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Kate Robinson7 hours ago
Inside the Mind of an Anorexic
"I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will" —Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë 'Okay, so if one Weetabix is 75 calories, along with 20 extra calories from the ...
Jon Rolnik9 hours ago
Dinky Active 180 and The Smarter Starter
Fulfilling a Preschool child’s daily physical requirement can seem daunting, especially getting the right information, and understanding the immense benefits it brings all children. Dinky Active 180 i...
Jon Lambo10 hours ago
The Dark Side of the INFJ
I am an INFJ. If you are unfamiliar about what an INFJ means, then I urge you to read my other article, Inside the Mind of the INFJ, then come back to finish this. Everyone's personality evolves over ...
Kevin "Keys" Feleo10 hours ago
My Story, Your Story
You're probably confused about what the title for this story means. Well read on through and you'll know. When I was little, there was only one person who truly loved and took care of me growing up. H...
Eva Šmite12 hours ago
3 Small Things that Make a Big Difference
If someone asked me my beauty secrets, which is something people often want to know–I honestly wouldn’t know what to say. Not because I am not looking after my physical body, but because beauty to me ...
Araiyah Lovely12 hours ago
The Best You
If you think this picture is beautiful, that's true, it is. But so are you.