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Serial Killers Who Hated Their Mothers

They weren't particularly keen on lovey, emotionally rich relationships to begin with, nor were they very keen on Momma's hugs and kisses; these are the serial killers who hated their mothers.

By Gerald OppugnePublished 6 years ago 7 min read
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We’ve all been angry or ticked off by our mothers at least once or twice throughout our long family histories, but the following were certain individuals who were either so pissed off at their mothers that it eventually bred their serial killer instincts, or a lifetime of abuse led them to hate their mothers with a passion. Either way, from these familiar and not so familiar individuals, we have gained a certain insight into the mind of the potential serial killer. Viewing a serial killer's youth, especially those who came from sexually or physically abusive parents, is indicative of one of the few ways that famous serial killers chose their targets.

Not all of them experienced a negative upbringing, but a good majority saw nothing but hate and malice for most of their young lives. Looking back on their time spent in youth, it’s almost dreadful to hear these depressing tales of family dissonance, which paved the way in the furthering of a death lust within the minds of these killers. Interestingly, Psychology Today takes a look at the ways the mothers of these murderers reacted in the discovery of their being, accurately titled "Mothers of Killers." Shown either through force or in the future of their upbringing, these are the serial killers who hated their mothers.

Edmund Kemper

Bearing the best example of said serial killers who hated their mothers, Edmund Kemper, also among the most famous American serial killers, lived through a tragic upbringing which saw many of his mother's lovers beating him and degrading his mental sensibilities. He murdered six young women and many of his own family members in 1970s California.

Growing up with an alcoholic mother, whom he dreamed of killing since a young age, the serial killer saw his parents divorce at 9 years old, was sent to grandparent's farm at 15, then shot them to death to "see what it felt like." Weighing over 250 pounds and standing at a height of about 6 feet, 9 inches, Kemper had killed ten women and was classified as legally sane, despite his defense team claiming him to be not guilty by reason of insanity.

Mary Bell

The poster child of mother-daughter hatred, Mary Bell is another one of the serial killers who hated their mothers. She had a particularly bleary list of experiences with her momma, as Mrs. Bell tended to ignore Mary and treated her with utmost degradation. On top of being a prostitute who specialized in sadomasochistic acts, Mrs. Bell would perform these exploits with clients in the same room where Mary slept.

Mary's mother tried to kill her daughter on multiple occasions, until she decided that selling Mary for sex would be far more profitable. Some have gone to claim that Mrs. Bell may have had Munchhausen By Proxy syndrome, which makes sufferers harm their children for attention and sympathy. At only 11 years old, following the horrifying events plaguing her childhood, Mary Bell would strangle and mutilate two young boys in 1968.

David Berkowitz

The "Son of Sam Killer" David Berkowitz was among serial killers who hated their mothers for more obsessive reasons. Between 1976 and 1977, he would commit a string of six murders throughout New York City. Much of this stemmed from his odd relationship shared with his adoptive mother.

Pearl and Nancy Berkowitz adopted David from birth. Pearl was extremely close to her son, often obsessively close, which rubbed off on him in a way. When Pearl died from breast cancer, David, being only 14 at the time, more or less spiraled out of control. Her death led him on a goose chase for his birth mother, even though he believed her dead until he was 22. David's eventual first encounter with her was a disappointing experience for him, because the two did not connect as he thought they world—or, at least, how he and Pearl had so long ago.

Aileen Wuornos

Like Mary Bell, Wuornos was also highly neglected by her mother. Diane Wuornos birthed Aileen at 15, then abandoned her when she was only four. Aileen never got to meet her father, for he was in prison for sexual abuse and would eventually hang himself in 1969.

Because of this, Aileen was raised by her grandparents. Her grandfather regularly abused her, and even granted her a child when she was 14. Despite these abuses, she's still among serial killers who hated their mothers, for her time spent as a sex worker to support herself also saw her shoot and kill seven men in Florida. When arrested, Aileen claimed all these men had abused her, but was still sentenced to lethal injection as of 2002.

