Female Cannibal Killers That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

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More than the sensation of killing itself, these female cannibal killers loved the juicy delectable interiors that made up their plethora of victims.

Female Cannibal Killers That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

They loved only one other thing more than murder: human flesh. Jeffrey Dahmer himself would shiver in his boots if he ever ran across these special women, whose blood lusts dug far deeper into madness than he could ever even believe. Their reasons and stories are but a small glimpse into convoluted minds that saw a great deal of torment in a wide range of ways.

Either from a brutal marriage or a despairing childhood, the following female cannibal killers eventually grew into ruthless criminals with blood lusts that ran deeper than most could imagine. Driven over the ledge, to lengths which we may never truly know or understand, these following women saw some of the most horrifying and brutal experiences that can only truly be summed up in the subtle, yet still moving experience of skin crawling terror.

Philippa Mdluli

Phillippa Mdluli was a restaurant owner in Swaziland, an African nation that had, for many years, believed young girls to be a delicacy, despite not actually practicing in eating them. Except, of course, Mdluli, who would eventually become the last person to be executed by hanging in the region.

In addition to one instance of paying an employee for his daughter and serving it to restaurant patrons, Mdluli had been concocting these type of meals regularly. She even had many loyal customers who knew her special ingredient and continuously purchased from her, which is why she's among the most ruthless female cannibal killers.

Filita Mashilipa

This was a woman sentenced to imprisonment for supposed witchcraft. It's no wonder she's among female cannibal killers, for she represents an evil not even serial killers who hated their mothers could ever truly understand.

This occurred in 1995 amid the area of Zambia, where authorities had found tools and other objects they believed had given Mashilipa magic powers. The 60-year-old woman was accused of killing and eating the flesh from seven of her nine children.

Much like serial killers that were sexually abused, Omaima Nelson believed she was going to be violated by her husband, William E. "Bill" Nelson. This was her reasoning for stabbing him with a pair of scissors before bashing his head in with an iron.

As you might have guessed, it didn't end there. The 24-year-old Omaima went on to cook his ribs in barbecue sauce, fry his hands in vegetable oil and eventually feast on them after beheading the body and cooking that, as well. Investigators have noted that around 80 pounds of his flesh is still missing, making her one of the most horrifying female cannibal killers.

Anna Zimmerman

Not only did Anna Zimmerman feed her and her children the human meat belonging to her boyfriend, she also had been giving them remains from chopped up pieces of family pets. The two young children were aged four and six at the time in 1981.

Anna Zimmerman, among the most gruesome female cannibal killers, would also store her boyfriend's body parts, such as his penis and ear, in the freezer for further suppers.

Jane Lynn Woodry

You may or may not have heard of her by her real name, Carolyn Gloria Blanton. She was arrested in 1993 for shooting and killing her boyfriend, Peter Green. Upon her arrest, police had found a whole assortment of cookware and kitchenware with a variety of body parts belonging to Green.

In addition, it was later discovered that Blanton had feasted on the boyfriend, after leaving his body parts in a number of other places; his head was found in a deserted area near Alamosa, Colorado, while his torso was hidden within one of his own home's cabinets. She later changed her name in 1999 after being found not guilty by reason of insanity.

Truly gruesome in her entirety, Katherine Knight truly lost her mind when her lover, John Charles Thomas Price, decided he'd much rather stay with his wife than leave her for Katherine.

I don't blame him. She was obsessed with knives at the time (2000), and was then on known as among the most insane female cannibal killers after stabbing him 37 times. Katherine didn't stop there, as she went on to peel John's skin off in one piece, hung it on a meat hook, and then prepared meals for herself and his two adult children. Luckily, she was arrested before they could arrive.

Valentina Dolbilina

During the late hours of Manturovo, Russia amid 2002, 26-year-old Vitaly Bezrodnov and 36-year-old Valentina Dolbilina were drinking together with two others when they suddenly grew hungry. This is where Valentina would eventually become deemed one of the most sickening female cannibal killers.

Using an ax, the two chopped up and fried one of their unconscious drinking buddies, which later amounted to nearly 15 pounds of cooked human meat. Their last friend joined them after waking up; unbeknownst to him, he was feasting on his own brother.

Olesya Mostovschikova

After neighbors discovered a pair of dumped human legs in the trash can, they immediately suspected Olesya Mostovschikova and her friend Julia of the egregious act. The two female cannibal killers would be picked up by police in 2009, which later answered one puzzling question that stumped police: where was the rest of the body?

According to the two women, Olesya proceeded to use an ax on her neighbor after an argument. Julia entered the picture after the former had already begun cooking the arm, hand, ears, and eye of her neighbor, thereafter continuing with the deed, all in front of Olesya's seven-year-old son.

Leonarda would go on to become deemed "Soap-Maker of Correggio," a name which she gained when news broke out of her having killed three women, then using their remains for teacakes and soap.

That's not only why she's one of the scariest female cannibal killers; she's also known for deeply believing human sacrifices would protect her son, who fought in World War II. That's why she drugged shop visitors between 1939 and 1940 and killed them with an ax, after which she'd boil the bodies and fed them to other shop visitors, in addition to her son and herself.

Tamara Samsonova

Otherwise known as the "Granny Ripper," Tamara Samsonova is among the most terrifying female cannibal killers for her gruesome beheading of her last victim alone, and then boiling his remains in a saucepan.

Besides the fact that her final victim was a 79-year-old woman, Samsonova told police exactly how she did it, and even reenacted her murderous cooking for police, too! She's been implicated in nearly 14 murders after being arrested in 2015 when police discovered a diary explaining various suspicious details describing some of the murders.

Klara Mauerova

Under the spell of a disturbing cult, one far more sinister than even the scariest cults that committed mass murders, Klara Mauerova was arrested after a neighbor reported weird and disturbing sightings in 2007. After arresting the 31-year-old, among the most terrifying female cannibal killers, they found on the premises, specifically in her basement, a half skinned body belonging to a young boy.

The police no sooner discovered that Klara had chained her two sons, eight-year-old Ondrej and 10-year-old Jakub, to chairs in the cellar. It was there where she set up a baby monitor so she could watch the boys torture themselves. This had been going on for months, wherein Klara and others among the Grail Movement, such as her sisters and brother, had also been eating as well as torturing her sons, all under the following of the cult's leader, "Doctor."

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