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Connections - Would You Push The Button?

A Semi-Apocalyptic Seven Days In Post From 2017

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished 5 months ago 3 min read
Top Story - July 2023
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This is an extended take on a Seven Days In post from 2017, a result of a film, a TV series and the election of Donald Trump.

My post was my thoughts on whether, if given the opportunity, I would send us back to the pre-computer era. This was originally written after Trump's election, something that most sane people thought would never happen, like Brexit in the UK.

Six years on since this happened Trump has lost the presidency but is still a huge threatening figure in the USA, unpunished for his attempt to overthrow the current administration when he lost (although a few of his supporters are behind bars).

In the UK a 52% referendum vote has resulted in the economy being trashed and civil liberties being removed as the country edges towards a fascist dictatorship driven by minions in the pockets of media moguls and corporate money.

The Ukraine War caused gas prices to increase, and that has given power companies the excuse with the backing of the government to hike prices and make immoral profits. Supermarkets are following suit, water companies are doing the same and banks have hiked interest rates by 600% and the government blames wage rises for inflation and the electorate just accepts this.

This just increases profits for financial institutions that can then foreclose on mortgage properties and buy them up cheaply to then rent out to whoever can afford them.

Connections - Would You Push The Button? - Orginal Article

Just finished "Escape From LA" and started watching "American Horror Story: Cult". Both feature an idiot, semi-theocratic American President (one has a Trump-like character the other has Trump) and at the end of "Escape From LA" Snake Plisken has the opportunity to destroy all electronics (and by logical progression banks and the way society is run) and send the world back five hundred years.

When you see the hysteria and fright and Trump's election victory you feel the world is coming to an end.

Would you press that button? No one would die .. immediately .. but would you want to go back to before computers existed?

To some that would be very tempting. Debts and fortunes would be wiped out. Tracking of personal data would be gone. We would have to start with pencil and paper on everything.

Seriously though I would be tempted I would be too scared of losing all the good things along with the bad things. Think how health and life expectancy have improved. Would you want to lose that, and the convenience of power at the flick of a switch?

I think not, but if that decision was in the hands of a thoroughly disillusioned person, they just might.

Kate Tempest's "Don't Fall In" is appropriate for these observations. Sorry if I have depressed or upset you but the leaders of the UK and the USA don't exactly inspire me at the moment. Hopefully, this will change sooner rather than later.


If I could press the button that destroyed the banks and media power I would be very tempted. I am looking at the threats and destruction of life in the UK today.

The USA is not much better.

There are countries that have got it right, Finland, Iceland, New Zealand and most of the European Union so there is a lot of hope in the world it's just I am in a country where the ones in power are destroying the country, but there are people working to overturn the situation.

This is a result of the worship of money when we should be working together to build a better world and we know it can be done.

After the Second World War, the Labour Government borrowed a huge amount of money and rebuilt the UK's infrastructure including the National Health Service, Social Security and Council Housing so that everyone could have a great life. The right-wing Tories have spent their time dismantling and selling off the UK's infrastructure and are still trying to destroy that today with the backing of corporate money.

Keep hoping, there are a lot of good people out there.

There is enough money and resources in this world for everyone to have a great life, but at the moment it is in the hands of the wrong people. We need to take it off them and distribute it properly, in the form of fair wages and aid for those that need it.


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  • Carol Townend2 months ago

    I loved this Mike, and I couldn't have said it better myself!

  • P.S. Congratulations on your well-deserved Top Story! 🏆

  • Wow! The honesty of this is raw and powerful. I commend you. 💜👏💜

  • Dana Stewart5 months ago

    To be or not to be - Congratulations on your Top Story, Mike.

  • Donna Renee5 months ago

    Tempting to push it for sure! 😬😬…. Congratulations on the TS!

  • Melissa Ingoldsby5 months ago

    Excellent writing and insights on Ukraine and the current climate, brother!! Congratulations on your well-deserved top story!!!💕

  • Cathy holmes5 months ago

    Good article. I might push that button...maybe. congrats on the TS

  • Babs Iverson5 months ago

    Awesome article!!! Congratulations on Top Story!!!❤️❤️💕

  • Obscene amounts of money, property & power are never enough for those afflicted with the hunger. And they will do anything to anyone & anything they need to sate their insatiable thirst. Trump is a prime example of someone who will say or do anything they want because they believe they can & get away with it. About as absolute a hedonist & narcissist as can be found. And yet, God still loves him. God's grace is so unfathomable. This may be my favorite of all your articles so far, Mike. Thanks for putting it out there.

  • Robert Chapman5 months ago

    Very good article, it's good to know.

  • Lilly Cooper5 months ago

    I can absolutely understand being disillusioned with the leaders of the world. And if someone put a solution infront of us, red pill/blue pill, Infinity gauntlet or a time machine, what would we choose, in that moment of pure frustration and hopelessness? Oddly enough, it is a philosophical discussion I've had with my 10 year old son many times this year. Often when the war comes up on the news or the presidential candidates in the US are being discussed.

  • 😉❤️

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