Alex Kemp

An MA US Politics student from the UK who also runs a sports show on student radio. Simply writing on things that I enjoy.

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Is Ocasio-Cortez the Future of US Politics?
4 months ago
Over the six or so months since her election, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has caught the eye of many people within the United States from both sides of the political spectrum. Those on the progressive le...
NFL Predictions: Week 6
9 months ago
As we move into week six, with the Saints and the Lions on their bye week, let's have a look at the previous week's prediction results. I'm really hoping that I did better than last time. Colts @ Patr...
NFL Predictions: Week 5
9 months ago
As we move into week five, teams are now thinking about ways in which to change their approach, especially those that have so far failed to have much success. But before we get to that, let’s have a q...
NFL Predictions: Week 4
10 months ago
As we come to week 4, things are taking shape very nicely in this years NFL, bar a few surprises. But before we get to the predictions this week, it's time, as always, to look at the predictions from ...
NFL Predictions: Week 3
10 months ago
As we move at a fast pace into week 3 of the NFL, teams are trying hard now to be more consistent, and to really set themselves up as contenders. But before we move into the predictions, let's have a ...
NFL Predictions: Week 2
10 months ago
As the NFL heads into it's second week of matches, I first want to look at my first set of predictions. Right results are going to be worth one point, where as the right result and correct win margin ...