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Ghezal Amiri2 hours ago
When My Mom and I Decided Shania Twain's 'From This Moment On' Would Be My Future Wedding Song
Growing up in Toronto, there were a handful of recording artists that fellow Canadians worshiped at the altar to. Besides Queen Celine Dion of course, #ShaniaTwain was one of these artists. Twain expe...
Ghezal Amiri2 hours ago
Matt Damon Gushes over the News of Bff George Clooney Expecting Twins and We're Gushing with Him
Long-time homies #GeorgeClooney and radiant #MattDamon have been a staple in each other's lives since starring in Steven Soderbergh's 2001 hit remake of Ocean's Eleven. Damon recently celebrated his 1...
J.E. Hinrichs2 hours ago
I’m not much of a beach person
, (The sunshine’s not very “me”)
, But I can rarely resist the Siren call, Of a grey, storm-tossed sea. Buffetings by salt-scented wind
, are gifts of adversity
, that g...
Rae Côté2 hours ago
The Maze of Me
ripples stones thrown in an ocean searching for the wander that has been me twisting butterfly can it go back inside once cocooning is complete welling waves (they get me every time) why can’t we stay...
Alesha Nejad3 hours ago
New Year, New Me?
So it’s the NEW year... New clouds, New rain, But what should I do when it comes to old pain? The past lust that swirls deep within, The past touch that creeps up your skin, However, now I’m on a NEW ...