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Zelenskyy Cancels Trip.

Russians Coming Dangerously Near to Kharkiv.

By Nicholas BishopPublished 3 days ago 3 min read
Ukrainian President: Vlodymir Zelensky.

President Zelensky had to cut short a trip to Portugal and Spain. Mr. Zelensky was believed to be signing a defence agreement with both countries. Mr. Zelensky, however, cancelled the trip when it became clear Russian forces were bearing down on the city of Kharkiv. Kharkiv is a major city in Ukraine just down the road from the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv Should Kharkiv fall to Russian forces that would put Ukraine in a dangerous position. Therefore, from Zelensky's point of view, while getting support from abroad is important, Zelensky must be mindful of the home front.

It is only the sheer determination of Ukraine forces and Western-supplied weapons that has kept the Russians at bay. Russia in its 2021 invasion thought the war against Ukraine would be over swiftly. Like the US in Iraq who captured Baghdad without much trouble, so the Russians thought they would be in Kyiv and the war be over. However, the Russian invasion stalled. Thanks to backing and training from the West, the Ukrainians rallied. The war is now a slogfest as to who captures the most ground. Thousands of Russians have paid the price in this war. So have thousands of Ukrainians in both military loss of life and civilians.

In many ways, this war has become a proxy war between the US and Russia. Backers from the West keeping Ukraine in the fight. The same is true of Russia with North Korea, Iran, and China all stepping up to keep Russia in the fight. In a sense, WW III is being fought out in Ukraine between the US and its Allies and Russia and its Allies.

According to an article in POLITICO, many thought a Russis-US proxy would kick off on the Korean Peninsula. Ever since the signing of the defacto ceasefire on the 38th Parallel after the end of the Korean War, people lived in fear of a potential 2nd Korean War. South Korea is a high- tech nation backed by the US and others. North Korea is an old-style Communist Republic based on the image of old Soviet Communism. South Korea is a democracy and in contrast, North Korea is a dictatorship. North Korea as mentioned backs Russia while South Korea backs Ukraine. So, in a sense, Ukraine has become another proxy war. Just between the Americans and Russians but between North and South Korea.

Putin has dug himself into a position where he cannot stop the war. He has time and again stated that He will conquer Ukraine or at least end the war where Russia is in a more favourable position than Ukraine. If the war is now bringing in dividends for Putin, He will feel the conflict might be turning in His favour.

Zelensky is under pressure to keep His beleaguered nation in the fight. Ukraine of late, has been running short of ammo and relying on old equipment. The US and other Allies have thought of stopping weapons sales to Ukraine. Especially with the US, UK, etc, supplying weapons to keep Israel fighting Hamas and Hezbollah. The West is now supplying both Israel and Ukraine with billion-dollar weapons packages. The US after much deliberation has granted Ukraine another military and financial package. Of course, no one wants Russia to capture Kyiv and no doubt, Zelensky is relieved. However, while the likes of the US and UK are granting billions in military aid to Ukraine and Israel, infrastructure in the US and UK is collapsing. It seems to be the same old story, we can give out money to foreign countries with foreign wars, yet we do not invest at home to help ordinary people.


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I am a freelance writer currently writing for Blasting News and HubPages. I mainly write about politics. But have and will cover all subjects when the need arises.

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