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Fellow Knee21 minutes ago
Life of an Addict with Paraplegia (Pt. 9)
First I'd like to say happy holidays to all of my readers and a special thank you to those of you that donate to help fund future chapters.
Jen Ai37 minutes ago
Easing My Anxiety
The messy blur called my life has brought me anything but peace in between the trials and tribulations of navigating a mental illness that is so widely spread but one that few truly understand. Genera...
Courtney Lowryan hour ago
3 YA Novels That Raise Awareness for Mental Health
I’m 21, and I’m not ashamed to say that I still read YA. It’s just something about the wide-eyed optimism of finding “the one” in high school or the triumphant stories of overcoming hallway bullies th...
Lifestyle Diva2 hours ago
When All Else Fails
When you hit a dead end in life and you have lost everything or you about to lose everything, you ask yourself what worse can happen. Many people are faced with situations that make them want to throw...
Jo Pietersen3 hours ago
The Truth About Social Media
Growing up in the 21st century is... different. It is so much harder to be a part of, yet so much easier in so many backward ways. While I understand that was a controversial statement, it is also ver...
Rossana Candela19 hours ago
How I Moved Out of My Hometown
I've had a goal to move out of my hometown since I was around 16... I'm 22 now, boo. When you come from a very small town (2,000 people type small) with only one traffic light, two gas stations, have ...