Donald Gray

Politics may be a disgusting battlefield, but it is a necessary vice in our country, and a particular fancy of mine, like productivity and success. These are important facets in the modern world, and must be expounded upon.

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Best Careers for Veterans in 2018
3 months ago
One thing to know about careers for veterans in 2018 is that it is one of the best times, historically, for veterans of the Armed Forces to find employment. There are a few reasons for this. The first...
Ways You Can Get Discharged from the Military
4 months ago
For a legion of young people, joining the military is one of the most respectful ways to start their adult lives. The military promises specialty training, new relationships, worldwide travel, healthc...
Best Tactical Gloves to Protect Your Hands
5 months ago
You may say to yourself: "I don't need them," and that's all well and good until you catch a splinter on one of the several different climbing walls, or burn the inside of your palm on any ropes and l...
Ways to Fix the Democratic Party
6 months ago
There's no hiding from it anymore: the DNC needs some R&R—or, something that can not only be of benefit, but of overall holistic change to the entirety of the party. While it's obvious that these adap...
Female Cannibal Killers That Will Make Your Skin Crawl
6 months ago
They loved only one other thing more than murder: human flesh. Jeffrey Dahmer himself would shiver in his boots if he ever ran across these special women, whose blood lusts dug far deeper into madness...
Top War Strategy Books to Read
6 months ago
Much like within the games of chess, or even checkers, strategy is one of the most important concepts upheld in war, for having the upper hand in any bout is key, to not only surviving, but also winni...