportunistic, and we’re trying to take the ball away so we create possessions for our offense,” said Spillane who is also in his first year at Somers.

As for the stop gap, the coach likes what he sees from goalie Landon Pepe. “He’s definitely emerged as a leader, and we’re expecting a lot from him,” said Spillane.

Back the other way, Pepe approves of what he sees from his new coaches. “What they bring is energy every single day. They motivate us to get better and to succeed,” said the senior.

Of course, he’ll need help, and despite all the seniors who graduated, the trust is already there. “I like the guys coming out,” Pepe asserted.

Among them, he singled out Luca Ploger and Logan Ruby. “Luca is real athletic, a good talker and great at getting the takeaway,” said Pepe. “Logan was a starter last year and got better and better over the winter.”

Alongside, Iglesias will giving chase and also go the length of the field. “I like to play defense, I like to play offense. I like to move around the field and not be stuck in one position,” said the middie.

He doesn’t mind all the moving parts around him either. “We’re all meshing together well and I’m excited to see what it looks like against a different color jersey,” Iglesias clarified.

An anticipation that also gives the new coaches credit. “They bring great energy, hold us accountable and push us,” said the football state champ.

Far from the only one of the team, Hirsch knows how that bodes well for his team. “They know how to win and understand what it takes,” he concluded.

Girls Lacrosse Team Hopes to Bring Home Sectional Championship

Somers girls lacrosse cannot escape from one blatant reality. They’ve lost to John Jay in the section finals for the last four years. But Coach Deb Daly doesn’t run from the truth and knows what has to be done.

“We’re hoping to get over the hump,” she asserted.

Seven seniors on the roster, they have been in for the long haul. “They have been committed to the program since the youth level and have earned their spot on this team,” Daly said.

On the extreme end, she’s carrying two goalies with Campbell Sternberg as the starter. “They are directing the defense, talking and working really hard,” said Daly.

Sternberg agrees, knows the drill and directs by maintaining the line of sight. “It’s a lot of keeping your eye on the ball,” said the senior.

Up the field a bit, the goalie has Ella Lassen captaining the defense, but she’s still happy to defer to the director. Campbell and Emma (Donaldson) both have such great field IQ,” said the Rochester commit. “They know how to set everyone up and what to call.”

The defender’s eyes obviously on John Jay too, her goals are more measured. “I just want all of us to trust and feel comfortable with each other,” said Lassen.

Good things flowing from there, Sydney Ingraham goes the length of the field as a middie. “I love it,” she said. “It’s nice to see the defensive and offensive standpoint of the game and experience all of it.”

A vantage point that allows her to foretell positive outcomes. “We’re really starting to understand each other's strengths and weaknesses, which is a great sign,” beamed the Notre Dame bound senior.

That said, Mia Parisi is on the stick and in attack mode with the front line. “I have so much trust in my teammates that we are going to score,” said the senior.

So cohesion and chemistry firing on all cylinders, the coach acknowledged, while pinpointing the primary aspect for success. “It’s all about hustle this year,” she said.

And not afraid, Sternberg refuses to shrink to the rivalry that has continued to deny Somers at season’s end. “Bring it,” she cheerfully concluded.


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