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It's 2022 and You're Not Making Money Online Yet?

How I've come to earn a living through wifi

By Faith SummerPublished about a year ago 4 min read
It's 2022 and You're Not Making Money Online Yet?
Photo by XPS on Unsplash

I moved away from home at 17 committed to travelling and making money online. The journey has not been easy, but i've learned a lot.

To save you the years and money I spent trying to figure it out, let's go over some of the ways I found to be effective in reeling in the dough online.

It's 2022, if you're looking to shift your income to a digital mobile version read on! Even if you love your in-person 9-5, who doesn't love a little extra cash you can make month to month (from home!)




You're reading my blog post now, I suppose it makes sense to start with this one. Did I make money from writing this post? The answer is yes!

From tips, reads, links, pledges, and more there are tons of income streams one can earn from blogging. If you're passionate about writing, have a unique voice, and fresh outlook you can make a great living blogging.

If you're looking to make some cash from your writing, I highly recommend you check out my recent post 7 Ways (Plus a Bonus One) I Earn an Income Writing which has some nuggets of gold if you're looking to make some money from your articles.


Web design is my #1 income earner and it’s all done through my phone and computer. Clients hire me to build them blogs, online stores, booking forms, and more!

I charge clients upfront for the design, and then give them the option to hire me to manage the site as well if they don't wish to.

Want to learn to be a web designer and have your own web design business? Work with me here and I'll teach you the exact steps!

Ready to start up your website for the products you sell? Or the service you offer? I can build it for you here!


When I was in university I dreamed of having a bohemian clothing company that I could wear and sell. So I did a lot of research on how to make that dream my reality.

If you'd like to know more about my story and collection you can check out my website or social medias!

Ecommerce is a fun and creative way to earn money, but definitely not easy.

Building and maintaining a website, product base, shipping plan, email, marketing, and inventory can be overwhelming. Passion will push you forward!


There is big money in this niche today. Tons of people are documenting their lives and travel, and in return earn free trips, free hotel stays, and free items/gifts!

Just log onto Instagram, you'll see. While it will take a while to grow up a large enough following to make it your full‑time gig, tons of people have done it—so you can too!

Don't mistake it as no work though, creating content 24/7 requires a creative brain and passion for photography/modelling (if not both!).

Editing, videography, copy writing, and scheduling will take up a lot of your time! Most trips are work trips, and having thousands of eyes on you can be stressful.

However creating content and doing what your passionate about is incomparable - there is no work like work you'd do for free!

How can you get started? Continue building your following on your chosen platform (ig, fb, tiktok), stick to your niche, provide value to your followers, and stay consistent!

Reach out to brands you love, offer to partner up.

Tag brands in your high-quality photos.

Or even start your own brand - Like I did!

#5 Photo Retouching

I've been a photographer for over 5years and a big part of the job is editing. Over time I became really good at editing photos, and retouching portraits.

Now I do freelance photo retouching! Which can be done via your own media business, fiverr, upwork, etc,.

Are you good at editing? Love to do freelance work for others? Photo retouching might be a great option for you!

I take on clients through my business Summer Media, which offers different media packages such as retouching, graphic design, web design, business consulting, and more!


If you're not... it's possible!

I write about making money online, entrepreneurship, and blogging - interested? Stick around!

By XPS on Unsplash

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Faith Summer

Hey friends, I'm Faith!

I write about all things entrepreneurship, making money online, travel guides, and encouraging YOU to leave the boring day job and do what you love!

@FaithSummerr on IG

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