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Sumbee Lifestyle13 hours ago
How I Am Creating the Most Enjoyable Lifestyle
My life has been flipped upside down from doing these things.
Xolelwa July14 hours ago
Let No Darkness Consume You
About two weeks ago, I saw a young man I was once introduced to by a very good friend of mine. He passed with no greeting so I called him out for I found it strange that he didn't greet. For as long a...
Growth Comes from Learning
In society, we hear phrases like "self-development," "self-help," "personal growth." To some, these are just phrases describing nice ideology with no follow-through; to others, these philosophies are ...
Sarah Jones15 hours ago
Cats and Suicide
Hi, my name is Sarah and I am suicidal. After watching several episodes of a sitcom about alcoholics try to maintain sobriety, I thought that was appropriate. I have suicidal thoughts every hour on th...
Ossiana Tepfenhart15 hours ago
Equoo Promises to Help People Become More Emotionally Fit. I Gave It a Try—Here’s What Happened
It seems like no matter what you want to do, there’s an app that can help. As a person who has a hard time understanding others, I’ve always felt pretty hopeless about establishing a connection with p...
Ishani and Shelby15 hours ago
Your House Might Be Making You Weak
Most illnesses are caused due to mold toxins around us. Mycotoxins in the environment are something that a lot of us are unfamiliar with. It is the leading factor of why we might be getting weaker and...