Alex Kemp

An MA US Politics student from the UK who also runs a sports show on student radio. Simply writing on things that I enjoy.

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NFL Predictions: Week 3
5 days ago
As we move at a fast pace into week 3 of the NFL, teams are trying hard now to be more consistent, and to really set themselves up as contenders. But before we move into the predictions, let's have a ...
NFL Predictions: Week 2
13 days ago
As the NFL heads into it's second week of matches, I first want to look at my first set of predictions. Right results are going to be worth one point, where as the right result and correct win margin ...
Dear Donald
16 days ago
Dear Donald, Your attacks on the media not only make people worried and mistrusting of the news, but also lend itself to an authoritarian regime that cannot take criticism or complaint. Your insistenc...
Week One Predictions for the NFL
16 days ago
As the NFL gets underway once again, it seems prudent to temper expectations, both for expectant Superbowl visitors and playoff hopefuls by going through each game week to week. And so, I will begin b...
Arsenal: Their Premier League Run-In
6 months ago
With the run-in to the Premier League season now upon us, it is only right to see how each team would get on. With that in mind, let's start with Arsenal, looking to avoid finishing in seventh, and ch...
What Premier League Teams Need to Do after the Season Ends
7 months ago
Although the season still has some weeks to go, it is already obvious that Manchester City are going to win the title. With that in mind, here's what each team needs to work on in the offseason to sta...