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Your Emotions are Ruining Your Life

by Nicholas McKenna 7 months ago in advice
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And this is how you can change that

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Everyone has those feelings of sadness from time to time, but they are followed by happiness. That's because everyone goes through their own emotional roller coaster (I hate that phrase but it's true).

You have to learn how to get through the rough times because right around the corner is another happy moment waiting for you. 

This is how life works. When you let your emotions dictate how you live, you have a problem.

Don't worry, this can be fixed, though it may take some work and some time. Everyone has something they must work on. The question is will they put the time and effort into improving themselves?

Are You Fearing Change?

Even though it's true that life can be very stressful, it shouldn't stop you from enjoying it. There're some things that can happen in life that are far better than you initially thought. But some of us let fear stop us from enjoying life.

Life is constantly changing, that means there're two ways you can handle fear. 

You can let it run your life and be afraid of every new thing that you don't understand, or you can go after what you want and learn about what it is that you are afraid of and why it scares you.

I say stop being afraid. It can be hard to resist change, but it can also be beneficial. Even if it seems like a risky move, it can be a step towards a better future. 

Challenge yourself every day to improve and become the best version of yourself. Do not resist change or pretend it's not there.

When we pretend that self-repression is no longer an issue it creates another problem for us to solve. There're still many old social taboos around like the fear of death. 

This is a topic that most of us have avoided discussing. It used to be a part of life, but it has become a distant part of it.

Once we stop repressing fear, we can start accepting it. That is the first step in solving any issue. Admitting that you have a problem that needs to be solved. To solve a problem with fear, you may need to think back to when you were a child.

Parents would use fear to get their children to do what they wanted. Whether it be to clean their room or be respectful of others. This can lead to a child becoming fearful of their parents, which could cause them make bad decisions. 

These are important learning times in our lives and learning how to deal with fear is no different.

Do you Make a Mountain out of a Molehill?

Have you ever made a great decision because of all the time that you spent thinking about it? I know I never have. 

My greatest decisions were made in the blink of an eye before I had the chance to think too and talk myself out of it.

Doing too much thinking about how to improve your life is a common mistake most people make. Instead of saying, "I don't know" when asked what to do, try to be the one who suggests what to do instead and don't be the one who says, "I don't care."

You're not going to satisfy everyone but that's fine. We were not put on this earth to make other people happy. You are here to live your life. Stop living to please others and start sharing what you have with the world. 

This will help you live a more fulfilled life.

It's time to change your thinking. Nobody likes Mondays, but if you love what you do, then every day is an opportunity to share that passion with the world. Now you can no longer blame Monday for the part of your life that you hate. 

The only solution is to identify the part of your life that makes you truly enjoy it.

Stop spending time thinking about how everything sucks and start thinking about all the good things coming your way. Everything you are looking forward to. Remember, nothing is perfect.

Setting the bar high can be a good thing for kids, but it can make anyone feel like they can't achieve their goals, and no one wants that feeling. Make sure when you set your goals that they are attainable but not so easy that you can hit them in one day. 

Otherwise, you will become angry every time you don't achieve your goals.

It can be hard to resist the urge to act out when we're not feeling powerful enough and anger is very easy to redirect.

Just imagine you're angry at yourself, at your boss, or at the life circumstances that you're stuck in. Then you find yourself in a different situation later in the day. 

You start screaming at one of the mothers at your child's soccer game because she asked you if you brought any snacks for the team.

It's not her fault for asking but you were at your limit and needed to let out so steam. She just happened to be there at that time.

Take time to release some stress otherwise you will end up failing to control your anger and let it ruin your day.

Are you Letting Other Emotions Run your Life?

As a kid, we learn how certain emotions feel. We like feeling happy, and we don't like feeling sad but it's important to learn that our feelings are not bad. 

If we don't, we end up trying to avoid the ones we don't like and latching on the ones we do for dear life.

The world has changed so much that it's hard to keep up with all the latest updates. Instead, we should just focus on what's happening in our world and not worry about what's happening everywhere else. 

Otherwise, we become lonely and get anxiety when we see that we missed out on something.

You may also be doing this to please others. Sometimes, it's necessary to do things for the sake of making others happy. But most of the time, we tend to avoid saying no and that prevents us from doing what truly make us happy.

Be aware of your self-worth. It can be challenging knowing what you truly want in life but once you know what your goals are, you will be less inclined to waste time on those that do not align with your values.

Final Thoughts

We all have one life, and we should live it the way we want to. Don't let your emotions take control of your life. 

In today's world, you will have others trying to do this. You don't need another obstacle to overcome.

Remember to take time for yourself. Catch yourself in moments when you are feeling like you are doing things you don't want to do and ask yourself why you are doing this.


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