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You, Yes You, are you meant to be a Life Coach?

A quick reference guide to considering Life Coaching

By Bruce Curle `Published 5 months ago 4 min read
You, Yes You, are you meant to be a Life Coach?
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You, Yes You, are you meant to be a Life Coach?

Now that I have your attention, let’s explore if you have what it takes to be a dynamic Live Coach that can assist people in reaching their goals and maybe their long-term dreams.

Let’s ask a few basic questions.

Are you interested in improving someone’s self-confidence and self-worth?

Can you assist someone in finding balance in their Life?

Do you want to help foster better relationships for others?

Shall you help others find clarity of purpose?

Are you interested in helping someone find clarity of purpose?

Do you want to help someone improve their communication?

Can you imagine helping someone manage their time and be more productive?

Can you help find the right solutions or keys to unlock someone’s potential?

Shall you assist someone in meeting their earning potential?

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Can you motivate someone to make better decisions?

Let’s now sit back for a moment and analysis your answers.

If you answered “No” to fifty percent or more of these questions, you are not meant to be a Life Coach. (At least not yet) A Life Coach may be the answer to assist you in reaching your goals.

Now, if you answered “Yes” to sixty percent or more of the questions, I truly believe you should start creating a list of the pros and cons of Life Coaching.

The “WoW” factor of ninety percent or more of “Yes” responses also requires you to reflex upon your answers for a time. Did you answer “Yes” honestly?

You have the potential if you are genuinely interested in helping change lives without getting lengthy degrees or education. Finding the right Life Coaching academy is a significant first step.

Creating a rough business plan and model of how you would like to operate is a second significant and necessary step. All the education in the world without a thought about a business model or plan will not work to its full potential.

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Alright, have a seat for a moment; let’s look at where we are at.

You have decided Life Coaching may be for you. You have discovered it has endless possibilities and some pitfalls as well.

It is not a regulated industry.

It often is not recognized or covered by many health insurance plans.

It is a different approach to help people do things in a different way or think of things differently.

It is a way to allow someone to take control of their lives and their jobs or create more meaningful relationships.

I learned to appreciate myself better when I began taking various Life Coaching and Life Skills courses. I saw ways to improve my own physical and mental well-being.

This added a whole new dimension for me without ever seeing a client. I discovered a new me and learned to reach new goals and achievements I could do. This was an essential benefit of taking these courses; the more I learned, the more I wanted to learn.

This alone, for me, was worth taking the time and energy to experience Life Coaching classes and certification. It helped create a better me. It also sold me completely on the positive effects of Life Coaching.

Now it is time to ask yourself, “Am I meant to be a Life Coach?”

Should you consider a positive change in your Life beneficial, meaningful and full of purpose, you have your answer.

Should you be interested in learning more before making this decision

A course or two cannot hurt but may create positive changes or reinforcements in your Life.

Now you may look at it and see no true value in it for you that is o.k. as well. Thank you for reading this short piece on Life Coaching to this point. Maybe, just maybe, someday, you might want to look further into Life Coaching.

Some interesting side notes I discovered when preparing to write this piece. Many mediators find Life Coaching skills helpful when assisting parties in their disputes. I also meant several counsellors that took some Life Coaching training to assist their clients.

Life Coaching can lead to various other careers and goals in Life.

Author's Notes

Thank you for reading my article. If you enjoyed it, please follow my writings. I enjoy comments and suggestions.

The opinions in this article are my own opinions and thoughts.

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