Utilitarian Standpoint: Political Correctness & Objectivity—The Ten Times It Should Be Required

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Part IV

Utilitarian Standpoint: Political Correctness & Objectivity—The Ten Times It Should Be Required

Disclaimer: If you are sensitive to socio-economic-political issues, please click out. If you have an open mind and are curious, stick around. Welcome to the US series, where I talk about subjective matters and aim for an objective solution.

Political correctness generally is the avoidance of offending particular groups of people (even labels). It is construed as always being taken to the extreme. I think that it is largely circumstantial. But the one place or time it is actually required? Total hate or extreme discrimination.

There are some issues where we cannot be politically correct and find a solution. Protecting environmental rights requires fact, and it will offend many people who do not agree with that fact. I think that we as a collective whole should subjectively care for the environment, but act objectively to protect it. But that’s just one example and besides the point here.

Then there are some places where PC requires a neutral stance because you see validity on both opposing sides or on neither sides. That opposing sides at large being Conservatism vs. Liberalism (Read my US-Neutral post for examples).

But than there are some socio-political issues where political correctness should be required. Because objectively there is no logical reason for this type of hate or discrimination.

I can ‘hate’ an abusive parent, but I cannot hate parents for their label. And that is what I am exemplifying here. Labels get people hated, for no reason other than just that.

The ten times one should be politically correct (a.k.a unhateful, unprejudiced), in other words, I objectively really do not understand why you would hate anyone for these reasons in themselves.

1. Race, Sex, and Sexuality

It’s one thing not to agree with President Obama’s policies. But to make toilet paper with his face on it? That’s a new low. I know hateful things have been done to other presidents by non-Whites and Whites alike. But that’s not the point. And that justification itself is so low and telling. Why does hate for these things even exist? In what way does it make any bloody sense?

2. Financial Status

Yes, I am curious where that money came from. That may have some cause for concern (possible corruption). But how you spend it? As long as it is legal, it’s none of my business. It’s such a do or die situation. You are “selfish” if you buy that Bugatti, and you’re “showing off” if you publicly donate. Shaming and hating people for being altruistic (whatever their personal reason may be) was one of the most irrational things I have discovered.

3. Fiction Hate

We spout all this egoistic nonsense of human beings being so intelligent. And yet we doubt that same intelligence when it comes to fictitious pieces of work. Especially those of sci-fi or paranormal nature. If we cannot trust our ability to discern fact from fiction, and are so afraid of fictitious influence, do we even have the right to call ourselves intelligent? I do not think so.

4. Cosmetic Surgery

I am happy with how nature made me. I am not (much) pressured by the capitalist beauty industry to change myself to such extremes. But hey, if this helps fix whatever you’re going through. It’s not coming out of my bank account. If it ends up horribly? Every human being is entitled to a few mistakes (as long as it does not victimize someone else). Sue the doctor and perhaps urge for informed education on the subject. I’ll respect you regardless of what or what you have not done to your body.

5. Diet Discrimination:

The problem is not plant-based > meat-based or vice versa. The problem is total lack of balance.

6. Language Discrimination

This again is so senseless. Grammar Nazis wants everyone to talk like Brits. Let’s just forget colonialism and how it globalized English.

7. “Triggered Feminist” Hate

I understand radicalism is scary. But it exists everywhere and in everything. So why are you so scared and triggered that you go around accusing any woman on a totally unrelated topic as a triggered feminist? Come on tell me, what’s your deal?

8. Pregnancy

When it’s obviously a planned happy moment for the parent(s) to be pregnant. And yet we find it necessary to rain on their parade. “Oh don’t you think you’re too young?” or “Will you even have time for the baby?” and my personal favorite “I feel sorry for their child.” Please get a life.

9. Hateful Strikes

Being against this is not political correctness. It’s a bloody crime. And no it is not an infringement of your freedom of speech. That’s not a bloody opinionated FOS, it’s a threat. My right to feel safe trumps your hateful FOS, anytime and anyplace of the day. Some opinions are meant to remain private, common sense.

10. Happiness

Even displaying happiness is a risk. Because some troll somewhere out there is most definitely going to try and ruin it for you. Why does someone’s genuine sincere happiness offend you so? I truly do not get it.

Conclusion: All I am trying to say is that I really do not understand why people are so hatefully sensitive over these matters.

Le Sighs, adieu mon ami (Sigh, goodbye my friend).

Heeta Joshi
Heeta Joshi
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