Crysta Coburn

Crysta K. Coburn has been writing award-winning stories her whole life. She is a journalist, fiction writer, blogger, poet, editor, podcast co-host, and one-time rock lyrics writer.

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Book Review: 'King of the Road' by R.S. Belcher
2 months ago
Wow, my friends. It took me a while to get this review of R.S. Belcher's second installment of the Brotherhood of the Wheel series, and I do apologize, but here it is. To paraphrase a couple of lovabl...
How to Celebrate Michigan in the Winter
3 months ago
Michigan wears winter well. Our roads are among the worst in the nation, but dang is that snow pretty when it glistens in the sunlight. Snowmen, snow forts, snow angels, snow fights, snow and ice fest...
Book Review: 'Brotherhood of the Wheel' by R.S. Belcher
3 months ago
If you are a fan of modern urban fantasy/horror and don’t know the name R.S. Belcher, allow me to introduce you. If you do know Belcher, congratulations on being one of the cool kids. But don’t worry,...
10 Songs That Celebrate Winter
4 months ago
Once upon a time, some people believed that winter was caused by the vegetation goddess Persephone, also known as Kore and Proserpina, returns to the Underworld, taking the ability to grow crops with ...
6 Punk Rock Christmas Songs
4 months ago
I worked in retail during every holiday season for the past 20 years. (My first job was a seasonal gig at a clothing store endlessly folding clothes.) What do all retail places have in common during m...
Happily Ever After?
4 months ago
I love fairytales. Reading, writing. Love. I'm such a fairytale nerd that I persuaded some fellow writers to go in on a book with me of fairytale retellings, The Queen of Clocks and Other Steampunk Ta...