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The 5 Most Famous Paintings in the World
a month ago
Art. Comes in many forms, but painting has claimed a lot of fame and recognition over the years. When someone says they're an artist, you typically envision them as a painter first. This is because pa...
10 Cool Facts About the Universe
2 months ago
Alright, 'bout to get a little nerdy here for a minute. But what can I say, I'm obsessed with this little (huge) planet, the stardust that surrounds it, and all the wild miracles that exist within it....
Vancouver Photo Guide: Life in Colour
3 months ago
Hi there! Welcome to my Vancouver photo guide! :) I post a lot of photos from around Vancouver on my Instagram and I've had quite a lot of people asking me "Where is that?!" or "OMG I love that mural!...
10 Boho Looks to Try This Spring
4 months ago
Spring is in the air! Or at least, we hope it is. Living in Canada is wonderful, but the snow... it can go. I mean it's practically March already, and I am ready for shorts, dresses, and all things su...
13 Insanely Cool Movie Locations
4 months ago
Did your fave movie make the list?