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Best Anime Movies on Netflix Right Now

Mixed with action, subtle romance, and a tinge of that much needed mystery, these anime movies on Netflix will leave you breathlessly hungry for more.

By George HermanPublished 6 years ago 6 min read

Despite the fact that anime movies tend to be pushed to the back of most everyone's list, they're still among the most popular forms of medium and showcase the most epic story lines often ever conceived. Just look to the likes of Dragon Ball Z and Akira. Their success alone is enough to prove that animation is one of the most interesting forms of entertainment in art.

Those who truly epitomize the best of anime make use of a wide variety of concepts, from how characters are portrayed, to the various uses of sound. The best, though, at least those anime movies on Netflix, are worthwhile in the experience of heart pounding action mixed with a subtle bit of either mystery or nostalgia.

Little Witch Academiais another classic among anime movies on Netflix. Any true and dedicated fan of anime should know this amazing title, as it's among the originals, even though it was released on 2013 as a short film project, no sooner exploding into a feature length territory.

Thanks to a Kickstarter page, Masahiko Otsuka was able to release a second short film, which then pretty much exploded the little known anime series and gave it the natural fame needed in becoming a success on the streaming site. The story follows the events that take place at a witch school called Luna Nova Magical Academy.

This is another Netflix anime that tends to get under-praised for its animation style, but Gantz: Oexcels at showcasing a realistic world jam packed with awesome characters.

Originally, the story was first born from the mind of writer/illustrator Hiroya Oku in his manga series called Gantz. The story of the movie somewhat follows the same premise of the written series, in that a group of survivors try to escape from invading alien monsters.

For every fan of pirates and sci-fi (or Treasure Planet, in general), Harlock Space Pirate is among the best anime Netflix movies for you. That's why it's among the most feel-good of all anime movies on Netflix.

Some people aren’t too keen on the animation style, but I think it’s a refreshing touch that adds some flare to this already astounding story of adventure, maturation, and destiny. I'd pit this under those among the best anime for beginners, since it's not your typical feature, but it sure does grab one's attention.

This one's my personal favorite among the best anime movies on Netflix, for not only is it original, it's also not tied down by an over-arching manga series or even television cartoon. Expelled From Paradise is it's own story involving an unlikely duo in returning to a monster-scourged earth in the hopes of saving humanity once and for all.

Except earth isn't quite what it seems. Instead of being actually sent anywhere, people are uploaded on a cyber network that spans across the globe. While evil forces begin to do their best in taking over the interface, two random nobodies who seemingly crossed paths at random embark on a sudden quest to save Paradise before it's all too late.

Blame! was originally a Japanese manga series until becoming a feature length hit and among the best anime movies on Netflix. Thankfully, Blame! wasn't inducted to live action fame and instead stuck to the grass roots of the series namesake.

Following the same characters and overall arch of the plot from the manga, Blame! the movie details the way in which a technological future is no sooner plunged into darkness by way of an evil force. Zuru and her companions must stop at nothing to finish off these debilitating factors, or else their futuristic land of tomorrow will be nothing but the past.

While it doesn't even come sloe to topping the very first movie in this now 800-strong list of possible species to catch, and yet this delightful childhood saga seemingly shows no plans in stopping whatsoever. With Pokémon the Movie: Hoopa and the Clash of Ages, we're all once again tossed back into our childhood bodies like Peter Pan and sent on an epic adventure that may even lead us down a path of self-learning that we never knew possible.

That's what has always made the Pokémon movies such a delight to watch and appreciate, even the ones that just weren't so good. Despite the fact that the first one isn't available, I'd still consider this among the best anime movies on Netflix, and that's really stretching the term. Who knows, though, maybe we'll get to see Ash catch them all for once.

There's no denying the immense hype and adoration anime fans have for the beloved and acclaimed Naruto series, for which made a name for itself as a manga series before garnering a huge following once it had become a televised animated series.

Nowadays, the series tends to follow the son of Naruto, called Baruto, but before we even get there, a whole long list of special silver screen adaptations were released and now are among the best anime movies on Netflix. Send yourself back into time by watching Naruto the Movie; when was the last time you that? Eighth grade?

Persona 3 The Movie: No. 2, Midsummer Knight's Dream has probably the longest title on this list, but that doesn't mean it's any less good. In fact, Midsummer Knight's Dream probably is among the best anime movies on Netflix, since it's a heartwarming tale reminiscent of Gundam.

The plot revolves around an ongoing series, second among them, issuing from theShin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 video game by Atlus. The games and the story itself surround the all-powerful abilities, coined Persona, for which Makoto Yuki receives upon entering Iwatodai City.

Bleach the Movie: Fade to Black is among quintessential anime movies on Netflix, much like that of FullMetal Alchemist, sinceBleach was once a hit anime television and manga series before it toppled the silver screen. This is a nostalgic classic for all fans of anime to appreciate, especially for such a dark and eerie tale also with its own bad ass list of characters.

In Fade to Black, a sinister force of a duo unleash a terrible attack on humanity, wiping their memories. The Soul Reapers will stop at nothing to keep their machine operational; only Ichigo, Rukia, and Kon have anything to say about it.

Adapted from the Berserk manga series by Kentaro Miura, specifically taken from the Golden Age Arc, Berserk: The Golden Age Arc I is only the initial film of three among the best anime movies on Netflix. After being forcefully recruited into the Band of the Hawk, mercenary Guts must unwittingly follow this group of fighters as they siege and conquer the rival kingdoms of the Midland.

Filled with gore and anime violence, The Egg of the King is far more detailed than many other anime movies before it, added to the fact that it's only the first of three films. Following the rough-nosed Guts as he undergoes serious self-examinations, murders and deceit, viewers will only grow to understand the character more as the story (and overall truth of the matter) unfolds before them. Is Griffith, Band of the Hawk leader, truly working for his men, or against them? Only Guts can unlock the truth.


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