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Darick Jones6 hours ago
Out of Love
This is what I remember from that rigid glance that put me in a trance. The shriek of Autumn's breeze. The roar of a thousand trees. But what is this that I miss about you so much. The tenderness of your kiss. The softness of your touch. So it seems so swift you move where street lights beam. You want more... so you search. Going out of my way hazardously, just to get you next to me... yet you run away from me like I am your enemy! Standing on my head. Dashing through the fire at the growl of a ...
WatchMojo 6 hours ago
Top 10 Saddest Romantic Movies
Time to put on your PJs and get out the tissues and the pint of Ben and Jerry’s. Join MsMojo as we count down our picks for "Top 10 Saddest Romantic Movies." For this list, we’re taking a look at cinematic love stories that are notorious for making everybody in the audience bawl their eyes out. Since we’ll be delving into the tragic nature of these movies, a spoiler alert is in order.
Never been to jail So why do I feel like a criminal? Wondering why the pain controls me like it’s subliminal. It crushes me way beyond critical. Psychology major and I feel crazy maybe I should go int...
Widj Gaëlle6 hours ago
Keep Scrolling
Scrolling... That's all we do nowadays We scroll past our fears and we swipe for a yes or a no We no longer feel like we need to be more We no longer feel like we're stupid Google is such an awesome p...
Carolina Machado7 hours ago
Rotten Apple
"When whiteness and brownness collides" This is what you lecture To your students, To your colleagues, To your department, To your campus, To your culture. "When whiteness and brownness collides" This...
I love deeper than deep I move quicker than fast. I set my goals on my future, and I'm not held back by my past. Grew up with a mentality of if you’re not first You’re last. Now I learned the feeling ...