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Ways to Boost Your Memory and Remember Almost Everything (Backed by Science)

Let's face it; the keys, the remote, the dog collar, they're all gonna go missing eventually, so stay one step ahead by discovering the ways to boost your memory.

By George HermanPublished 6 years ago 7 min read

Without getting too existential on you, our memories are one of the only ways we can transcend time. As beautiful and elegant as this observation may be, it would mean nothing if you can't remember any of them. Drastic as this may sound, in all likelihood if you don't take care of your body and mind, you're sure to lose some of those valued mental treasures.

You can't maintain your memory if you're not challenging yourself and your brain on a constant basis. A good friend of mine always finishes extremely difficult 3D puzzles every weekend in order to test his mental capacity and broaden it, as well. Similar to the art of weightlifting for increased strength and muscle, targeting specific aspects of your noggin's network and directly working it in order to solve problems outside of the box is one of the most ideal ways to boost your memory, but I have plenty more in store for you. Just try not to forget what the article's about.

Reading alone definitely helps to boost memory and gain some knowledge along the way, because it challenges your vocabulary and emotional connections with certain characters. Even better among the ways to boost your memory? Reading Ron Hale-Evans' Mindhacker.

Though it may be limited to only 60 tips and tricks, there are still plenty of ways you can learn the deeper aspects of keeping your memory sharp and how to avoid future degradation. It's important to continue challenging the brain, much like weight lifting for muscles. If you want to strengthen your memory, try reading Mindhacker and unlock the secret potential of focus and attention.

Therapy essentially cleanses our mind of toxic emotions and beliefs. One way you can emulate this renewal of the mind, without paying expensive psychiatrists, is to try aromatherapy. Blended with CBD and cannabis, High Achievers allows you to feel both tranquil and calm, yet expertly alert and focused.

I often preform my best after simply dousing a hot rag with this stuff and setting it over my face. Don't use too much, or you'll just send your nostrils into overload; though the best essential oils for congestion are good for that too. This essential oil is meant to target one of the most sensitive senses we posses in terms of memory: smell. You may not realize it, as many tend to think it's what's heard (or music) that brings us back in time the easiest, but it's actually aromas. Our noses hold the deepest connection we know to our past memories, making aromatherapy one of the best ways to boost memory.

Words as Pictures

Though I myself am no expert, many have claimed that the all-too familiar picture-word conversion has always ben one of the most beneficial ways to boost your memory. As much as I would like to disagree, there are countless ways using pictures as stand-ins for complete thoughts will promote good memory and a healthy flow to the brain.

Sometimes it can be as simple as using your imagination. Perhaps instead of waiting for the last second, when the deadline for that extremely important paper draws so nearer you run out of efficient time to complete it, commit to memory that very same assignment, this time with a clock or an alarm. It's important to enlist as many senses in the visualization as possible; this will ensure you actually keep it remembered. Practice this as much as you can, whenever you can. The better you can associate words and visuals with complete thoughts, the easier it will become to boost your memory.

There are plenty of apps out there that state they will help target and challenge your brain for cognitive results, but none are as advanced or as fun as Luminosity. Well, education and games never seem to go hand in hand all so well, but Luminosity has some killer components. After downloading the app, you're asked which mental capacities you specially want to target. From there on out, you're given daily objectives and rewards are dolled out by how well you preform almost identical to any institutional education, minus the drama and cliques.

It may not be for everyone, but it's a simple and fun method to daily prioritize mental growth and cognitive straightening. It's totally free, so you won't have to worry about paying anything outlandish, but it does take up some time learning the ins and outs of the platform, which I highly suggest doing.

It's definitely not my first choice among ways to boost your memory, but if I'm in a rush or time is simply not on my side, a mind enhancing supplement will work wonders for my overall mood and brain activity. I can't stress this enough: if you're going to take the simple way out and just pop a supplement, first know what you're taking and be prepared for mix matched results.

Don't get me wrong, Huntington Labs is a viable supplement distributor, it simply goes against my vow to target and challenge brain activity each and every day for lasting, beneficial results. Supplements are simply the easy way out, so use them only when you absolutely need to, or else they could turn into a habit.

There's nothing more relaxing and mentally freeing than yoga, other than meditation—but, they're essentially the same thing. Yoga gives you the calm, tranquil atmosphere to vent those toxic and otherwise debilitating emotions. As you stretch, much like in meditation, try to think on and release certain negative traits, that way you're working your memory will also benefiting personal confidence levels. Some simple exercises to improve the way you breathe can come in handy here too.

There are plenty of channels on YouTube sporting different lessons on various types of yoga. You can also check out the best yoga Snapchats to follow. If that's simply not your thing, I suggest substituting any number of physical exercises with yoga in conjunction with the ways to boost your memory; ie, running. Targeting not only the brain and its many cognitive functions, but also working on other physical attributes in the process, can greatly improve upon your multi-tasking and will increase focus and attention for the entire day.

Literally Memorize Everything

Sounds like a daunting feat, and it is, but it highlights the importance of specific occurrences or speech you've encountered throughout your day. It's one of the more odd ways to boost your memory, but it works.

Try designing your own mental memory tree or web. This can and will reinforce your pattern of brain activity, allowing you to gather your thoughts much easier and with a far swifter agility. Increasing cognitive functions takes a lot of willpower, so why don't we have a little fun with the next few?


I can't stress this enough, especially when considering workaholics like myself: sleep is utterly key for essential brain functionality and positive idea generating. Without a well-rested night of slumber, you could potentially damage your existing memories, or worse of all, increase your own memory loss.

To counteract the inevitable, or at least to slow down the process of long term memory loss, sleep is one of the most necessary ways to boost your memory. Without it, we would be nothing but drained up corpses. Like highly powerful pieces of technology, we all need our rest every once and while, and then we can get back to those far ranging thoughts once adequately recharged. There's also a deep connection between our day to day lives with that of our dreams, which show us and help us compute all that we have learned and experienced since our previous rest. In shorter terms, our dreams help us evaluate knowledge, and memories help us make these distinctions.

Similar to Luminosity, Brainscape works with the user via a variety of brain games that point out specific setbacks you may be having in overall brain function. Not everyone will enjoy Brainscape's more individualistic quality, but there's no question it helps. Instead of all-too typical cognitive gameplay that tests memory and thought processes, Brainscape allows the user to seamlessly create and share their own deck of immersive and highly intelligent flashcards.

It may sound like a lot for nothing more than a brain-boosting phone application, but $10 a month is certainly worth it when it comes raising your level of strength and positive learning.

Who would have ever known one of the best ways to boost your memory is as simple as utilizing specific card games that sharpen cognition and reaction time the more you play? While chess is an obvious memory booster, there are tons of varied games and tricks you can use with playing cards that simply make them better tools for rendering positive cognitive maintenance.

Card-centric games that increase cognition and boost memory consist of Hearts, Solitaire, Go Fish, and Concentration (also known as Memory). There's also one relatively unheard of tip you can preform with any set of player cards. Time yourself for one minute as you memorize up to 20 different cards; go ahead, try and recall them all in the same order you saw them in. There are plenty other options to choose from, but boosting your memory from now on will only benefit you far into the future.

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