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Aaron Dennisan hour ago
5 Game Boy Games You Don't Need to Play
The Game Boy was Nintendo's first handheld game console to hit the stores. Released in 1989, it boasted a rather strange library. Many games were remakes of games available on the NES, but some were g...
Ghezal Amiri2 hours ago
3 Reasons Why Millie Bobby Brown Is Destined to Be the Next Natalie Portman
#NataliePortman has given consistently spectacular performances throughout her 20+ career as an A-list actress. Her performances range from the career-defining, as seen in her portrayal of a woman des...
Natasha Lalonde2 hours ago
Plastic Bags / Smudged Painting
Doors open. Crowds push forward. The metro sighs and hiccups along the track. Sylvia sinks further down into her seat. Empty expressions melt into their newspapers. Grey faces, eyes closed and for onc...
cookie foot2 hours ago
Unconditional Thoughts of You
I'm not going to pretend you care about me. It's too hard, I can't do it. But I don't know what else to do. I can't pretend that I don't care about you. - 2014
Natasha Lalonde2 hours ago
The first time I heard her whisper Bismillah, I witnessed the beauty in believing in God. But yesterday, between computers and cacophony, she looked west and held her breath. “Shooting at Quebec City ...
Bazooka Teaches2 hours ago
Spotting a Fraud
In a room full of people, faces gleam the ideal calamity; And across the way, an appealing woman nods at the alcohol that makes me a sleaze. In a view full of money, hands urge on the gaudy unity; And...