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Chaffee Wood6 hours ago
Charades and Distractions
We are the underground night brigade; from the light we are made. Lead us on through this crusade. A valiant game for two kings alone, their soldiers compete for the others throne. The wounded are exp...
Andy Elder6 hours ago
'Solomon Kane': Netflix Lied to Me
Whilst I was perusing Netflix the other day, I came across this little flick. Written and directed by Michael J. Bassett, Solomon Kane is one of the most passable movies I have ever seen in my life. I...
Angel Williamson6 hours ago
I am silly I am stupid What the hell was I thinking, thinking he just wanted a father daughter bond. When I think of what happened my whole body shakes, my cheeks go from hot to cold, my head starts t...
Stephen Cleary6 hours ago
10 Best Video Games You Can Secretly Play at School and Work
We've all been there: looking for practically anything to pass the time behind our desk. Regaining your focus with a game or two can actually help your worth ethic in the long run, though. Instead of ...
Lynnsay O6 hours ago
David Raksin's Music for 'Laura' (1944)
An Informal Essay Analysis of the Themes and Film Music of 'Laura'
Loving Yourself
What is it called when you Are inspired by another, And their words are pure Poetry gifting your ears? Do not tell me it is love Because the last time I was “loved,” it only left My cheeks stained wit...