Charles Manson

As one of the most notorious criminals of all time, it's not surprising to see the name of Charles Manson on a list of serial killers who hated their mothers. As the legend goes, Manson's own mother apparently traded him off for a pitcher of beer! His uncle had to track down the woman who had been looking to adopt him in order to bring him back home.

If that wasn't bad enough, Kathleen Maddox was an alcoholic who bore Charles at 16 years old. Her continued rejection and overall ignoring of Charles only grew as he aged. Maddox put her son in a boy's school for young men, only for him to run back home to her, which she ignored. Manson was then left on the streets for most of his childhood, and would experience much prison time into his teens.

Ed Gein

Ed's mother was especially fanatical with religion and the sort. Raising Gein in isolation, his mother eventually taught him a variety of misconceptions about the qualities of human sociability; she made him picture men as holistically evil bearers and women as nothing but agents of the devil.

Gein was also raised as a girl. His mother made him wear dresses and was a highly overprotective parent. Despite this, or almost in spite of Gein's eventual affections for her, the man would go on to become one of the serial killers who hated their mothers in secret. In the early years, Gein loved his mother beyond belief, but following her death he began to grow a new affection: body parts. He targeted middle aged women, who tended to resemble his mother, and often dug up grave sites for his collection of various appendages.

Donald "Pee Wee" Gaskins

Many of his younger years were spent dealing with abuse and torment for his size, which granted Donald Gaskins the nickname of "Pee Wee." After drinking a bottle of kerosene at 1 years old, Gaskins began to suffer consistent convulsions and wet his bed amid many night terrors.

His mother was unwed and had many different boyfriends throughout his youth. Doing little to safeguard him from transgressions, his mother simply watched on as her various boyfriends beat and abused Gaskins, even after her being married. His stepfather also regularly abused him. Being among serial killers who hated their mothers, Donald Gaskins picked up various men and women hitchhikers from 1953 to 1982. Many came to call them the "coastal kills," since they occurred along coastal highways of the American South.

Henry Lee Lucas

Lover of Ottis Toole, Henry Lee Lucas was among the serial killers who hated their mothers so much that he even beat his own to death. Toole and Lucas drifted across the US on a crime spree which many speculate included anywhere from 600 to 3,000 victims, despite being convicted for 157 murders. Toole, on the other hand, was slapped with merely six.

Lucas was raised by an alcoholic and abusive mother. Lucas served 15 years in a Michigan prison for her murder in 1983. His and Toole's early childhood were very similar, which brought them together. They were both dressed up like young girls and had to endure regular beatings. Lucas' own brother beat him so bad he lost an eye!

Fred & Rose West

Known all throughout England as two of the most evil serial killers couples, Fred and Rose West would eventually murder around ten girls, in addition to two members of their own family. While Fred West's early life was just as bad, Rose had it worse, making her one of many serial killers who hated their mothers.

Rose's father was prone to violent outbursts due to his paranoid schizophrenia, and her mother's extreme depression necessitated electro-convulsive therapy, which never made her the same again. With both her parents pretty much borderline insane, Rose looked to a future with Fred for a better life. Soon after marrying, the two turned their Gloucester, England residence into a torture home for their victims. It was later demolished after many neighbors could not bear the sight of a place where unspeakable horrors took place.

Andre Crawford

The story of Andre Crawford is one of brutal honesty and a saddened upbringing. His relationship with his mother wasn't exactly ideal, which makes him one of the serial killers who hated their mothers. Due to her extreme negligence, Andre Crawford as put into foster care, which was an abusive and otherwise cruel place for him to live.

For these reasons, Crawford went on to sexually assault and murder 11 different women. Many believe that the resentment and utter hatred he felt for his mother having left him in the foster care led to his brutal activities later in life. At his trial, a psychologist even testified that his past with physical and sexual abusiveness was most likely causal for his crimes between 1993 and 1999.


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